Curse of the sands update Tuesday 10 August 2021

Curse of the sands 10 August 2021: Siya threatens Ram to leave his house if he doesn’t accept Mann as his legal heir. Mann asks rasgulla/Siya if Khajoor is troubling her again. Ram angrily warns him to shut up as all his problems are because of him. Siya confronts to behave with Mann reminding him his promise.

Ram says do hell with the promise, what happened to the promises she made during pheras; she ruined his life by bringing this illegitimate child. Gopika walks in clapping and slams Ram alleging him that he threw Mann in dustbin and tried to kill her and Mann via car accident. Ram stands silently. Siya warns to dare speak ill about her husband, he will not stoop so low. Gopika says she is taking her husband’s side like a true wife. She then asks Mann to always love his mother and be loyal to her.

Mann says rasgulla is not his mother, she is his mother instead. Gopika hopes if she was her mother and asks not to play with her mother’s feelings, murmurs in his ears something. Maya informs that villagers have come to celebrate janmastami. Siya takes Mann to get him ready.

Siya gets Mann ready as Bal Krishna. Mann continues questioning her and she answer his questions. He sees bansuri/flute and asks if he has to beat evils with this stick. Siya says it is bansuri and plays it. Gopika braiding her hair in room gets mesmerized with bansuri sound. Bindu enters asking her if she is not yet ready. Gopika asks who is playing bansuri. Bindu says only Siya can play. Gopika says she feels like dancing on the tune. Bindu walks away asking to get ready soon.

Gopika makes evil expressions. Mann says even he will play bansuri and picks it when Gopika enters and stops him. Siya asks why is she stopping Mann. She says let us go and celebrate janmastami with others.

Siya with Mann and Gopika walks down and asks if all arrangements are made for drama. Bindu says Ravan has not come. Dayimaa enters disguised as Ravan holding dahi handi in which she hid Shivji’s prasad. Siya thinks she heard Dayimaa’s voice. Dayimaa hopes Siya doesn’t identify her. She says she was practicing to fight with bal Gopal and says let us start drama. Ram asks Siya why she is not yet ready. Siya says she already told him she will not until she accepts his demand. Ram takes her aside and requests to stop her adamancy. Siya says she will not until he accepts her demand and walks out.

Ram enters wearing Krishna’s attire. People chant Kunwar saa ki jai. Siya walks down wearing her usual dress. People discuss kunwar rani saa did not wear Radha’s attire; they request her to wear Radha’s dress as their Radha and Krishna’s dance is highlight of janmastami. Ram asks if he will have a chance to dance with his Radha. Siya says she is having headache and cannot dance. Bindu asks Ram to go and change then.

Gopika walks in delivering dialogues and dances as Radha with Ram on Radha Kaise Na Jale…song.. People discuss who is she, one says she is the one who saved Kunwarsaa’s illegitimate child. Dayimaa thinks she will not allow this new woman spoil Ram and Siya’s relationship.

After dance performance, Dayimaa as ravan says it is time for kanha to break dahi handi. Siya asks Ram to lift Mann. Ram does. Mann breaks dahi handi and shouts. Siya gets tensed. Mann laughs. Siya pampers him. Dayimaa stands tensed seeing her plan failed. Siya asks her why she looks tense,d looks like she has seen her before. Dyimaa doesn’t speak. Mann insists her to chance is clothes as its itching. Siya takes him to his room to change and walks away.

Mallika asks Ram to do something before Siya forces him to consider Mann as his legal heir. Siya returns and does not see Mann in his room, runs out crying and searching him all around. She runs down to Ram and says Mann is missing. Ram asks if she searched whole house. She says yes. Gopika asks where did kid go. Ram calls police who asks to show CCTV footage. Siya is shocked to see Dayimaa kidnapping Mann. Gopika reminisces seeing that.

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