Curse of the sand update Wednesday 13 October 2021


Curse of the sand 13 Oct 2021: Shiv wakes up and was startled as Ananya wasn’t in bed. He looks around the room.
In the corridor, Kamal tells Sunanda she may do anything, but he stands with his daughter and won’t let her suffer. Sunanda slaps Kamal. She taunts he couldn’t protect himself from her slap, how he will fight Amar then. She holds his chin and says he was weak and will always be. She leaves.Late at night, Kamal cries in his room about Sunanda’s sarcasm and taunt. He writes a note, with tears in eyes and leaves it on the table.

Ananya watches Shiv beside the door of the room and climbs through the window. She cautiously moves to her bed. Shiv turns around and spots Ananya in bed, all covered in quilt. He wonders she wasn’t there, then how did she appear in the bed all at once. He pulls the quilt off and bends over Ananya. He almost shouts at her to open her eyes, else he will go and complain Amar that she wasn’t in bed. Chaya watches this from the window, and was as she finds Shiv bent over Ananya, she wonders what he is upto.

Sunanda was doing her makeup. Mishra ji stood at the door, half opened. She allows him inside. He was happy. Sunanda asks what news he brought. Mishra ji opens up a letter from Kamal’s table.Kamal wrote, he finds himself helpless today. His daughter is suffering and he can’t do anything. He is going for suicide.Sunanda tells Mishra ji to leave now. She is going to have Banaras’s famous Thandai, as its Holi.Chaya follows Amar upstairs. He was irritated, and uses his powers to forcefully shut her mouth. When released, she tells Amar how Shiv was bent over Ananya in the room.

Shiv tries to wake Ananya up. Amar pulls him behind and slaps him. Shiv was shocked. Amar says he told Shiv to take care of her, how dare he touched her. Shiv explains there is nothing like it, she is completely fine and was awake. Amar looks towards Ananya, but doesn’t believe Shiv. Amar says she hasn’t opened her eyes once, how Shiv saw her awake. Ananya silently thinks she is sorry but she is helpless and can’t help Shiv.Amma and Rekha cry reading Kamal’s suicide note. Mishra ji comes there, enjoying the sweet.

Mishra ji says it doesn’t matter even if Kamal dies, he is there to take care of the family. Amma ji and Rekha were angry at him and beats him with sticks.Amar was hopeless. Shiv tells Amar she wasn’t in the room when he went outside, but then he returned to find her back in bed. Amar uses his power to get a lasso. He doesn’t believe Shiv and instead beats him badly. Ananya was moved at every strike. Shiv leaves the room as he suffers. Amar follows him outside.

Sunanda was in her room. Mishra ji comes in, bruised and beaten. Sunanda laughs and asks who played such a Holi to him. He was still smiles. Mishra ji says he had decided to get some mangoes for her from the tree, but had a great fall. Sunanda calls his loyalty as like of Tommy. Mishra ji was happy to be a dog.Shiv tries to stop Amar as he continues his strike of lasso all the way downstairs. Shiv tramples over the furniture and falls off the couch. Ketki suffered at Shiv’s pain. Rekha forcefully sends her inside as they can’t risk their own well-being.

Amar continues to badly beat Shiv who was almost faint. Amar now replace the lasso with a sword. He decides to kill his extra smartness, as none can protect Shiv now. Before he could strike the sword, and old man comes there. He had a rattle drum in hand and wore tiger print clothes, red hat, long beard and held Trishol. It was Kamal in disguise. Baba calls Amar a God alike, it was their duty to abide by each of his wishes. He is here to ease out Amar’s way, and will get him the girl he loves. He takes the sword from his hand, places it on the table. Amar was dubious and questions how he knows about his love.

Amar was dubious and questions Pappu Baba how he knows about his love. Pappu Baba laughs that nothing is hidden from him. Chaya stops Baba and tells him to leave. Baba throws a fistful of dust at Chaya and asks if she got the worth to order him. She isn’t loyal to anyone, once she is at witch’s side and the next time she goes to Amar’s side. Amar now pulls Baba’s jacket and threatens him. Baba excuses himself, then throws fistful of water on Shiv’s face. He wakes up. Baba rings his rattle drum and runs upstairs. Amar and Chaya follow him there. Baba enters Ananya’s room, bolts the door and sits besides Ananya.

Chaya and Amar reach outside the door. Amar uses his powers and the door opens. He and Chaya find Baba besides Ananya. Amar warns Baba to protect himself now. Kamal, looked fearful stands up. He tells Amar that no matter he is powerful, he corrects all bastards strictly. Baba’s death is written in hands of Amar. He is ready to die, but this will bring his wish, meeting his love, to an end. Chaya whispers in Amar’s ears to listen to him once, what if Ananya wakes up. Amar agrees, and allows a single chance to Baba. Baba now beats his rattle drum. He sits besides Ananya and starts reading verses and mantra over Ananya’s body. Ananya’s hands move lightly. Amar was also moved. Shiv had reached the room.

Baba turns to see Shiv there and stops. Amar questions why he has stopped. Baba backs up, posing there is a power stopping him. He senses something in the air around, which stops them. Amar questions who he is. Baba tells him to send Shiv away. Baba tells Amar, there is a shrewd witch who wouldn’t want them to meet. He wants Amar to keep him away from the witch for future. Amar agrees. Baba says she will wake up only by a single blow. Amar says his powers won’t work on Ananya, Shiv’s work also won’t work; how can his blow heal Ananya. Baba boasts of his meditation extending 145 years. Chaya argues that Kamal doesn’t seem to be more than 50 years old.

Amar tapes Chaya’s face with his powers. Amar requests Baba to heal Ananya.Baba tells Amar he will have to do a strict fast, 11 days of not eating anything. Only then, Ananya will automatically be attracted towards him. Amar promises to get Baba everything he wants, and even Sunanda will stay away from him. Baba tells them to leave the room now. Amar and Chaya leave. Kamal bolts the door.Shiv was in his room. His hand trembles of pain while he thinks about Amar’s attitude. Ketki brings the herbal ointment. Shiv shouts at her to stay away, he doesn’t want any medicine. He requests her to leave, he is already tensed.

His brother was angry and beat him only because of that girl. He put his life at stake, for the sake of his brother. Still, his brother trusts that girl more than him. He wonders why he couldn’t ever win his brother’s love. Ketki assures Shiv doesn’t lack anything, Shiv removes her hand off his shoulder. Ketki leaves.Ananya wakes up in the room and hugs Kamal for being such a talented actor. She was happy that Kamal defeated Amar and created a doubt between Amar and Sunanda. She was now determined to make them lose.

The next morning, Kamal sat for meditation. Amar and Chaya come to him. Amar asks any means to serve him. Baba says he will have to make tough efforts to get Ananya. Its Holi today, Amar won’t be allowed to play Holi. He will instead have to lay on an ice bar without clothes. He can get his love, only if Mahadev is happy.



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