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Deception Zee World 13 January 2020: The Episode starts with Pooja telling everyone that she locked Bhoolu in her room so that it don’t get afraid of crackers. She says it got injured but. Neelima tells that she will fire her for her carelessness, even though Bhoolu was injured due to her. Harish asks her not to make issue. Supriya says we shall go to Naren. Harish says it will be alright. Mayank calls Supriya and informs her that Bhoolu is no more. Supriya is shocked.

Malanga Re plays………….Naren hears people going from there and says ra ram satya hai…..He is sad and hugs Bhoolu’s mum. Supriya asks Harish to take her to Naren and tells that you know that he can go to depression. Pooja comes and tries to talk to him. Harish tells her that it happened due to her stubbornness. He tells that you didn’t know that how Naren will be effected due to her mistake and says I thought you will make Naren’s life fine, but you have complicated his life further. Naren digs the land while Mayank holds Bhoolu’s dead body. Naren buries it. Baby goat’s mum comes there.

Supriya comes and tries to sympathize with him, saying it was written in destiny. He says the people who is called goes, but what about their family who is left behind. Supriya says if God gives pain then he opens other way also. Naren asks her if her God can hear a mum(baby goat’s mum) and if he will do justice. He says it is easy for God to give equal happiness to all people, but he gives happiness to some people and pain to some. Mayank asks him to come home. Rahul says you are disturbed, we can talk at home.

Naren says you can go, I want to be alone with my questions. Harish says I am fed up of your questions and asks him to come home. Naren refuses. Harish asks until when you will cry, and says what a big deal, it was an animal’s baby who died. Naren says but it was someone’s baby.

Harish says people laugh on me because of your madness. He says do you know how I feel when people laugh at me, and asks him to be mature and remove his immaturity and madness right there, else he has no place for him in his house. Supriya asks what you are saying? Harish says I don’t want to be embarrassed because of him anymore.

Naren apologizes to him and says I know that you are troubled by me, but I don’t want to trouble anyone. He says he will be at peace till he gets his answers and will not return home until he gets answers. Pooja is shocked too. Naren walks off. Harish and Supriya are worried. Everyone goes from there.

Pooja sits near Bhoolu’s grave, holds its bell and recalls Naren’s concern for Bhoolu. She recalls everything happened with her, and Naren’s words. She thinks Naren have a good thinking, how can he do anything wrong with anyone. A neighbor tells Kusum that she saw Pooja on the ghat. Kusum thinks why did she go to ghat. Naren is sitting outside the temple with baby goat’s mum. Supriya is at his side.

Neelima tells Rahul that this is destiny. She says Supriya got more than her, a dynamic husband, home etc, but she (herself) is more lucky to get a good son like Rahul. He says Bhai will never get his answers and says I doubt if that answers is there. He says he should be philosopher and leave this wealth and position for me. Neelima says they shall not be careless and tells that stupid servant Pooja gave them a big opportunity. She says this time Naren left and he shall never be back. Rahul looks on. Pooja is sad and recalls Naren’s condition.

(Death is the creation of God, this is assumed by all, then why don’t He (God) take blame of any death on himself.)

Naren is in the temple. He tells Supriya that everyone came to take her home. He asks Rahul to take Supriya home. Supriya asks but where are you going? Naren says to search answers. He says today everyone will be celebrating Raam namavi, and everyone will dance in this Rath yatra and says even I will go. Supriya says how you will walk 25 kms and says it is tough. Naren says he has to go. Naren says Papa needs you more than me. He says he will end this argument this time.


Mayank says you are not alone in this fight, I will also come with you. Naren says this is not possible. Harsha comes and says why not? If you want to go, then Mayank will come with you, else you will not go. Mayank asks Naren to let him come for Harsha and Supriya’s satisfaction. Naren looks on. Supriya hugs him and cries. Harish and Rakesh looks on. Pooja looks at him. Malanga Re plays………Naren hugs baby goat’s mum and looks on sad. Supriya cries hugging harsha. Naren and Mayank walk off.

Pooja looks on and tells Harish that he was right. She tells that whatever happened is due to her misunderstanding. She says Naren is different and he can’t any shameful thing. Harish says there is no use to talk about this. Pooja says your son left because of me and asks him to show trust on her, says she will go with him on this yatra and promises to bring him back home. She says if you permit me…..Harish nods his head. Neelima thinks why this naukrani is interfering in our family matters. Rahul says when we can’t change him, how she will succeed. Neelima says we can’t be over confidence. Rahul says he has an idea to tackle her and smiles.

All the people participating in the yatra get their names registered for Yatra. A man identifies him and asks if he will take part in this yatra. Naren says yes. Mayank says he is also taking part. Man asks shall I book AC car for you. Mayank says it will be better. Naren refuses to have car and says he will walk and cover the distance of 25 kms. Mayank says okay and says he will also go by walk. Mayank puts the charity money in the box. Naren empties his wallet. Mayank is shocked.

Pooja comes there. Mayank asks her to leave before Naren sees her and gets upset. She sees Naren. Naren says if you have come to take me back home then you are wasting your time. I have chosen my way. Pooja gets her name register for the yatra. Rahul comes and says she is not alone, I am going with her. The yatra begins. Everyone start walking. Malanga Re plays……………

Kusum asks neighbor where did she see Pooja and asks if she was fine. Neighbor tells that she saw her in Hrishikesh also, and tells that she saw her with a guy there. Kusum is doubtful. Supriya tells Harish that they are forcing Naren to change and says he needs time to change. Harish says we don’t have time. We have just 3 months time and 15 days are already over. Mr. Kapoor comes to meet him.

He greets Harish and says bade saheb sent gifts for you. Harish sees Neelima coming and asks him to come to study. Neelima asks Hardik about Mr. Kapoor. She says he brings gift every 2-3 months. Hardik says may be he is a client. Neelima says he treats them as samdhi. Hardik thinks where did I meet him. Neelima asks him not to try to remember as he can’t.

A man asks Naren if he came to search God and answers. He says you can’t and asks him to go back home. Naren looks on. The crowd say jai shri ram. Rahul tells Pooja that it is not easy for her to do yatra and asks her to return home. Pooja says whatever happened with him is because of me. Rahul says Naren is life of us, and we couldn’t make him fine. He tells that he has an assumption that he needs treatment. He tells that Naren fell in the river and rests on the ice bed. He tells that he is abnormal and needs treatment. Pooja is shocked to hear this.

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(somewhere splashing colors of Gulaal,
somewhere eyes are red with wetness,
this world is made of questions,
then why is it wrong to ask a question).

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