Deception update Sunday 12 January 2020

Deception Zee World 12 January 2020: Pooja tells Harish that she will prove that Naren was the one who assaulted her. Later, Harish says that there was some important office work and that he will take pooja with him.

Kusum tries to speak to Pooja about money. Satish stops her and asks her not to tell about his illness. Neelima searches for Pooja’s stuff in her room. Goat comes there. Neelima gets irked and tries to hit it. Naren comes to its rescue and says it is speechless animal and asks why she was taking her anger on it. Supriya comes and asks what she is doing? Neelima says she is checking Pooja’s stuff.

Supriya asks her to come. Neelima tells that there is something wrong for sure. Pooja comes home. Neelima says may be she came on vacation here, and says she comes and goes whenever she wants. Supriya asks why did she go suddenly and if Naren told her anything. Pooja is silent and tells that she went as she was missing her brother. She apologizes for not informing her. Supriya says okay.

Supriya asks Harish if he is fine. Pooja comes. Supriya asks her to give ajwain to Naren and tells that he is having stomach pain. Pooja recalls the man attacking her in the farm house, and tells that she will give it to Naren. She goes to Naren’s room thinking all that. Naren asks if she complained to Maa.

Pooja says this time she complained to his dad and says may be now you will feel ashamed. Naren says he is never ashamed of his doings. Pooja looks on angry. Harish asks how she will prove now. Pooja says I need some time with your son. Harish says tomorrow you will get all house empty and asks her to prove him wrong. He tells that his dehradun company is profitable and gives credit to Hardik.

He tells that they will be serving lunch to all employees and that he wants every one to be present there. Hardik thanks Harish. Neelima says she will inform Naren. Harish asks her not to inform him as Naren has never interested in such matters. He asks Supriya to take servants also. Neelima asks Pooja to get ready. Harish says let her be there. Pooja thinks of Harish’s words that he wants proofs and not excuses.

Naren tries to feed the baby goat and asks his mum to feed it. Supriya feeds it and asks Naren about its name. Supriya names it bhoolu like her son. Harish tells Pooja that she will be alone with Naren and asks her to get the answer ready till they come. Rahul tells Pooja that anything can happen and that world is bad. He asks her to feel free to call him. She thanks him and thinks spy cam will expose Naren. Naren is talking on phone and tells that Bhoolu can’t stay away from its mum and that they have to try. Pooja takes Bhoolu on her lap and tells that they will sit peacefully now.

Pooja gets dressed beautifully and applies make up so that she can prove Naren characterless. She thinks about Harish’s words that if she fails then her upbringing will be questioned.

Naren does his poetry.

Everyone is trapped by their own thinking, likes their own perception, once the perception changes, may the person will change

Harish greets his workers. Supriya asks worker about his family. Neelima tells Rahul that Hardik is innocent and says Harish did this to vacate the house. Rahul asks her to have patience and says he will get Pooja’s history and geography. He tells that he has to stay here to set good impression on workers.

Harish thanks workers for being part of the company and asks them to come for dinner. Neelima thinks to give a surprise visit to home. Hardik tells Neelima that Harish thinks so much about them, and tells that who gives respect to his young brother in this era. Neelima makes excuse that her head is feeling heavy ad she will go home. Supriya asks Harish if she shall serve food to him.

Harish says no and hopes everything is fine. Naren is talking on phone and thanks the villagers for their help. He hears the sound and comes out of room. Pooja lights the candle and tells that fuse is gone so she called electrician. Naren asks did you see Bhoolu? Pooja tells that she made Bhoolu sit there. Neelima is going home and thinks something is fishy. She asks driver to take care from back gate.

Pooja asks Naren, can you help me to light the house and says darkness is not good at home in night. Naren helps her and lights the candles. Pooja tries to woo him. Naren is about to go. Pooja asks him to light candles at other end of house. Naren lights the candles and keeps near the cam. Pooja thinks why did he hide the camera and moves the candle. She moves her hairs and thanks God. Neelima enters home through back door secretly.

She thinks why there is no electricity at our home. She comes to room and is shocked. Pooja keeps the table and asks Naren if he will hold the table. Neelima sees baby goat and asks it to go from the room. Naren holds the table while Pooja lights the candle and keeps up. She makes her saree pallu falls on his face again and again. Neelima couldn’t come out of room because of goat. She collides with cupboard and the photo frames falls on baby goat. It shouts in pain. Neelima gets shocked seeing the goat caught under the photo frames.

Pooja asks Naren to help him. He asks her not to make noise and goes to room hearing goat cries. He moves the glass frames and takes baby goat in his hand. He asks who have kept it locked here. Pooja says I kept it here as it was getting scared of crackers sound. Naren runs out of house holding baby goat. Malanga song plays…..Pooja thinks what I thought, but reverse thing happened? Everyone come back home. Supriya says everything was good. She sees candle and says it seems light was off. Neelima says yes, and then says yes may be.

Supriya asks Harish about his health. Harish says I….Pooja comes there in her regular clothes. Supriya says I was coming to you, everyone missed you and asks if Naren had food. Harish gets up and asks Pooja to say what happened? He asks if everything is okay. He asks her to say. Pooja cries and hugs Supriya. Supriya asks what happened? Naren is in vet hospital. Mayank comes there. Naren tells that Bhoolu is in pain. Mayank says I will go and check, nothing will happen to it.

Someone brings baby goat’s mum and says it went to backside of jungle. Naren says Bhoolu is fine and will be alright after seeing you. Mayank comes out after checking Bhoolu. Naren asks how is Bhoolu? Mayank is silent and looks down. Naren cries. Malanga Re plays….

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