Curse of the sands Update Wednesday 11 August 2021

Curse of the sands 11 August 2021: Mohini/Gopika strangulates Dayimaa. Mann pleads not to kill Dayimaa. Guruji in temple senses Dayimaa’s life is in trouble and sends his aide Sumri to go and check. Gopika sees Siya and Ram with police coming and act as unconscious on floor.

Ram wakes him up and asks what happened. Gopika says she saw an obese woman kidnapping Mann, so she followed her and rescued Mann. Siya hugging Mann says she will always protect him. Gopika says they can’t even protect child from obese woman who had disguised as Kans and was trying to burn Mann alive in fire pit. Siya cries how can Dayimaa stoop so low. Gopika asks if she knows that woman. Siya says she is dayimaa. Gopika thinks she is fooling them like they fooled her. Ram asks inspector to search Dayimaa and arrest her.

In palace, Mallika tells Jhumri that Dayimaa at last took away Mann, now Siya and Ram can spend quality time together and get their legal heir. They hear Bindu’s voice telling Mann is safe by god’s grace and Gopika’s help. They walk out and fume seeing Mann alive. Bindu continues praising Gopika. Sumri reaches there and hearing their conversation thinks where is Dayimaa then. Pandit says let us continue Janmastami pooja. Mann says he will become Bal Gopal. Sumri walks in corridor thinking he will inform everything to Guruji soon, they have to stop evil rule over them. He sees Jhumri walking towards him and gets mesmerized with her beauty. Jhumri pushes him down and scolds if he is blind. He continues imagining his princess.

Janmastami pooja starts. Pandit performs pooja. Siya calls Mann and seeing choc on his face asks to go and clean it. Gopika cleans his face. Pandit asks Ram to bring his future heir. People discuss how can Ram make his illegal child as Behramgarh’s heir. Gopika thinks her son will be Ram’s heir now, she will take revenge with them all for their betrayal. Ram walks to Mann and holding his hand walks towards pandit for Mann’s coronation ceremony when Siya stops him and taking him aside says she knows he accepted Mann as his heir on her insistence and because of his love for her,

but she will wait for Mann’s coronation ceremony till he accepts Mann as heir by heart. Ram happily thanks her for understanding his feelings. She jokes if she will not, then who else. Gopika fumes hearing their conversation. Mallika sees her and warns to go from there as palace’s chudail is very dangerous. Ram with Siya walks back to people and announces that coronation ceremony will not happen today, but soon he will give them heir soon. Gopika thinks Siya is upbringing Mann as her son, soon she and Mann will rule over this place

Siya is sound asleep with Mann when Mohini/Gopika enters and signals Mann to come out with her. Mann accompanies her and asks why did she kill obese aunty/Dayimaa even after his insistence. Gopika says if she had not killed her, she would have killed them both. Mann says rasgulla/Siya taught no one is bad and described her story of Putna and Prahlad. Gopika says everyone are bad here and asks if he had not killed obese woman if she had tried to kill her. Mann says it is bad to kill anyone. Gopika says every child listens to mother and follows only her order. Mann asks if he should. She says yes and asks him to call rasgulla as mother and not her and to keep obese aunty’s death a secret. Mann agrees.

Siya wakes up not finding Mann next to her and walks out searching her. Gopika hide’s seeing her. Siya walks to Mann and asks what is he doing here, if he has any problem. He says no looking at wall. Siya walks towards wall, and Gopika gets tensed. Mann stops Siya and hugs her tightly while Gopika leaves. He tells Siya that he was not feeling sleepy, so he came here. Siya takes him along and sings lullaby for her. Gopika thinks she will not let Siya takeover her son completely.

Mallika sees Gopika walking suspiciously and follows her. Gopika senses her and hides. Mallika thinks she missed. Gopika pullls carpet under her and makes her falls, then hides again. Mallika thinks it is definitely Gopika and walks back to her room. Mann wakes up seeing Siya asleep, but sees Siya’s dupatta tied to her. Siya wakes up and asks if he is not getting sleep. He says yes. He starts another mythological story.

Guruji’s aide Surmi informs him how Mann returned home, but Dayimaa is nowhere to be found. Guruji establishes a magical device and says this will show them where Dayimaa is. In haveli, Ram feels sad when dayimaa is not found. Bindu asks him not to worry as Dayimaa protected this house for years and is capable to protecting herself. Mallika enters and says she is right, but it is not a miracle that Mann entered home, then Siya kicked out Dayimaa whom she used to consider mother, then weak Gopika saving Mann twice fighting with strong Dayimaa, they were searching Mann but Gopika found him each time, looks like Gopika is connected to Mann somehow.

Siya enters saying there is connection of humanity, Gopika saved Mann and Mallika is doubting her unnecessarily. Mallika says even she knows that nothing happens in Behramgarh without reason and she just needs to be careful that history doesn’t repeat; Siya should remember that Mann is not her son and she should stop ignoring fact. Siya says Mann is her son and Ram’s blood. Mallika says let us see when Siya gets her own child. Siya says if she thinks she will forget Mann after getting her own child, then she will not bear a child at all. Gopika gets happy hearing that and thinks Siya foolishly helping her instead.

Siya informs Mallika and Ram that they will establish Ganpati in their home this time to give good morales to Mann, asks Jhumri to make arrangements tomorrow. Mohini/Gopika hears their conversation hiding. Once Siya leaves, Mallika asks Ram if he saw what happened, she is sure Mann, Gopika and all other characters are linked to each other. Ram asks to stop her rubbish. Gopika thinks Mallika is creating trouble, she will break her legs. Next day, Siya calls idol maker to select Ganpati idol and asks Mann to select one idol from pics on laptop. Mann selects one and asks if they can make chocolate Ganpati.

Siya says it is a good idea. Gopika says it is a bad idea. Ram says they can do visarjan in milk and distribute milkshake among Behramgarh children and it will even create an example among Behramgarh people. Siya says he is right. Gopika says Mann will ask to make Ganapati from dhokla and other dishes, will they oblige even for that. They all laugh. Mallika thinks Gopika is trying to act smart.

Mann walks into Gopika’s room calling her maa. Gopika asks him not to call her maa and to go back to Siya. Mann gets adamant that he will not go. Gopika slaps him and pushes him away. Mallika records video and thinks to expose Gopika’s true face. Mann knocks door and pleads Gopika to open door, but Gopika says he needs to be tough. Mallika calls everyone to living room. Jhumri walks to her and asks what she needs, she has lots of pending work. Mallika asks her to relax.

Ram, Siya, and others also gather and asks what happened. Mallika asks Gopika how is she related to Mann. Gopika says what does she mean. Mallika asks then why she slapped an small boy. Gopika asks Mann if she slapped him. Mann lies she didn’t. Mallika says she doesn’t do anything without proof and has got video proof. Gopika says Mallika is lying. Siya says let us clear the doubt. Mallika shows footage on her mobile. Ram checks it Siya and others and asks what happened to her.

Mallika checks video and sees only Gopika and not Mann, thinks how can this happen. Gopika checks and says she was flying away mosquitoes. Jhumri says who flies mosquitoes like this. Ram says she is right. Gopika asks to check her guestures. Ram and Siya both apologize Gopika on Mallika’s behalf. Gopika thinks they will be embarrassed often and should obey her.

Mann thinks whether he should believe maa/Gopika and tell lies or believe rasgulla/Siya and tell truth. Siya in kitchen asks Bindu and Jhumri to remove garlic, onion, etc., from kitchen and make sure they don’t prepare nonveg till Ganpati visarjan. Gopika enters and throws her moral gyaan that a child learns good morales from mother and Siya is best mother. Siya emotionally thanks her and repeats not to prepare nonveg for 10 days till ganpati visarjan. Gopika thinks a chudail’s son will never stop eating nonveg.

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