Destined by fate update Friday 14 July 2023

Destined by fate 14 July 2023: Dhanraj walks to Saroj. Saroj asks why didn’t he sleep yet, if she forgot to keep water near the bed for him. Dhanraj says she forgot to return to the room. Saroj says she was not feeling sleepy, so sat in the living room. Dhanraj says she slept peacefully with hatred and anger in her heart, he is sure some fear is not letting her sleep.

Destined by fate 13 July 2023

Saroj reveals that Anjali is behaving weirdly and threatened to send them all to jail if they don’t let her marry Kanha and even harmed herself. Dhanraj says he already warned her, but she didn’t listen to him. He orders her to send Anjali out of the house tomorrow morning or else he will send Anjali out.He opens the door hearing door knock and is shocked to see police inspector who asks to call Kanha as there is a complaint against

him for forcefully holding Anjali at his house and torturing her. Saroj gets out of her imagination when Dhanraj repeats to tell him what happened or else he will never question her again. She says she is fine and asks him to go and sleep.
Anjali sleeps next to Kanha and performs fake marriage with him. Kanha senses her presence and wakes up. She hides under the bed and leaves Kanha’s room thinking tomorrow Kanha will see his new bride. Nextt morning, she gets ready wearing Sayuri’s sari and sindhoor and walks towards Kanha’s room.

Kanha imagines Sayuri and romances he. Tu Hi Mera Rab Hai.. song plays in the background. He gets out of imagination and thinks he will bring Sayuri back home soon.Saroj recalls Dhanraj’s warning and Anjali’s threat, etc., and prays god to protect her family and shower his blessings on them. Sayuri wakes up in the morning and notices I love Kanha written with mehandi on her palm. She finds Kanha’s earring and realizes Kanha did it at night and thinks why Kanha loves her so much and bears her troubles,

she even hurt him in her dreams, he should forget her and return to Anjali for the sake of eveyrone’s happiness.Anjali walks to Kanha room and thinks he will be mad in happiness seeing her as his bride. Kanha is shocked to see her wearing Sayuri’s dress and applying sindhoor. He asks if she has gone mad, why is she applying sindhoor. Anjali says he filled sindhoor in her hairline and married her, she can check his hands. He says their relationship has changed and he is married to Sayuri now, so she should stop being delusional.

He washes off his hand and asks her to wash off her hairline and leave his house.Sayuri preserves Kanha’s earring and thinks she remembers Kanha wearing it since childhood and the incident since which he started wearing earring. She asks Rashmi to return this ring to Kanha via Nakul. Rashmi asks her to return it herself and not drag her between them. Kanha asks Anjali what is she up to. Anjali tries to get intimate with Kanha saying they are husband and wife now. Kanha says Sayuri is his wife and not her. Anjali hugs him tightly.

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