Curse of the sands update Tuesday 1 June 2021

Curse of the sands 1 June 2021: Mohini sees aging with wrinkles, hair turning white and teeth falling and thinks she has to do this to save herself, else she will lose Rana saa to sautan.

Curse of the sands 31 May 2021

Dayimaa asks Ram and Siya if they are returning to London, risk has not gone yet. Ram reminisces last incident and says yes as his business is going into loss, so if he has to continue as Ranasaa, he has to return. Siya asks Dayimaa to smile and see them off. Dayimaa sees Mohini rushing towards door and asks if she is in a hurry. Mohini says yes. Dayimaa says she should pack her bags soon as after Rana saa goes from here, there is no place for her here. She sees Mohini’s white hair and asks what happened to her hair. Mohini says she has to go and runs out.

Mohini goes to desert and seeks desert god’s help saying she waited for 500 years for Rana saa and cannot lose him now. Desert god speaks and says she is turned into common human and will go through aging process and will die soon. In haveli, Siya packs bags. Ram gets romantic and says they should celebrate second honeymoon with second marriage. Siya says they will wherever he says, but let us go from here first. They both walk down with their bags and thank Dayimaa for everything she did and even risking her life to save Ram. Dadimaa says she will stay here for some more days. Ram asks if she is sure.. Dadimaa says yes. Dayimaa calls servant to keep bags in car. They both leave in car.

Mohini cuts her wrist saying if she has to live a human life, it is better she die slowly shedding her whole blood in desert god’s soil like she did suicide last time. Desert god emerges and says Devimaa forgave her, so she made her human again. Mohini pleads she wants to become chudail again with her ghagra paltan and wants Rana saa back. Desert god says Ram and Siya have already left in their car and will be out of Behramgarhs’s borders.

Mohini continues pleading to make her chudail. Desert god says she has to be his slave and accept all his demands. She agrees. He describes all his demands and she agrees. He returns her chudail powers and ghagra paltan team. Mohini calls her ghagra paltan team and says let us stop Rana saa from crossing Behrampur border.

Ram and Siya cross Behrampur border. Dayimaa thanks god that they crossed border. They try to touch her feet, but she stops and says she can bear pain of staying away from them, but not see them in trouble again. They leave in their car towards airport. Mohini reaches border and tries to cross, but is thrown far back. She calls her friend Chakua chudail for help. Chakua emerges scolding her to call her as Chikni chameli. Mohini seeks her help to get back Ranasaa

Mohini unable to stop Ram/Ranasaa from crossing Behrampur’s border seeks her friend Chakua’s help. Chakua chudail enters sitting on car bonnet. Mohini happily tries to hug her, but she stops her and starts her overacting. Mohini says good to see her. Chakua says why she is making drama, she had given her number to Sheela to pass it on, she knows howmuch traffic jam is in chudail land and continues boasting about herself.

Mohini says Ranasaa has left Behramgarh, she needs to brought him back for her. Chakua says she will bring Rana saaa back and needs something in return. Mohini asks what… Chakua gives her agreement papers and asks to sign them. Mohini says she can give anything for Ranasaa and signs papers. Chakua turns into paper kite and Mohini flies her.

She flies and falls on Ram and Siya’s car and starts dancing on Chikni Chameli song. She then looks at Ram and thinks he is so hot, Behrampur’s Siddharth Malhotra and continues eyeing on Ram. Siya plays old romantic song. Chakua thinks she is listening to these songs since centuries and plays Chikni Chameli…song.. Siya tries to change, but Ram stops her and says it is energetic like his wife. Chakua dances on car and changes car’s direction. Siya says they are taking wrong route, Ram says let us try it and drives further.

Dayimaa and Dadimaa return back to haveli feeling relaxed that Ram and Siya left from Behrampur safely. Dayimaa then goes to kitchen to prepare kheer for Dadimaa. Mohini emerges behind and mixes scorpion poison in kheer. Dayimaa fills plate happily.

Ram and Siya stay back in jungle after losing way. Siya scolds Ram for trying new route and missing airport route. Ram gets romantic. Chakua watches them and sitting on tree.

Dayimaa walks to garden and thinks now chudail cannot harm Ram and Siya now. Chudail Mohini appears behind and kicks her down. Dayimaa falls down. Mohini strangulates her and says her plan failed. Dayimaa says she cannot harm Kunwarsaa now. Mohini laughs and says just wait and watch, what she can do. Dayimaa thinks what chudail is up to and asks to show her face. Mohini shows her face standing in terrace. Dayimaa gets afraid seeing her frightening face. Mohini says she prepared kheer for old woman Dadimaa, did she imagine that kheer can be poisoned. Dayimaa gets worried for Dadimaa. Mohini then calls Chakua and asks how is Ranasaa. Chakua watches Ram and Siya romancing and thinks neither Mohini nor sautan Siya will get Ram, she will take him away.

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