Curse of the sand update Tuesday 12 October 2021

Curse of the sand 12 Oct 2021: Amar hands the lighter to Shiv and orders him to burn himself. Shiv moves the lighter up towards his head. Sunanda was concerned and tells Amar to stop him. Before Shiv’s hair could catch fire, Amar blows it off. He now tells Shiv to go and continue his work. Ananya watched this from behind a wall, crying badly. Amar asks Sunanda if she wish to see any other example. Sunanda replies no. Amar knew this dose would be enough.

Ketki was preparing sweet in the kitchen. Rahul comes there and tries to take a nut. Ketki scolds him to stay away. Rekha asks Ketki what’s happening. Rahul and Rekha laugh when Ketki says she is preparing sweet for Shiv. They convince Ketki that Shiv is Amar’s slave, she must please Amar and not Shiv.Ananya comes to Amar. He was excited that she came to him on her own. Ananya says Amar wants her to behave well with him, she will accept any of his condition if he does one thing for her. She says she wants to do Holika Dahan. Amar agrees and leaves the room.

Ketki was pressing a shirt. Rahul comes to snatch the shirt and wanted it. They have a fight. Ketki was about to fall back but Shiv holds her in his arms. He moves towards Rahul and slaps him on his face. Shiv says Amar told him Ketki is his wife to be, thus he can’t let anyone hurt his wife. He hands the shirt back to Ketki and leaves the room. Ketki was happy. Ananya sadly watches this through the window.Everyone from the family was in the hall. Amma ji reads the story of Holika. Everyone intently listens to the story. Mishra ji and Rekha were ready for the preparations. Rahul was lost in thoughts of Shiv’s slap. Mishra ji takes him for help. Amma ji sends Ketki to get the oil. Kamal brings everything for Pooja.

In the evening, everyone was ready for the event of Holika Dahan. Amma ji asks where Ananya has gone. Amar goes to check inside the house. He checks in the living room, kitchen even upstairs. Amma ji was worried that the Mohrat is skipping. Amar was tensed as Ananya was nowhere to be seen.Shiv ignites the wooden rod and hands it to Amma ji. Amma ji tells everyone to stay ready, they will start the Holika Dahan as soon as Ananya comes. Ketki was irritated and instead ignites the pile to begin Holika Dahan.

Amar stops by a note hanging besides a wall that Amar’s wishes will also be burnt with Holika Dahan. He wonders what this means.Outside, the family prayed as Holika pile was being burnt. Amar runs outside and says Ananya is there inside Holika. Kamal shouts to bring water. Everyone from the family was shocked to see Ananya’s hand being burnt. Amar tries his magical powers but it is all in vain. All of Amar’s powers fire back. Amar wonders why his powers won’t work. Sunanda says this is pious fire of Holika. Amar thinks he is a devil but not Shiv. Amar orders Shiv to save Ananya. Shiv looks towards Amar.

Ketki tries to stop Ananya. Shiv was ready to jump into the fire. He pulls the wood, rod by rod. Ananya was finally pulled out of the Holika. Shiv carries her in his arms and goes into the house.Inside the house, Shiv carries Ananya to her bed. Amar tells Shiv to go outside. Shiv walks out of the room while Amar tries to wake Ananya. Amar tries to gather his powers once again. Shiv watches him intently. Amar was unable to wake Ananya up, using his powers. Shiv stood at the room door, saddened. Shiv wonders why her pain hurts him so immensely.

Kamal cries and questions the family if they are now happy. It is their greed that his daughter is in such a condition. He is ashamed to be a part of such a family. He breaks all relations with them. He vows in front of the fire that they are all dead for him.Later at night, Sunanda walked in her room restlessly. Amar comes running to her and requests her to save Ananya, what if her face is burnt.

Sunanda smirks that finally he thought of his Little Mummy. He joins his hands. Sunanda demands him to bend a little more, and plead her on his knees. Amar gets to his knees and requests her to save his Ananya. Shiv comes there, and suggests they must call doctor. Amar murmurs what if doctor or someone else finds out that Shiv is her husband. Shiv was quizzical about his talk. Sunanda tells Shiv to go and take care of Ananya, like a good human. Shiv looks uncertain, but leaves. Sunanda later tells Amar that only Shiv’s love can treat Ananya right now. She minds Amar that he only got the powers, while she has the real knowledge and brain behind it. He will always need her.

Kamal wanted to meet Ananya but was stopped by Mishra ji. He was irked and clutches Mishra ji’s collar. Sunanda comes to stop him by holding his hand. She slaps Kamal multiple times on his face, aggressively inquiring why his love for his daughter is on a rise.In the room, Ketki prays that Ananya must die today. At least her path with Shiv will be clear. Rahul comes to Ketki and warns her that Amar will kill her if something happens to Ananya.Ketki asks why she? Rahul reminds her that Ketki ignited the Holika. Though Ketki didn’t know, but Amar pays no heed to anyone when angry.

Shiv sat beside Ananya on the bed and applies the herbal ointment on her face and hands. He was weepy as he recalls every time Ananya had approached her in the past days. Ketki watches this. She goes to Amar and questions how dare he sent Shiv to take care of Ananya, if he lost his mind. Amar’s eyes turn black. Ketki receives slaps on her face, without him using his hands.

Sunanda watches through the window as Shiv applies the ointment to Ananya.Ketki apologizes Amar. Amar threatens her to keep her anger to herself, nothing is important for him than to save Ananya right now. She must thank her luck that he is tensed, else he is aware Ketki is responsible for Ananya’s condition. But if something happens to Ananya, he will burn her alive. Ketki remembers Rahul’s warning.Sunanda sat on her bed in the room, tensed. Mishra ji comes to her and inquires about her tension.

Sunanda was worried. She says she knows Ananya so well, she would prefer burning the whole world before suicide; how she can give up so easily. Mishra ji says it’s not easy to face Amar, and even a witch like Sunanda is afraid of her. Sunanda slaps Mishra ji, warning him to stay in his limits. She was sure something is going on in Ananya’s mind.Ananya opens her eyes. She sits up and finds Shiv asleep beside her bed. She silently thinks she believed Shiv can never let her die.She did all this to bring him nearer. She loves him dearly. She gets off her bed and leaves the room.

In the corridor, Ananya comes to Kamal. He asks Ananya if she is fine. Ananya says she is fine. She happily tells Kamal that Shiv applied turmeric to start her Holi. They were happy. Both recall having planned this trap for Amar. Ananya suggested to apply some chalk on her body and sit inside Holika. Kamal was initially concerned, what if she is hurt. Ananya was sure Shiv couldn’t let her die. She discusses with Kamal that Shiv will now come to her, even by her death. She hears Sunanda calling Shiv, and hurries towards her room. Kamal goes to stop Sunanda.

In the corridor, Kamal stops Sunanda. He tells Sunanda he stands with his daughter at any cost. No matter what she does, he won’t let his daughter suffer at any cost. Sunanda slaps Kamal.Shiv wakes up and doesn’t find Ananya in bed. He wonders where Ananya has gone.

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