Destined by fate starlife update Wednesday 3 January 2024

Destined by fate 3 January 2024: Kanha introduces Kuku to family. Dhanraj tells Kuku that he is like her grandfather and will play with her. Inspector tells Kanha that he will send his team with Faiba ‘s given one location in search of Kanha. Kanha with Nakul drives car towards another venue. Nakul tells Kanha that he feels sorry hearing Kanha suffered so much and apologizes for not being by his side in need. Kanha says its okay and he is happy that his brother is back to him.

Destined by fate 2 January 2023

Nakul assures that they will find Sayuri soon.Saroj sees Dhanraj playing with Kuku. Rashmi tries to brainwash her that Kanha brought enemy’s daughter home and doubts if Mithu is really Kanha’s child. Saroj warns her not to disturb her as she is already mentally disturbed. Vikrant drags Sachi’s dead body to a jungle and burns it. He acts as crying for her and says he will meet her in heaven. Kanha and Nakul reach Faiba’s said spot and doesn’t find anyone there. They are about to go back when Kanha finds a man digging a ground and rushes to him thinking him as Vikrant, but finds someone else.

He asks man why is he digging the ground. Man says his cat died and he wants to bury her here.Indu notices Kuku sitting sadly and tells Dhanraj that Kuku suffered a lot at such an young age, Kuku considers Sayuri as her mother and is missing her, so they should cheer her up until Sayuri returns. Dhanraj agrees. Indu introduces Rashmi’s son Arjun as Kuku’s younger brother and asks Kuku to hold him. Saroj gets angry seeing that and thinks she doesn’t know whose blood Kuku is and doesn’t want her to hold her grandson.

She takes Arjun from Kuku and says its his milk time. She looks at Mithu and thinks she will not accept someone’s blood as her granddaughter. Indu feels sad seeing Saroj’s evil behavior.Vikrant returns home and feels relaxed Nakul boasts Kanha’s morales and says he will be with him always from hereon. Kanha gets Yash’s call. Nakul gets Rashmi’s call and asks if Sayuri is found. Nakul says not yet and they are still searching.Rashmi says Kanha has lost his mental balance, he should control him and bring him back home.

Nakul says Kanha is absolutely fine and warns her not to interfere between 2 brothers. Rashmi shows her fake concern for him and says Kanha is taking him away from her. Nakul angrily disconnects call. Kanha informs Nakul that Yash is still with police and found some clue, they should reach there soon.Rashmi suffer a nervous breakdown and thinks her plan is failing and soon Nakul will go away from her. Saroj walks to her and asks what happened to her. Rashmi says Nakul and Kanha are worried about Sayuri and she is worried about whole family and feels their family is shattering. Santosh asks her to control herself. Rashmi says she wants Kanha to find Sayuri soon and bring her home. Saroj says god will listen to everyone’s prayers,

she should take care of herself and her son as her son is always with Indu and Bhanu and may lose a touch with her.Once Saroj leaves, Rashmi hopes Sayuri dies forever. Kanha and Nakul reach a spot where Vikrant burnt Sachi’s body. Inspector says he feels its Sayuri’s dead body.

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