Curse of the sands update Sunday 16 May 2021

Curse of the sands 16 May 2021:Siya gets intimate with Ram. Ram asks to let him go. She says he can try and leans on him. He gives up. Mohini watches them and fumes in jealousy. Siya stops Ram and says she does not have time for his romance as she has to have early breakfast for karvachauth fast tomorrow.

She taunts Ram that he was boasting he does not love her, w hat happened to him now. Once she leaves, Mohini thinks this year she will celebrate karvachauth with Rana saa.

Ram’s step brother does black magic on Ram’s blood fuming that Ram always snatched his right and my mother even after marrying Ram’s father could not get her right till now, but not now. Ram sleeps on couch. Siya walks in with karvachauth breakfast/sinjara, wakes him up and asks him to feed her sinjara soon. He drops sinjara thali and says it fell down, now she cannot keep fast for his long life, they are on the verge of divorce, he does not care if she is hungry or thristy. Siya stands sadly when Dadimma with Daimaa enters fuming that Ram has crossed his limits, she will scold him. Siya says let it be, whether Ram agrees or not, she will fast for his long lie. Shge walks away. Daimaa asks how will Siya fast whole day without sinjara. Daimaa says love has immense power. Mohini eats sinjara to keep karvachauth fast for Ram.

Next morning, Siya decorates palace. Daimaa asks her to go to market and get karvachauth items with Ram. Siya says that khajoor will drop her in desert. Daimaa says he will not and takes her to Ram who is waiting for Daima in car. Ram asks Daimaa why did she say she wants to go to temple. Daimaa says yes, but Siya has to go to market first. Ram says they can go with driver.

Daimaa starts emotional blackmail. Ram asks her to stop emotional blackmail, he will take her to temple. Daimaa starts drama again that she got knee pain, so can take Siya with him. Ram agrees to take Siya. Mohini thinks sautan cannot go with Ranasaa, she has to stop them. Siya scolds Ram to start car, else she will call Daimaa. Ram drives car. Mohini runs towards them, but falls down stepping on salt line. Her feet disintegrate into sand. She hides behind pillar.

Daimaa returns praying god to protect Ram and Siya. She sees holy salt line spoilt and thinks chudail is somewhere here. She then sees sand near pillar and thinks something has really happened. She calls guruji and explaining him what happened says she does not know how this happened. Guruji via his magical powers says evil spirit wanted to enter palace. Daimaa says why would anyone come inside, whether evil spirit wanted to go out.

Guruji informs Dayimaa that evil spirit tried to enter palace. Dayimaa thinks if she tried to enter or come out of palace. Mohini disintegrates and turns into very old woman. She calls her ghagra paltan team for help. In market, Siya buys dupatta for herself and asks Ram to choose one. He stands silently. Dupatta flies on his face. Siya asks seller to pack this as her husband like this one. Mohini’s aide carry sand from market and pour it on Mohini. She gets back to normal. Siya continues shopping and taunting Ram. Ram walks fuming. She shouts in high pitch. He stops and asks what happened to her. She says she forgot bangles and buys bangle. Seller says Kunwarsaa will dorn bangles in her hands. Siya says he will not. He says why not and trying to put bangles in her hands twists her hand and breaks bangles, injuring her hand. Siya bleeds.

Ram smirks and walks. Siya thinks why don’t he feel pain seeing her pain. She tears his sleeve and says tying it on her hands says she tied it like heroine does to hero. They both return home. Dayimaa and Dadimaa asks Ram what happened to him. He walks in without speaking anything. Dadimaa sees Siya’s injured hand and asks what happened to her. She says just nok jhok of their love, but she will handle it, they need not worry.

Dayimaa reminisces Guruji’s words and thinks if chudail is already in haveli. She sees Mohini and thinks she cannot be as she is loyal Hukum singh’s daughter, then in whose disguise chudail is in. Siya performs karvachauth pooja. Mohini also performs ritual. Her team members cut their hands and try to pour their blood on her forehead like sindhoor. She stops them and says this time her sautan will share her sindhoor of Ranasaa’s name. Women apply sindhoor on Siya’s forehead. Dayimaa says it is most important ritual that suhagans share their sindhoor with each other.

Siya walks towards her room when Mohini stops her and requests to share her sindhoor. Siya says she is not yet married. Mohini says yes, so she wants an ideal life partner. Siya is about to apply sindhoor on Mohini’s forehead when Dayimaa stops her and scolds Mohini does not she know Kunwar Ranisaaa’s sindhoor cannot be shared. She warns Siya not to share her sindhoor with anyone and scolds Mohini to get out from here. Mohini apologizes and leaves. Dayimaa asks Siya to go and rest in her room till evening, maid will come and get her ready for further ritual.

Mohini fumes that her sautan did not apply Ranasaa’s sindhoor on her forehead. Ram angrily punches glass and injures his hand feeling guilty for injuring Siya’s hand. His blood falls on Mohini’s forehead. Mohini thinks Rana saa herself gave sindhoor to her, soon he will be hers. Her team claps.

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