Destined by fate starlife update Friday 8 March 2024

Destined by fate 8 March 2024: Kanha and Chaman’s wedding rituals start. Saroj performs their gathbandhan with heavy heart looking at Sayuri. Chaman asks Saroj to tie it tightly and asks if she still considers Sayuri as her DIL, she should accept her as her DIL and stop pitying Sayuri. Havan fire sets off.

Chaman pours ghee in havan and sets fire on, she says she knows how to pour ghee in fire and asks panditji to start pheras directly. Pandit starts mantras while Kanha and Chaman perform pheras. Gatbandhan falls into fire and burns. Chaman scolds Saroj for tying such a weak gatbandhan and herself ties one with her garland. Panditji says this is last phera. Chaman asks Kanha to finish last phera soon.

Inspector enters and says this marriage cannot happen as Kanha is already married. Chaman gets angry, but calms down when Tingu asks her not to be rude to police or else she will be arrested. Chaman says Kahna and Sayuri are already divorced and sends Tkngu to bring papers. She insists Sayuri to speak. Sayuri recalls Nakul’s advice not to utter a word at any cost and stands silent. Tingu brings divorce papers. Inspector checks it. Chaman asks panditji to finish last phera soon. Inspector says these divorce papers don’t have court seal, so its illegal. He arrests Kanha for trying to have a second marriage. Kanha thanks god that he doesn’t have to marry Chaman and leaves wiht police.

Chaman panics and accuses Sayuri of purposefully not informing her about taking court permission and calling police. Sayuri refuses. Chaman picks gun and shouts who called police then. Inspector puts Kanha behind bars and says he can’t believe Kanha can do this. Kanha says he didn’t want to and Chaman is forcing her. Inspector asks what does he mean. Kanha reveals whole story happened.

Inspector asks why didn’t he inform him before, he would have arrested Chaman. Kanha says its not easy as Chaman has proper legal documents, he is find ways to get back everything from her. Inspector says he can’t release him as Nakul filed a proper complaint. Tingu insists Nakul to show his phone. He refuses. Chaman shoots at him and he escapes. Drama continues..

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