Ring of fire update Friday 14 May 2021


Ring of fire 14 May 2021: Revathi enters with milk for Agni and seeing Sakshi holding necklace asks what she is up to and scolds her badly. Sakshi sleeps crying.Devi enters on her wheelchair and asks why she is crying. Sakshi complains that Agni made her cry. Devi consules her and asks her to take her to home temple, thinks Agni is so bad that she made her sister cry, Kishan is doing a big mistake.

Ring of fire 13 May 2021

Whole family joins for pooja. After pooja, KD announces that they gift family diamond ring to new bahu since 11 generations, now it is with Devi and asks Yashi to take ring and give it to Agni, Kishan will put same ring in Agni’s finger during engagement. Devi gives her ring and warns Agni that she may not be able to take are of it in her busy life. Agni says she is very much capable of. Daadi jokes ring is big and her finger is small. Agni says she will remake it to her size. Agni keeps ring in locker. Sakshi steals it and thinks Agni’s happiness’ the end is coming.

Sakshi steals Agni’s enagement ring from locker and exchanges it with fake ring. Kishen hugs her from behind thinking her as Agni. She turns. He nervously apologizes her and says he thought she is Agni. She says Agni must be in kitchen. In kitchen, Agni over phone orders Mukhri to get all files ready, she will come and sign. She then searches something to eat. Kishan enters. Agni asks him to do something that their engagement should happen tonight. He says he will, but she should give reward. She says she puts behind bars whoever takes bribe. She asks to do it then and asks to give 2 kisses at least and tries to kiss her when maid enters. They get nervous, blabber and walk away. Maid stands smiling.

Kishan and Agni’s engagement ceremony starts. Daadi says they will play a game first, she will question and whoever answers right will get a gift. Kishan says good idea. Daadi asks if he had girlfriend. Kishan gets nervous. Father asks not to dig old grave. Daadi warns if she should dig his past. Kishen nervously says when he was in London, he had a crush on his neighbor girl. Agni asks if he did not inform about Julia. Kishan says even Agni had a crush and describes story.

Daadi asks to finish engagement first. Agni and Kishan exchange rings. Daaadi sees Agni’s ring and says this is not family ring. Devi asks what happened to family ring. Chachi says this is fake ring. Agni says she gave ring to goldsmith fix it and he gave her this ring. Chachaji calls goldsmith who says ring was fake. Agni says she had this ring. Devi scolds Agni. Sakshi reminisces Sakshi going into Agni’s room and exchanging ring. Devi continues scolding if she cannot protect ring, how will she handle family. Daadi backs Agni, but Devi continues yelling.

Yashi asks not to worry, she will search ring. Devi says lost ring will not be found and it is their family ring, how will engagement happen without it. Kishan asks her to relax, engagement can happen even without it and ties holy thread in place of ring. Devi fumes while others rejoice. Kishan says he will support Agni whole life. Agni says it is good Julia left Kishan, else she would have lost diamond like him. Family claps for them. Kishan says even he eats paan, if Agni has any problem. Agni asks to be ready to pay penalty. Kishan says he will follow all his duties and love her whole life. KD smiles while Sakshi fumes.

At night, Sakshi wakes up and looks at diamond ring, thinks without ring, engagement will not happen, she will not let any happiness near Agni. She walks away with ring. Agni wakes up at night and not finding Sakshi searches her.

Yashi pulls Devi’s wheelchair. Devi yells not to worry about her, servant will pull wheelchair. Yashi says she is worried for her. Devi yells she can do a lot for her and stop Agni and Kishan’s engagement. Sakshi walks to living room and finds Kishan sleeping there.

Sakshi walks into Kishan’s room. Agni follows and asks what is she doing. Kishan asks what are they both doing here. Devi enters on her wheelchair with Yashi and asks what is Agni doing here, she cannot before marriage. Yashi says they all 3 youngsters are here, so must be doing some chitchatting. Devi sees something in Sakshi’s hand and asks to show it. Sakshi shows family ring. Devi excitedly says she found it somehow. KSakshi says yes and gives it to Kishan. Kishan says Devi that he told 14 generations’ love is in this ring and they cannot lose it. He gives it to Agni in return. Sakshi gets jealous. Kishan pampers Agni and says this ring belongs to her and she need not worry.

Next morning, Sakshi vents out her anger on punching bag during exercise. She imagines Agni and punches hard. Agni falls down. She then realizes it is her imagination. Agni enters and asks where did she find engagement ring. Sakshi does not reply and continues punching bag and thinks she will not let her engagement happen.

Agni gets ready and walks into Kishan’s room. Kishan asks which sherwani to wear for engagement, he wants to look cool. Agni says she wants him to look hot and gives sherwani. He says their choices match and boasts he will look dashing during engagement with buttons open as he has abs. Agni removes his sherwani and T-shirt forcefully and asks to remove even vest. He nervously panics and says someone will come. She says let them. Papa and chahaji enter. He blabbers nervously that he was trying sherwani. They laugh. He taunts even them that they listen to their wives always.

Engagement arrangements. KD’s jokergiri starts. Courier boy delivers KD’s courier. KD shows mehandi stickers and says she ordered them from Delhi for Agni’s engagement. Devi says they use traditional cones. KD says she does not want her bahus to waste much time. KD then dances on music. A woman wearing veil hugs Agni from behind. Kishan warns to leave his wife. Woman says would be wife, she wants lots of chocs and gifts if he wants his wife. Papa removes veil from woman’s wife and reveals its Kishan’s cousin brother who came from boarding school to attend his engagement. He meets family by one. Sakshi silently walks away and eschanges mehandi sticker thinking she will not let Agni’s engagement happen.


Before Agni’s mehandi ceremony, Golu jokes that he knows how Kishan fell on Agni. Kishan says he has gone to mischievous. Golu tells KD let us dance. KD asks to start mehandi ceremony and dances with Golu on mehandi lagane ki raat. Mehandi designers apply mehandi sticker on Agni and applies mehandi. Sakshi asks Revathi if she can apply mehandi. Revathi says no. Devi says nobody is looking at groom’s mother, who will apply her mehandi. Yashi says she will. Devi says she wants to see Sakshi’s talent. Sakshi applies mehandi on her hands. Golu drags Revathi to dance floor. Chachi drags Chachaji on dance floor. Mukhri and Kishan join KD and dance. Sakshi silently applies mehandi to Devi. Kishan feeds juice to Agniand drinks from same glass. Agni thanks him.

Mehandi designer asks Agni to remove mehandi sticker from her hand to apply Kishan’s name on hand. Agni removes sticker and is shocked to see my mother is murderer inscribed. Sakshi silently smirks. Revathi insists to show her hand. Agni says she has stomachache and runs to her room. Agni walks behind her. Agni confronts if she did this. Sakshi says she is just replying to her heinous act and asks why did she show newspaper cutout to Daadi and proved she is not a doctor, she proved she is murderer’s daughter. Agni stands shocked and starts crying. She herself spoils her mehandi and walks down. Sakshi walks around smirking.

KD asks Agni to show her mehandi and seeing Agni’s spoilt mehandi scolds her. Kishan supports Agni and tells Devi that she used to tell bride’s mehandi will be dark if her husband loves her a lot, though Agni’s mehandi is spoilt, her mehandi color is very dark than everyone here, he does not care what others think, he loves Agni a lot.

Sakshi returns to room at night and thinks whatever she tries, Kishan will not hate Agni and will support her. She tries to mentally harrass Agni that murderer’s daughter deserves it. Agni says she know realized Sakshi is behind all the mishaps; she used to keep quiet seeing Daadi’s face and will not keep quiet now, let Sakshi try to spoil her marriage, she will marry Kishan at any cost. Agni says she will marry Kishan instead.

Kishan is sound asleep when he hears alarm at midnight and wakes up. He goes to each family member’s room and does not find them. He then walks living room and seeing someone runs behind. Family switches on light and gives birthday surprise with cake. He blows candle and cuts cake looking at Agni. He makes wish then awhile whole family sings happy birthday to you. He then feeds cake to whole family member. Father says let us go and sleep now as they have to make function’s arrangements tomorrow. Once family leaves, Kishan holds Agni and wishes his gift right now. Agni says she has special gift for him and will give it tomorrow. He signals her to keep quiet and looks into her eyes and tries to kiss her. Agni runs away calling Daadi.

Next morning, Panditji checks Kishan’s kundali and tells KD that he has problem in kundali. KD asks to find solution. Pandit says his fate will change with this wife’s fate. KD gives him dakshina/fees and sends. Someone buys snake poison from snake charmer.

Sakshi gets into her room and sees Agni’s handwritten greeting card for Kishan, thinks she will not let Agni’s dream fulfill. Once she leaves, Kishan walks into room. Agni comes out of bathroom wearing bathrobe and neviously asks him to turn. He sees card and picks it. She snatches it. He snatches it back from her. She gets sad. He asks if she is sad. She says she got a gift for him and shows holy thread. Kishan says whole family has gone crazy and tied thread allover his hand, he does not believe in superstition. Agni says it is belief and not superstition.

Sakshi walks into Devi’s room and consoles her not to worry about Kishan’s kundali, everything will be alright. She then asks how Kishan used to celerbrate his birthday in childhood. Devi says he used to be very chubby in childhood and when she used to go to wake him up, she used to tickle him and he used to control his laugh, now she cannot even bless her son with her hands and is helpless. Sakshi keeps her hand on temple lamp and insists Devi to raise her hand. Devi raises h and a bit. Sakshi says she wanted to show that Devi can do anything.

KD sees Golu playing mobile game and asks him to accompany her to kitchen, she has prepared special kheer for Kishan. After a bit of drama, Golu agrees. Someone mixes poison in kheer. Agni picks that kheer excitedly and walks to Kishan’s room. Kishan is busy looking at his family album. Agni enters and chats with him. KD and Golu watch hiding. Agni shows him kheer and says daadi prepared for him. He says he wants to feed it to his lady love first. She asks him to have first.



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