Curse of the sands update Wednesday 2 June 2021

Curse of the sands 2 June 2021: Ram gets romantic with Siya. Siya says he forgot along with them, there are also guards. Ram says guards will not turn towards them. Siya reciprocates to his advances and gets intimate.

Curse of the sands 1 June 2021

Chakua gets jealous and says he is leaving biryani and tasting bland food Siya. Mohini calls Chakua via black magic and asks how is her Ranasaa, bring him soon to her. Chakua says Rana saa is fine, let her first finish his guards. She kills all guards with her jokergiri.

Dayimaa rushes towards dining area to stop Dadimaa from consuming poisoned kheer when Mohini enters before her and stops Dadimaa. Dadimaa shouts how dare she is to stop her. Mohini says she was about to leave haveli and went into kitchen one last time when she saw scorpion in kheer, so she returned to stop her. Dayimaa thanks her.

Mohini acts as leaving haveli hoping Dadimaa will stop. Dadimaaa stops her. Mohini says but Dayimaa… Dayimaa says she can stay here as she favored her today by saving Dadimaa. Mohini thanks them and walks aside. Dayimaa tells Dayimaaa that chudail has started her attacks again and she is worried for Ram and Siya now.

Mohini calls Chakua and asks her what is Rana saa doing. Chakua says he is relaxing. She gets tempting seeing Ram and Siya’s romance and thinks she will throw away this rice bag/Siya and will get Ram. Siya gets up and runs and Ram follows her. Chakua runs behind him. Siya falls down. Chakua gets into her body. Ram reaches her and lifts her. Siya possessed by Chakua hugs him tightly and acts as her. Dayimaa calls Ram and Siya, but they leave their phone far away near bonfire . She gets worried and tells Dadimaa that chudail has started her black magic and she is worried for them.

Chakua continues hugging Ram. Mohini calls her via chudail black magical illusion. Chakua goes aside and yells why did she call her aside and hugs ram again. Mohini shatters seeing that and warns her to not spoil her Rana saa. Chakua says she appointed cat to guard milk, it is impossible. Mohini calls sautan to save her Rana saa, she fought with her, but now unable to stop Chakua. Siya tied somewhere shouts for help.

Mohini shatters seeing Chakua eyeing on Ram and pleads sautan Siya to save Ram from Chakua like she did from her. Dayimaa and Dadimaa are worried for Ram and Siya when guards bring dead guards from jungle and inform that they found car and these dead guards and not Ram and Siya.

Dayimaa says chudail has attacked them, she will fight with her and save Ram and Siya at any cost. Dadimaa says even she with her in this fight. They gather shotguns, swords and other weapons and walk out of haveli. Mallika laughs that these oldies cannot even stand properly and want to fight with chudail. Vivian says his doubt is right, chudail will not let Ram leave Behramgarh and she cannot go out of Behrampur, so she is using someone’s help to capture Ram. Mohini thinks Dayimaa is doing right for the firt time,let her go and save Ranasaaa from Chakua chudail.

Chakua gets wild with Ram in her rough style and says he wanted to celebrate suhagraat with her, now she will celebrate in her style. Ram hears Siya’s voice calling him for help, gets suspicious reminiscing all the previous incidents and says she is not his Siy, who is she. Chakua shows her real face and holds Ram tightly. Ram frees himself and searches Siya. Chakua captures Siya in a glass box and laughs. Mohini also runs towards Behrampur’s border, but is throw far back. Chakua emerges and says she cannot do anything, now she will enjoy handsome hunk Ram. Mohini sits crying pleading her to spare Ranasaa.

Ram continues searching Siya and finds multiple Siyas entrapped in glass box. He punches 2-3 boxes and breaks them and does not find Siya in them. Chakua sitting outside Chakua border enjoys seeing Ram’s struggle, munching apple. Ram pleads Devi maa to help him. All fake illusional boxes dissappear leaving Siya’s box. Chakua shouts don’t punch it. Ram punches it and frees Siya. Siya collapses tired. Ram holds her and says let us run from here. They run on road towards Behrampur border. Mohini shouts Ranasaa run from there soon. Chakua stands laughing and dances on a song. Mohini continues shouting Ranasaa run from there. Chakua throws Siya far away with her black magic, Siya falls down and loses consciousness. Ram gets worried for Siya and runs towards her, but Chakua throws rope around his neck and lifts him.

Chakua throws Siya in air and she falls down injured and collapses. Ram rushes towards her, but Chakua throws rope in his neck and lifts him in air. Mohini pleads Chakua to spare her Ranasaa.

Chakua says she is an insult to chudails and what will chudails think in chudail land if they see her crying like this. Mohini pleads not to harm Ranasaa. Chakua says if she cannot get him, she will not let anyone also get him and asks Mohini to say Ram goodbye. Mohini disappears. Chakua laughs if she is running away. Mohini creates jeep via black magic and walks wearing modern charlier’s angel type dress. Chakua laughs she turned into Mohini 2.0. Mohini drives jeep towards Chakua. Jeep hits Chakua, and she falls down leaving Ram. Ram falls down on ground and crawls towards Siya in Behrampur border.

Mohini extends her hand and pleads him to cross border somehow. He crosses his hand across border, and she pulls him across border. Dayimaa and Dadimaa reach there and take Ram and Siya with them. Chakua gets up and thinks she will not give up easily and when she has come, she will take at least something.
Doctor treats Ram’s neck injury while Siya pleads him to get up, holding his hand. Mallika starts her drama and shouts her son’s condition is because of Siya, she will not let her near Ram. Dadimaa warns her to dare not misbehave with Siya, but Mallika drags Siya away while Dayimaa and Dadimaa stand silently.

Siya confronts Mallika that she always troubled Ram and now acting as worried for him, she should stay away from Ram now. She returns to Ram. Ram opens eyes and closes again. Siya asks why his bleeding in not ceasing. Doc says cut is superficial, but don’t know why bleeding is not stopping, he will get some more medicines. Dayimaa says it is evil spirit’s attack.Siya asks Dayimaa to tell how to save Ram, she will do anything.

Mohini thinks there is only one way to save Ram, Chakua herself and calling her Ghagra Paltan team asks them to search Chakua and bring her here. Team says Chakua is out of Behrampur border. Mohini says Chakua will not go easily, if she has come, she will take at least something. Chakua reaches on bullet bike doing her overacting and drama and starts dancing on a song. Mohini tries to attack her, but Chakua counterattacks and easily pins her down and says Mohini is 500-year-old weak chudail, but she is modern powerful chudail, she cannot win over her.

Mohini orders her team to attack Chakua and leaves. She walks in and informs Dayimaa that her grandfather told when evil spirit attacks, they have only one solution. Ghagra paltan team dances around Chakua to control her, but she easily defeats them.

Chakua chudail’s jokergiri continues. Ghagra paltan team attacks her, and she counterattacks them and turns them into sand. Mohini tries to take Siya with her, but Dayimaa stops Siya and tells she cannot trust Mohini and let Siya go with her. Mohini pleads to let them go for Ram’s sake. Siya also says Ram’s life is their priority now. Dayimaa lets them go. They walk near temple. Mohini tells Siya to get ion and Devimaa’s sindhoor and lamp to save Ram. Siya walks into temple and pleads Devimaa to cure her Ram. Mohini confronts Devimaa that she is proving that she is just a lifeless stone idol and is punishing someone else for someone’s mistake. Siya pleads Devimaa to clear her daughter’s pain. She picks sindoor and walks out of temple. Mohini says even if she has to sacrifice her life for Ranasaa, she will not back off.

Chakua chudail enters holding ghagrapaltan team like her pet dogs and taunts that Mohini herself got into trouble by giving sindoor idea to Siya, now she also cannot enter sindhoor border. Siya draws sindhoor line around Ram’s bed. Chakua continues taunting Mohini. Mohini says her powers must work out of Behrampur, but this Behrampur and her powers work here. Chakua taunts that she is very old chudail whose power don’t even work under 200 feet radiance, but is challenging modern powerful chudail.

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