Curse of the sand update Saturday 9 October 2021

Curse of the sand 9 Oct 2021: Ananya asks Shiv if he can tell Amar that Ananya is ready to marry him. Shiv replies he is happy, and will gladly give the news to Amar. Ananya replies, if he is happy with this, she is also fine. Shiv leaves silently. Ananya wipes her tears.In the hall, Mishra ji massages Amar’s hand while singing loudly. Amma ji was massaging Sunanda’s head, while Rekha did her pedicure. Amar threatens Mishra ji through a fire ball and warns to stay silent. Shiv comes to Amar and gives him the good news that Ananya is ready for marriage, and is waiting on the roof. Amar gladly vanishes.

On the roof, Amar appears behind Ananya. She turns to him. Amar says thank you for accepting his offer, she will be the luckiest girl in the world now. She will rule the world. Ananya walks closer to Amar with a smile. He holds her hand and swirls her around in dancing movement. She smiles back at Amar and pulls a dagger from behind her saree, stabbing Amar in his stomach. Amar’s eyes were pushed open. Ananya stabs him once again. There was a pool of blood on the roof. She roars that the whole of world’s powers and wealth can together not buy her luck. She is only lucky when with Shiv.

She stabs him once more. Amar falls on the floor, unconscious. Ananya cries with her blooded hands. She sobs that she killed Shiv’s brother.Sunanda appeared tensed on the couch. Mishra ji asks why she appears tensed. She must be happy, as Amar is being united to Ananya. Sunanda replies, she can’t let this happen otherwise she and Shiv will lose their importance in Amar’s life. She sends Mishra ji to check what’s going on upstairs.

On the roof, Mishra ji was shocked to see Amar dead. He tumbles downstairs, looking for Sunanda. He stammers as he tells Sunanda that Ananya killed Amar. From upstairs, Ananya stood with blooded dagger and tells Sunanda she killed Amar. And now, it’s her turn. Sunanda smirks. Ananya walks downstairs and says there is no relation. It’s time for hatred now, for everyone. The family gathers in the hall while Ananya charges at Sunanda with a tightened grip over her dagger. She holds her hand up in the air but someone stops the attack. Sunanda, who had her eyes flinched cautiously opens her eyes. Shiv had come as her protector. Sunanda goes hiding behind Shiv.

Shiv snatches the dagger from Ananya’s hand and stresses that Sunanda is his responsibilities. She can’t even be scratched when he is there. He questions how dare she attacked his brother, or Sunanda. It has been enough now, its time Ananya must die. Ananya tries to stop him, and looks towards Sunanda hopefully. She had her back pressed with the staircase. Shiv stabs Ananya. She screams but someone had come as her rescuer and held the dagger. Ananya cries loudly as it was Amar who stopped the attack. He stares into Ananya’s eyes. Ananya recalls having killed Amar herself.

Shiv looks down on the floor at Amar’s glance. Amar throws the dagger down on floor, and questions Shiv how dare he tried to kill his Ananya. Ananya is insensible and doesn’t realize the extent of his powers. But who gave Shiv this right to attack her. Shiv replies, Ananya tried to kill him, he won’t spare her. Amar slaps Shiv and says its time he will die. He orders Shiv to hit himself. Shiv slaps himself. Ananya screams for Shiv. Ketki and Sunanda were also hurt. Shiv bands his head with the staircase, hurting himself. Ananya insists on Amar to stop him. Shiv’s forehead was bleeding, he felt dizzy. Sunanda was hurt as Shiv loses his balance.

Ananya cries, as he now punches a wall and bleeds himself. Ananya requests Amar to stop him, for her sake. Amar spots the dagger and tells Shiv to hurt himself using this dagger now. Sunanda and all others were taken aback. Shiv holds the dagger, pointing it towards himself. Ananya tries to stop Shiv but Amar pulls her backward. Sunanda shuts her eyes, so does Ketki and everyone else. Amar stops Shiv’s hand in the mid-air. He goes to hold Shiv by arm and says it was only a lesson to be taught. But he cannot let Shiv die, he is his life. He tells Shiv to go. Shiv replies, Amar is God for him.

In the room, Ananya cries over Amar’s torturing Shiv. Amar appears outside her room and knocks at the door for permission to get in. Ananya doesn’t reply. Amar smirks that he likes going in anywhere without invitation. Ananya screams out of fear. Amar says Shiv will always have to pay whenever she will mess up with him. Ananya replies their love cannot be marred by mere little physical pain. Their love would exist even if Shiv is gone. Amar decides to testify her love once more. He would see how long it survives.

He calls Shiv to the room. The door opens on their own. Shiv walks to Amar’s room, walking with difficulty. His forehead still bled. Amar asks why he didn’t apply the ointment, anyways its not needed. He tells Shiv to go and bring the coat and the things he had handed. Shiv gets a coat and helps Amar wear it. He then hands Amar a dog belt. Amar orders Shiv to wear this dog belt. Shiv abides by his order and ties the belt around his neck. Ananya silently cries over her condition. Amar tells Shiv to go. He turns around, but Amar drags him by the belt. He tells Shiv to go and wear another belt. Amar speaks to Ananya that this is a result of her stubbornness.

Ananya challenges that this will continue for 21 days only. She dares, that Amar will be wearing this dog belt within next 21 days.The next morning, Ketki brings black coffee for Amar. He smiles. Ketki says sometimes, Amar crosses his limit. Whatever he did to Shiv wasn’t right. Amar poses of a burnt face, and asks if she thinks it was all wrong? He intrigues her, forbidding her to lecture him on right and wrong. She likes Shiv, so she will get Shiv. He angrily tells her to leave here and warns her to try and stop him from anything again. He develops a fire ball and Ketki feels her arm twisted and cries in pain, agreeing she will never stop him from anything. Amar threatens she won’t be left worth stopping him, the next time.

Ketki comes to Shiv’s room. He sat on his couch, wearing the dog belt. His hand still bled, so did his forehead. Ketki asks how his bruise is, and offers to apply the medicine. Shiv didn’t want to get the medicine as Amar said so.At night, Shiv sat on his bed. He unties his belt from the neck and lay down to rest. Ananya comes to his room with the first aid box. She takes the belt from Shiv’s hand. She now carefully wipes the blood from his forehead. She silently wonders what has happened to him. He troubles himself because of Amar.

She applies the cotton bandage on his forehead, then cleans the blood from his hand. She bends to kiss his face. One of her tears falls over his cheek. When Ananya has left, Shiv wakes up and finding himself bandaged he goes to question Ananya.In the room, Ananya was worried about her challenge to Amar, and his dare that Shiv’s sufferings will double otherwise. Sunanda comes to Ananya and questions why she doesn’t accept all this. Amar is hurting Shiv because of her. Ananya questions where this motherhood was when she betrayed Shiv and helped Amar.

Sunanda tries to slap Ananya but she counters it in mid-air. She minds Sunanda she is a witch and will remain so, but she must remember that history repeats itself. Today, Amar stands exactly where she stood 30 years ago. Sunanda used every tactic to get Ram, but Mohini could never break the love of Siya and Ram. Likewise, Amar will continue to suffer, try and attempt but will never be able to break love of Shiv and Ananya.

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