Curse of the sands update Thursday 3 June 2021

Curse of the sands 3 June 2021: On the other side, Siya pleads Ram to open eyes. He opens eyes. She asks him to don’t shut his eyes for sometime. Ram says he wants to live. Dayimaa asks Siya to don’t let him sleep.

Mohini challenges Chakua for a dance and says let us see if Rajasthani ghoomar dance or Gujrati lavani will win. Chakua accepts her challenge. Mohini dances on Rajasthani songs while Chakua dances on Gujrati songs.

Dayimaa calls Raj jyotish who checks holy scripture and says this scripture does not have solution to destroy chudail. Dayimaa brings more scriptures and says there must be some solution in any of these books and she will bring more books. She feels drowsy and stops. Mohini and Chakua wrestle, and Chakua punches Mohini far away.

Mohini and Chakuka’s wrestling continues. Chakua throws Mohini falls away. Ram’s condition worsens. Siya worried for him asks to look at her. He gasps for air.

She sees Devimaa’s lamp and thinks she did not let Ram go away from her last time and will not let even this time, Devimaa can test her as she wants, but she will not accept defeat. Mallika in her room shouts how dare Siya is to insult her. Vivian asks her to relax. Chakua continues attacking Mohini repeatedly. Siya prays Devimaa and chants mantras.

Chakua chudail strangulates Mohini and lifts her up holding her troat and throws her down. She then picks hunter while Mohini picks sword and attacks her, injuring her hand. She then pulls Mohini’s sword and throws it away and lashes her with hunter repeatedly.

Mohini shouts in pain. Chakua then says this is the difference between outdated and updated chudails, how will Mohini save her Ranasaa from her and walks towards haveli. Mohini thinks she forgot Chakua’s life is in her pallu and if she beheads Chakua’s with her pallu, Ram’s injury will heal. She pulls Chakua’s pallu. Chakua stands freeze. Mohini then wraps Chakua’s pallu around her neck and beheads her.

Chakua’s body and head falls apart.
Ram’s wound heals. Siya happily informs Dayimaa and Dadimaa, gets concerned seeing Ram not opening his eyes. Chakua’s head pleads Mohini to spare her and says she is 400 years younger to her and needs forgiveness. Mohini pleads Devimaa that Ram’s condition is because of her, she can even sacrifice her life for Ram.

She walks away while Chakua continues pleading to reunite her head and body. Chakua then thinks she has to escape from here now, but will return again to take back at least something, dissappears from there.

Mohini walks back to haveli with injured face. Dayimaa stops her. Mohini says she had gone to pray god for Ram’s life. Dayimaa throws amantrit salt on her and she shouts in burning pain. Dayimaa says she knew Mohini is chudail as her years of experience cannot fail. Mohini flies in air and says she is chudail. Dayimaa attacks her with trishul from behind, but she holds Dayimaa’s hand and throws trishul in sky and says she will die only if she is attacked from front. Dayimaa tries to throw salt on her, but she pushes her hand again and says this amantrit salt is troubling her a lot.

Dayimaa says chudail’s nature is to harm, Mohini proved she is chudail by harming Sisodia clan’s king Rana Bhanu Pratap’s reincarnation Ram, she knows only to kill people. Mohini thinks she did a mistake calling Chakua and has to correct her mistake. She flies in air and says she wants to kill Ram, but ir Dayimaa has to save him, she has to kill Siya.

Dayimaa confronts Mohini that she is chudail but loved Sisodia king Rana Bhanu Prataph, so she respected her, but after harming Ram, she proved she is just like other chudails who harm human. Mohini flies in air and says she is right, she can kill Rana saa, but if she has to save him, she has to kill sautan Siya. Dayimaa says that is impossible. Mohini says then she will kill Ram and reunite with his ghost. Dayimaa says she is alive since 150 years and had not seen chudail’s real face and now after knowing her identify, she will fight with her. She throws amantrit salt on Mohini and rushes inside haveli.

Ram wakes up calling Siya’s name and panics if she is safe. Siya says yes. He asks who was disguised as her and tried to kill him, captured her in glass box, etc. Siya stands silently. Dadimaa asks what is he saying. Ram says Dayimaa knows answer and rushes out of his room breaking sindhoor barrier while Siya and Dayimaa tries to stop him unsuccessfully. He slips on terrace and falling from railing on a spearhead and dies.

Dayimaa enters and stands shocked seeing that. She shouts what happened Kunwar saaa. Dadimaa rushes out hearing that and even she falls from stairs and dies. Dayimaa shouts nooo and asks Siya to call doctor. Siya stands freeze. Dayimaa asks what happened to her. Siya laughs like Mohini revealing she is Mohini and turning into Mohini says she tricked and killed Ram, now she will take away Ram’s ghost with her.

Dayimaa pleads not do so. Mohini says it is her illusion and disappears Ram and Dayimaa’s dead bodies. She warns if she does not kill Siya, she will kill whole Sisodia family and shows Ram, Siya, Dadimaa, Mallika, and Vivian’s dead bodies. Dayimaa pleads not to do that. Mohini comes closer to her and says then she should not bother killing Siya to save Sisodia family.

Ram rushes down searching Dayimaa. Dayimaa sees him alive and asks if he is safe. He says yes and asks who was the lady who attacked her. Dayimaa shouts it is chudail who attacked him and Siya. Ram asks she told chudail cannot harm them out of Behrampur border, then how were they attacked. Mohini revolves around Dayimaa and warns not to utter anything and just think how will she kill Siya. Dayimaa continues that Ram is Sosodia clan’s first king Rana Banu Pratap Singh and chudail was in his love, so she wants to take away Ram with her.

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