This is fate update Thursday 14 October 2021


This is fate 14 October 2021: Sherlin mentions that no person could get bail if they are charged with murder, Mahira inquires how would they have known who poisoned her, Sherlin mentions that if they found poison then she would be blamed, she mentions that the family loves her a lot, Sherlin explains that Rakhi did not accept their marriage but now has accepted her and is the one to protect her in every case,

She explains how Mahira sent the sweet mixed with poison to Preeta with Rakhi and when the doctor would test the sweet, they would come to know who was the one behind it as Rakhi would never hurt her daughter In law and they know she doesnot like Preeta, Sherlin explains how she would be the one to go to jail which makes Mahira realize and she exclaims that she doesnot want to go to jail,. Sherlin asks her to consult with her before making any plan.

Karan is driving the car while taking Preeta to Sarla’s house he looks at Preeta who is really happy however he thinks that why is he not feeling the same, Preeta asks what is worrying him so much, they reach the house and she gets off, karan mentions that when he should be happy that she is now living with her mother and he would get the whole bed and all the necessities for himself but he knows she would not be on the couch and Perhaps it si something however is not able to say anything,

Preeta starts walking towards the house, he takes her hand, stopping her from behind, he says that whenever in the future he asks her to go and stay at her mothers house, she should deny it because he cannot say it clearly that he would miss her, will she also miss him, Preeta mentions that she doesnot know it clearly.

Preeta asks him to come and stay with her in their mother’s house Karan at first agrees but then denies mentioning that if he comes with her then they would all start taking care off her which he doesnot want as it is the night when she should be with her mother, he is not able to leave then finally walks to the car and sits even when he doesnot want to, he finally leaves her standing in front of the house, karan thinks that he is feeling really bad that he is leaving her like this, he waves her one last time before she turns to walk towards her mothers house and he drives off.

Ramona exclaims that she knows what happened was wrong but Sherlin acted in the right manner, Mahira mentions that she was angry with her and could not control herself, Ramona mentions that when they are angry then they are not able to control their actions, she explains that Sherlin is really clever and also has a really sharp mind and above all of that she doesnot know how to loose and no matter what happens she should never break her friendship with Sherlin as she would lose everything that they have worked for with her mistake as it is said that they should not fight with the crocodile while staying in the water,

she orders Mahira to forget about Preeta and sleep as if she is not well rested then would not be able to win the fight, she ends the call. Ramona gets frustrated while thinking of Sarla, she exclaims that she would never forgive Sarla for the embrassment which she caused at the Luthra house and Preeta for the insult in the market, she throws her phone in anger on the table.

Sarla comes to the hall inquiring what has happened with Shrishti and Janki as they both are really sad and why are they looking so worried, Janki is crying so Sarla asks what has happened and did she say something, Shrishti explains that she doesnot have always been wrong, Shrishti tries to explain but Janki stops her, Shrishti then exclaims that they were talking what would happen if she is not with them tomorrow, Sarla calls her explaining that she doesnot always scold and also loves her but when they are together then would be able to fight every situation that comes before them as a family which is why she had made a sweet dish just for them all, she wishes that it would be better if Preeta was with them, Preeta then comes to the door, Sarla seeing her refuses to believe that she has actually come and mentions the dress which she has worn, she says to Shrishti that she is missing Preeta to the extent that is seeing her everywhere, Preeta exclaims that she is actually in front of her, Preeta hugs Sarla and is really happy to meet her.

Mahira is not able to sleep and is wondering what her mother told about Sherlin and how clever she is, Mahira sits up then thinks that she would apologize to Sherlin as she was right and is the only one who would be able to help her.

Preeta explains that she was really missing them so came to meet them all, Shrishti stops her asking that Preeta would explain, Sarla inquires if she had a fight with karan and did she come after fighting with the family however Preeta denies everything,
They both sit then Preeta once again says that she came to meet them however Sarla says that she knows her because she has given her birth and that she came because she is worried and wants to remain with her if the police come to arrest her, Sarla exclaims that they have fought a lot of battles and would also face the entire situation with each other, she asks her to first eat the sweet dish which she has made. Preeta while crying hugs her Sarla asks her to stop.

Preeta is with Sarla and Shrishti on her bed, she exclaims how does she make such delicious sweets and why does it not differ each time, Sarla explains that a mother while making the dishes also puts a lot of love in it, Shrishti exclaims that she knew Preeta was coming otherwise she liked pudding better,

Sarla exclaims how she made it just a few days before but she did not eat it, Sarla starts showering her love on them both she feels that this might be her last night with her daughters because all of the evidence area against her and she might go to jail, Sarla exclaims that she did not see both of her daughters till after they were grown but what would happen as she was not able to shower her love on them so is it not wrong, she starts crying so Preeta wakes asking her to not worry because she will never go to jail and would be with them all her life, Sarla asks her to take care of Shrishti as she would not be able to live her life, Preeta exclaims that nothing of the sort would happen.

In the morning Rakhi knocks on the door of Karan and Preeta calling them both however they do not answer so she enters the room and sits with Karan waking him up, she asks about Preeta mentioning that she would come downstairs but did not come today, Karan asks why does she not talk about him any more and she is constantly talking of Preeta, Rakhi mentions that she would talk with him then inquires how he is and he exclaims that he is okay but took Preeta to her mother’s house because Sarla is in a lot of trouble so Preeta was sad, Rakhi exclaims that Preeta knows how to take care of the relations without breaking them so they had mis understood her, Karan exclaims that she always thought of her as a good human being and is his mother, he demands that he get the breakfast, Rakhi orders him to first freshen up but he insists to eat it in his bed however has to leave when she forces him.

Janki prepares tea for everyone thinking that they would drink it together but is shocked when both Shrishti and Preeta are not in their room, she wonders where they might have gone as the door is also locked she wonders that Sarla would know about it, she gets emotional seeing that they both are sleeping with Sarla in her room and starts crying, Sarla wakes up asking why is she crying, Preeta says that has the police come, Shrishti also gets angry saying that she would not let them take Sarla, she also advises that they should run away, Janki exclaims that she was only crying because she saw how they were sleeping with her in the bed and got emotional after seeing them, she exclaims that some people do not see a happy family, she is adamant to make them believe saying that she would eat the ladoo and prove it.

They all go after her when she is adamant to eat the ladoo everyone tries to explain that she should not do this as they know that she cannot prepare anything with poison and then when they struggle Janki is really frustrated and they throw the bottle causing them to fall, Janki explains that she would pick them up at which Sarla scolds her saying that she has gotten mad.
Preeta sits and after picking the ladoo gets worried because she ate another ladoo and sp exclaims that when she was eating them was confused because Sarla said that she made them with a lot of dry fruits but who made those ladoo which had the poison in them, Sarla exclaims that it was Ramona because she brought the other ladoo and desired to help Mahira, Preeta exclaims that they are the cause of a lot of problems in their life. Janki mentions that had she not struggled with Shrishti they would not have come known of the truth, Sarla responds that it is because of Preeta because she remembers how her mother cooks, Preeta says that the ladoo are the Parshad of lord Ganesh so they have come known of the truth and now would prove the innocence of their mother, Preeta plans that she would go and find those ladoo after which she would call Shrishti and they would reveal the entire truth.

Preeta enters the room of Mahira and is searching frantically for the ladoo, she is not able to find it and, in the process, drops something, Mahira who is in the bathroom realizes that someone is outside so calls out asking who it is, Preeta takes the name of Sherlin which calms Mahira and she exclaims that she would come outside.
Preeta once again starts searching but is not able to find anything then is about to leave however, she sees the box under the bed from the window, she picks up the box then remembers how Ramona brought them and is shocked because she ate them in the Sarghi, she plans to make Mahira pay for what she has done.

Mahira drops the towel in the bathroom and it get wet, she asks her to give her another towel, Preeta plans to colour her face black for ruining the life of her mother, she applies the ink on the side of the towel and hands it to her.
Preeta thinks that now the fight to prove innocence of her mother has begun

Preeta mixes the colour on the towel before handing it to Mahira, she thinks that it would not erase the blame of Sarla, but this indicates that it has started, Preeta walks in the hallway, she thinks that her room would be the best place to hide it however she doesnot know what Karan would do so she decides to hide it in a drawer in the hall.
Shrishti calls Preeta asking if she has found it, Preeta mentions that she found the box in Mahira’s room and knows that she ate the ladoo which Ramona brought in the Sarghi, Shrishti gets really mad so says that she desires to throw her from the top of a building, Preeta asks her to calm down then Shrishti exclaims that she knows Ramona was also involved in this plan, she cannot understand how Ramona can do such an act and she has an idea with which they can take revenge, Shrishti informs her the plan but Preeta listening to her walks away, Sherlin wonders what Preeta is doing as she went to her mother’s house, so what is her plan.

Sherlin enters the room of Mahira, she immediately shouts after seeing her, Mahira exclaims what has happened then Sherlin shows how she is looking, Mahira blames Sherlin saying that she gave her the towel and is the one behind this, Sherlin exclaims that she just came into her room and all that has happened was because of Preeta.

Mahira gets really mad and decides to take revenge from Preeta for what she has done, she bumps into Karan who also yells after seeing her because he gets scared then he asks her to wash her face because someone else would not be able to recognize her.

Preeta is really tensed in her room, Karan comes inquiring what has happened because he has just returned, Preeta exclaims that she was tensed because he was not with her, Karan says that she is flirting with her however Preeta says she was worried as he might be flirting with someone, Karan inquires if she got jealous however Preeta responds that she doesnot get jealous, Karan mentions how she is busy in irritating everyone, Preeta says that she never causes harm at which karan says that she is lying as when they first met he was on a date with two other girls and she ruined it by coming into his car and he got scared because of her voice .

Preeta advises him to have some shame because he is talking ab0out dating with other girls while being with his wife, he mentions that she is getting jealous, Preeta refuses to talk, she exclaims that she came to her mothers house the first time, but he never had any discussion about her visit was but instead is talking about other women. Preeta says that she cannot comprehend how she has married a flirt, Karan also mentions how he keeps reminding himself that he has married a balla and he wishes that those pretty women were in his life.

Preeta sits down mentioning how those girls were never beautiful and even goes on saying that she doesnot even think Mahira who is his friend is pretty and she seems as an ant which tries to bite everuone in the family, Karan laughs saying that she might be right because he just saw Mahira who was looking like a devil with some black makeup on her face, Preeta also laughs.

Mahira is trying to remove the ink but is not able to and she promises that she would make her pay, Sherlin asks her to calm down because nothing would happen, Mahira mentions that she would inform Karan about what Preeta has done as she is wrong, Sherlin tries to explain saying that it is a chuildish act and they would have to do something bigger, Mahira assures that she would not Preeta leave with it and would surely take revenge.

Mahira mentions that she cannot think what Karan would be thinking as he said all those things to her, Sherlin thinks that it is a childish act and Preeta would not gain from it and so why did she do this.
Mahira is walking in the hall thinking that she would make her pay as she would also ruin her face so that when Karan sees her, he would get scared.

Preeta is laughing so Karan asks her to not control it, he mentions how he got scared after seeing her. Preeta explains how she got mad at Mahira which makes Karan realize that it is her doing however Preeta refuses to take responsibility, but Karan explains how he liked it and laughed a lot since a long time, Karan tries to force Preeta so that she also laughs however she makes him stand as a statue, he doesnot move a bit then she thinks that she should also have some fun however karan breaks it and starts teasing her saying that they are not children.

Mahira seeing this gets really mad and is leaving when she stumbles but Ganesh catches her before she falls however Mahira is not comfortable, but he is looking in his eyes, she hits him in the foot when he is constantly looking at her, she leaves before ordering him to clean it.
There is a bell and when Ganesh opens it, Shrishti comes in saying that he should leave the door open because a lot of people are going to come. Ganesh wonders what kind of a prank she is playing.

Shrishti demands something to eat first, Preeta inquires that she always desires to eat before doing work, Shrishti exclaims that after doing all that she has done, she requires a lot of food, they both head up the balcony.

The entire family is shocked when there is a lot of ringing and the guests are coming, the Pandit also comes mentioning how he was called for a pooja, he says that it was Rakhi who called her. Shrishti exclaims how she disguised her voice as Rakhi and called Ramona asking her to come to the pooja.

Sarla also comes, Preeta is shocked to see her mother in the pooja, Shrishti exclaims that she had nothing to do with it as it was Rakhi. She remembers how she called Sarla as Rakhi and invited her, she exclaims that she was about to be caught but now Preeta asks her to fulfil her role.
Sarla mentions how she was called by Rakhi, Karina is shocked because Rakhi invited everyone and not even considered talking with her, Pandit jee explains how he has brought all the belongings for the pooja and that they must show him where the pooja would take place, Karan agrees then orders Ganesh to call Preeta, he informs that Shrishti has also come so should he call her too, karan is shocked, Sarla wonders why Shrishti did not inform her otherwise they both would have come together.

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