Destined by fate starlife update Thursday 4 January 2024

Destined by fate 4 January 2023: Nakul tells inspector that the burnt dead bbody can’t be of not Sayuri’s. Inspector says they found some clue here and surrounding people identified Vikrant over here. Kanha says he is sure its not Sayuri as she is alive and asks inspector to find whose dead body it was and inform her family. Yash says if Kanha is confident, then Sayuri is definitely alive. Vikrant gets Sayuri as a bride and says he is lucky to have a beautiful princess like wife.

Destined by fate 3 January 2024

Sayuri thinks she can’t bear him even for a second and hopes Kanha comes and rescues her. Nakul tells Kanha that they should search around the places which Faiba informed them. Kanha says he knows where Sayuri is and takes them outside Vikrant’s house. Yash asks if he is sure Sayuri is here. Kanha says yes.Vikrant takes Sayuri to decorated store room and says they will have suhagraat today. Sayuri feels shocked and afraid.

Vikrant says they took only 6 wedding pheras and he doesn’t believe in marriages but just love, so he will perform suhag raat with her like in films. He forces her to draw her veil over her face and offers her rose. Kanha thinks Sayuri shouldn’t worry as he is coming to rescue her.Rashmi feels anxious thinking if Sayuri returns home, her plan will be exposed and she will be out of Nakul’s life and Chaudhry house.

She tires to leave the house to stop Kanha and Nakul from reaching Sayuri. Indu scolds her and asks her to take care of her son as there are other 2 children at home to take care of. Rashmi thinks how to get out of the house now. She notices Santosh coming and starts her emotional blackmail showing her fake concern for Sayuri. She says she fears if that woman is really Sayuri or not as she never tried to contact them in a year. Daadi mausi says she feared for her daughter’s life.

Rashmi says Sayuri shouldn’t have agreed to marry Vikrant, she fears if Sayuri willingly stayed with Vikrant. Daadi mausi warns her to stop her weird thinking and pray god that Sayuri returns home safely. Rashmi says she doesn’t know if Kanha will accept Sayuri’s baby as his after knowing truth. Santosh gets tensed. Rashmi grins thinking her plan worked even if she didn’t go out of the house.

Kanha tries to enter Vikrant’s house via window. Nakul asks him to be careful and offers him a weapon to defend himself. Vikrant insists Sayuri to dance and entertain him. Sayuri thinks she wants to break his head and hopes Kanha reaches soon. Kanha enters house and hopes Sayuri helps him locate her. Sayuri notices Kanha entering house on CCTV camera and stops Vikrant from looking at the laptop screen.

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