These Streets Update Tuesday 10 August 2021

These Streets 10 Aug 2021: Madam Mehta texts Nevi congrats on your elder son’s engagement. I got their photo. She sends photo of Shan close to Asmita. Nevi shows it to ridhoy. Nevi says whole city would have this photo. He gets very angry and shows it to asmita. Asmita says Ridoy there is no bad thing. Shan and I fell.

Someone took this photo. Try to understand this is just a misunderstandin. Ridhoy says thank God I came to you first. How can I not trust you and dada. Shan comes there. Ridhoy hugs him and says dada I am so sorry. Shan says what happened? He says I feel very lucky to have asmita in my life. Asmita says I have to go. Ridhoy says you can’t go anywhere. It’s Shan’s engagement.

Paro looks at the photo and says I hate asmita. She is about to throw her phone. Beauty comes and says stay in your limit. You were destroying this expensive phone. Paro says look at this first. Beauty says there is something wrong. There is something behind all this. My revenge against them is old. Paro says I will make Shan mine tonight Beauty says we have to find about this girl at all costs. Who is she. Where is she from.

Shan’s dholki is going on. Everyone dances. Asmita comes there too. Moushumi and jamai dance. Puchki comes to Nevi’s room. She looks around for proofs. Nevi wonders where is asmita. She asks ridhoy to go and look for her. He says okay. Jamai stops Ridhoy and says where are you goin? He says looking for asmita? Jamai says come dance first. Let her come herself. Nevi goes herself to look for Asmita.
Asmita sees a second phoen in Nevi’s room. She reads the texts that some money is transferred on first of every month. Nevi comes in that room.

Asmita hides. Nevi says where did Asmita go. Asmita comes in Shan’s room. He is changing there. He says what are you doing here? Why are you playing with my brother? She says what about you engaging to Paro. Shan says what do you care. Yu are lying,. I can see it in your eyes. Asmta says you have been hurting me since childhood. I am your Puchki. I don’t back out. She says don’t marry Paro. He says why? Why don’t you want me to be with her? Asmita says because you don’t love paro. How will you live with her. He says first tell me what are all these lies.

Shan says okay I wont marry Paro but you have to tell me why are you marrying Ridhoy? She says in heart just to prove you innocent. You will know on right time. Asmita says it has no link with your wedding. He says you can tell your childhood friend. Tell me what are you upto. Asmita says he loves me. He says Paro loves me. Asmita says who do you love? Paro comes there. Asmita hides.

Paro touches Shan and says I came to surprise you. We are getting engaged tomorrow. we will be husband and wife. We should know each other privately and make this night special. Shan says you should go from here someone will see you. He leaves.Asmita comes out. She says why can’t I see Shan with someone else? I can’t hurt Ridhoy like this too. I dont’ wanna play with his emotions. Asmita comes to her place. She is in tears.

She sees Shan everywhere. In her imagination he comes close to her. Bell rings, Puchki thinks its shan. She goes out. there is a huge bouquet. It says I love. Asmita opens it, it is from Ridoy.The engagement starts. Ridoy says you look so good all girls will fall for you today. Asmita comes in. Shan looks at her. He recalls hi moments with her. Ridoy comes and says you are here.. You look so pretty. Let’s get married today. I don’t wanna wait and take a risk anymore. He holds her hand. Asmita says what.

Paro comes with beauty. There are a lot of women with them in the same ghughat getup Aru’s kidnapper was. Paro stands with SHan. Ravindra and Nevi welcome them. Shan goes to stage with Paro. Asmita holds Ridoy’s hand.
Ravindra says to nevi do arti of paro and Shan. Beauty says once paro comes there, she what she does with you Nevi. Nevi does their arti. Beauty says you have a ritual that mother washes feet of the son.

Nevi will do that right? Ravindra says yes that’s our ritual. Nevi will do it.
The woman with ghughat brings water. Asmita sees her face in water. It is Chanda.Chanda takes off Shan’s shoes and touches his feet. She is in tears. Ravindra says Nevi come forward. She recalls shoving him away everytime. Nevi says in heart I have to wash feet of this gutter animal. Beauty gives them shagun. Ridoy says let the party began. Ravindra says Paro come I will introduce you to all the guests.

Ridoy holds Asmita’s hand and says everyone’s eyes are you on you. She says I am coming in a bit. Chanda hides behind a wall. Asmita says what are you doing here? All servants are there. She says I was looking at the ritual. Asmita says your son’s engagement? Chanda takes off her veil. She says you know? You know he is my son? That’s why you asked to wash his feet? Thank you. God bless you. Asmita holds her hand. Chanda says I feel like I have known you. She says in heart I cant tell you who am I. Until I prove our shan innocent.

Ridoy says no one dances better than my fiance Asmita. She will perform for us now. Ridoy says Asmita come dance please. Asmita dances on ishq bina kia jeena. SHe is about to fall. Shan holds her. Everyone is dazed.Shan says I love you Puchki. Everyone is in a shock. Ridoy is angry. Shan says I have always loved you. Nevi slaps him hard on face. Nevi says a gutter’s insect only gets cleaned from the skin by living in palace. Your blood is dirty.

How dare you love my son’s wife to be and call her Puchki. Ravindra says shame on you SHan. You have ruined my family name. The Sona gachi’s woman’s blood tookover my blood. You showed where you are from. Get lost from here. Shan says you are not trying to understand. Ridoy says enough. I will never forgive you for what you did. How can you try to come close to my love. You have no right to be my brother. Shan recalls his moments with Ridoy. Ridoy throws Shan out of that house. Ridoy says if you stay out of this house only then I can die in peace. Shan says ridoyy.. He shuts the door on Shan.

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