Curse of the sands update Saturday 15 May 2021

Curse of the sands 15 May 2021: Ram walks down. Siya watches from balcony smiling. Mohini pushes her. She falls down calling Ram.Ram runs and holds her, saving her on time, and asks what was that.

Dayimaa and Dadimaa also rush to her. Siya says she felt like someone pushed her. Ram nurses Siya’s wound. Siya asks if he is feeling pain when she is injured. Ram sits silently. Siya says if she is hurt, he will feel pain and and vice versa, they are made for each other and nobody can separate them.

Mohini continues disintegrating. Her ghagra paltan team asks what happened to her. She says she does not know, she just tried to kill her sautan. Her team does black magic and gets sand. She puts her disintegrating hands in sand and gets back to her normal shape. They say she knows the reason, she cannot harm her sautan as she wears Ram’s named mangalsutra, if she tries to hurt Sautan, she herself will be injured. Mohini says she will kill her sautan at any cost. Her team taunts her that she cannot harm her sautan a bit. She lashes them and says she will end her ghagra paltan to get her Rana saa… They taunt she cannot change her fate if she hits them.

Mohini lashes her Ghagra paltan team. They say what will she get if she trashes them, she should develop feelings for her in Ranasaa’s heart. Mohini says she will kill sautan Siya. Team says she cannot harm Siya at all and instead should try to get into Ram’s heart and not make any mistake like she did 500 years ago.

Saroj Dadimaa asks Daimaa what is reason behind problems on their family, everyone who stepped on Rajasthan’s soil died, what is the secret, why trouble is hovering on Ram. Daimaa thinks trouble is hovering on Siya instead and says Ram came here and brought trouble on himself, there is a secret royal book which holds Sisodia family’s 500-year-old history till now. Book is shown hidden in a secret place. Dadimaa asks where is that book. Daimaa says even she does not know.

Mohini also says even she does not know where book is, if it is found, she will be in trouble. Dadimaa asks why Daimaa’s all plans failed till now reminiscing Sia telling someone pushed her from balcony. Daimaa says with Ram here, evil’s powers are doubled, now there is only 1 way, Ram h as to fight 500-year-old battle again. Ram’s previous life is shown where he fights with enemies.

Dadimaa says Ram does not know to use sword at all. Daimaa says fighting is in khatriya’s blood and khatriya is born fighter. She sees a shadow behind curtain and pulls it, sees Jalebi. Daimaa continues that she will teach sword fight to Ram. Ram’s stepmom hears their conversation and knocks her son’s door. He opens door shirtless and asks what happened. She tells him about 500-year-old history book. He shuts door. She walks away yelling if he is really her son. Son does black magic on his ring and blood and throws blood stained cloth in fire.

Mohini thinks she has to wait till morning to harm her sautan Siya. Next morning, she peeps into Ram’s room and searches Siya. Jalebi passes by and scolds her, then looking at Ram and Siya’s bed says looks like kunwar and kunwarrani saa’s romance continued whole night. Mohini fumes hearing that and disappears.

After sometime, Dayima gets Ram ready to teach sword fight. Jalebi says Dayimaa is warrior and it is difficult to defeat her. Ram requests Daima to let him fight with a unskilled trainee like him, he cannot beat her. She says he is a warrior and should fight. Ram’s step brother walks in says he can fight with him and reminds how Ram punched him in childhood. Their fight starts. Mohini watches fight and thinks Ranasaa is a born warrior.

Siya stands in balcony next and lures Ram with flying kisses. Ram stops. Stepbrother overpowers him. Mohini thinks Ram cannot accept defeat so easily. Ram imagines his past life and fights and attacks step brother. He easily defeats step brother and shows his sword skills subconsciously. He then walks to Siya. Siya smiles at him. He beheads her. Mohini imagines that and thinks she cannot kill sautan, but someone else can, looking at Ram.

Ram after defeating his step brother, Ram stands imagining beheading Siya. His step brother injures his shoulder. Family stands shocked. Siya runs towards Ram. Dadmimaa scolds step brother that how dare he is to injure Ram. Step brother apologizes Ram and says it was a mistake. Ram holds Siya, twirls her and drags her to room. Mohini angrily says step brother dared to shed Rana saa’s blood and injured him, he will also feel same pain like Ram. She twists step brother’s hand and he shouts in pain.

Ram takes Siya to his room and calling Jalebi and Mohini asks them to pack Siya’s bags. Dadimaa and Daimaa join. Ram asks Siya to leave his house right now. Siya says she will not go as it is also her house and he has not divorced her yet, it is also Dadimaa and Daimaa’s house. Ram says she is related to them because of him. Dadimaa says Siya is also her granddaughter and Bahu, she has right to stay here. Ram says he does not want to stay with Siya. Siya says until she is alive, she will not part ways with Ram. Ram angrily walks away. Siya hugs Dadimaa and cries. Dadimaa consoles her. Daimaa sends Mohini and Jalebi away.


Ram walks away and calling his psychiatrist says he is getting same visuals of killing Siya, today he sensed it closely, he needs immediate help. Psychiatrist says he cannot help him anymore as medicines, counseling, therapies, etc., did not work; only way left is to keep himself away from Siya. Once Ram leaves, Mohini gets out of wall portrait and thinks she made Ram visualize all this, soon she will make him kill Siya.


Ram returns to his room and hearing sound from bathroom thinks Siya is in washroom. He removes his shirt. Siya walks out of bathroom wiping her wet hair and looking at Ram with lust says good he came, he needs his help and shows her back lace. He ties back lace and tries to leave. Siya pushes him on bed and gets intimate. Mohini gets jealous seeing that and thinks in love, people get closer and go far away, Ranasaa shocked him just a day before karvacauth, until she is there, Ranasaa and sautan cannot unite; she broke karvachauth fast with kalash/pot since years, now Ranasaa will break her fast this year, then sautan will go far away from Ranasaa.

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