Curse of the sand update Monday 11 October 2021

Curse of the sand 11 Oct 2021: Shiv comes to Ananya’s room. She was asleep. He waves his hand but doesn’t wake her up, he turns to leave. Ananya holds his hand. Shiv sits down and carefully place her hand back, then leaves.Sunanda comes to Amar’s room and questions what has happened to him, how he can treat Shiv so badly. He moves his foot placed on the table. Sunanda threatens that if something happens to Shiv in this craziness, his powers will be useless. Amar replies he doesn’t care, as his powers are useless for him already, without Ananya.

He asks why Sunanda wants to trap him where she herself stood thirty years ago. He claps and Chaya comes there. Chaya narrates Ananya and Sunanda’s talk and was sent out by Amar. Amar tells Sunanda that he won’t reach the same result as Sunanda. She couldn’t get Ram was her loss, but he will surely get Ananya, at any cost. If he can’t win the challenge in 21 days, he will kill Shiv and marry Ananya. These powers are already in vain, and Shiv is nothing in front of him, even without his powers. He tells Sunanda to pray that Ananya agrees to marry him in 21 days, otherwise things will go worse. Sunanda leaves the room, furiously.

It was morning. Ananya cooks sweet and smiles recalling Shiv’s craziness for Panday Mishthan’s sweet. He had complemented her sweet multiple times. She pours the sweet on the plate and garnishes it with the nuts. Sunanda passes by and comes to Ananya, asking where she is taking this sweet. Ananya replies, it’s for Shiv. Sunanda throws the plate, and all the sweet goes down on floor. Sunanda asks Ananya if she believes she can bring back Shiv’s memory by feeding him the sweet. If Shiv regains his memory, Amar will kill him and Ananya will be responsible. Ananya decides Amar can’t do so.

Ananya comes to Amar’s room, ravenously. She questions what he thinks of himself. She threatens how dare he thought of killing Shiv. She is his shield and will not allow him to even touch her. Amar confronts Ananya asking if she isn’t crossing her limits. Ananya says Amar doesn’t deserve any respect or limits; people must wonder why he even exist. Amar was about to slap him when Shiv holds his hand in mid-air. Amar clutches Shiv’s neck. Ananya being defensive of Shiv. She recalls Sunanda had threatened that Amar might kill Shiv, if he regains his memory. Amar’s eyes turn black. Ananya apologizes Amar and requests him to leave Shiv. Amar leaves Shiv with a jerk, and says this is his love for Ananya that he spared Shiv. Ananya joins her hands thankfully and leaves the room. Afterwards, Amar pulls Shiv to the wall and questions how dare he held his hand.

Sunanda was in her room. Mishra ji tells Sunanda about Shiv holding Amar’s hand. Sunanda wonders what if Shiv is regaining his memory. Sunanda asks what happened ahead. Mishra ji says he could hear only this piece of information. Sunanda’s tension had escalated. She thinks it seems Ananya will take her Shiv’s life, she must now do something.In the temple corner, Ananya thanks God for such happiness. Its Holi tomorrow, and it will surely bring new colors of happiness in her life.

Shiv was in his room. Ananya comes to his room with her hands held behind. Shiv turns to her. Ananya happily says its Holi tomorrow, and she will play it today. Shiv doesn’t allow Ananya touch him, and instead forcefully pushes her away. He angrily tells her to stay away from him. A girl like Ananya has no self-esteem, character or self-respect. How can she be so shameless? Ananya asks why he held Amar’s hand and protected her then. Shiv replies, he didn’t want Amar to hold his hand on a girl like Ananya. He recalls Amar clutching his neck. Shiv had said, why Amar wanted to hit a filthy girl like Ananya, the family must have blamed Amar if she had been hurt.

Ananya was saddened. Shiv says Ananya is disgusting, its better he stays single lifelong rather than marrying a girl like her.Mishra ji spied outside the room. He goes to take the whole news to Sunanda, expecting a gift.Ananya cries in her room. She hears Shiv apologize Ananya. Ananya turns around, Amar held a recording of the conversation. Amar tells Ananya Shiv will always stay like this. Ananya must stop wasting her time behind Shiv, and marry him. Ananya shouts that she will never marry Amar, even if he is the last person left in the world.

Ananya was determined not to let Amar touch her. Amar smirks and says tomorrow, Shiv will apply her the color of Amar’s name, and bring disgrace to her in front of the whole Banaras. He challenges her to wait and watch, and her Shiv will bring her the destruction. Ananya says at least he will let Shiv play Holi, no matter it is for her destruction. She will handle the rest. Amar looks closely, then laughs at her confidence. He was about the enjoy the game now. He will be relieved when her over-confidence will shatter, soon.

It was morning. Amma ji sends Rahul to get a few sweets from the shop. Rahul asks for money, but Amma ji slaps him instead as he has to get it from their own shop. Mishra ji comes to Amma ji, dancing around and teases Amma ji. Amma ji sends him under the shower, so that he gets into senses. Mishra ji goes to dance with Sunanda instead, after a good news. Amma ji wonders if he has gone crazy, and cares for her Rekha. Rahul assures everything will be fine.

Ananya comes to Shiv’s room. She inquires if he really thinks ill of her character. Isn’t she worth loving? Shiv asks what he can call a girl, who is about to marry one brother, and is flirting another. He thinks even worst of her. Ananya cries, with her mouth covered with hands. She recalls all her past moments with Shiv. She says today Shiv has proven her efforts are useless. She won’t cry for a man anymore who holds no respect for her in his heart. He must mind the fact that he will regret all this one day. One day, he will think how he had said such words for her. Shiv joins his hands and asks her to leave now. Ananya walks out of his room.

Mishra ji brings milk shake for Sunanda and takes permission to walk closer. Sunanda asks what the good news is. Mishra ji says he brought the whole news. Shiv’s hasn’t regained his memory. He only insulted Ananya. Sunanda throws the milk shake over Mishra ji’s face, and scolds him for giving all the tension by his half news earlier. Mishra ji assures he will always bring best news for her, only if he gets a chance. Sunanda hands him the glass. He goes to get another glass of milkshake.

Amma ji enjoys a video on her cell phone. Rekha comes to her, irked and snatches the cell phone. Amma ji was angry at her action. Rekha complains that Mishra ji is always behind that witch, why she had married her to Mishra ji. Amma ji was afraid of the witch and cautions Rekha to speak in a low voice. Rekha leaves helplessly.Ananya was in her room. Kamal comes to her and joins his hands to Ananya. He asks what else he can do. He has been so helpless today, he can only shed tears right now. He slaps himself out of depression. Ananya stops Kamal and hugs him, she says no one can help them in such situation.

They themselves are helpless. She cries and says she wants to end this fight. She doesn’t have any more courage to fight such situation, and live a suffocated life. She announces her decision to suicide. Kamal was taken aback at this. He tells Ananya he is a brave daughter of her father. Though helpless now, but he won’t let her alone at any step of her life. He hugs Ananya.Sunanda comes to Amar and asks if he plans to disgrace Ananya through Shiv in front of the neighborhood. Amar replies, she heard right.

Sunanda questions what kind of life this is. Amar replies it’s his love, no matter he has to get a confession by proposal, force or murder. Sunanda asks if Shiv would agree. Amar offers to show Sunanda a sample. He calls Shiv into the hall. Shiv walks to Amar. Amar orders him to get the Diya from temple. Shiv abides by. Sunanda feels hurt. Amar order Shiv to bend his head down. He spills the burning oil over his head. Sunanda asks what he is upto. Amar stares at Sunanda and continues spilling the oil over Shiv’s head. He now takes a lighter and ignites it. He hands the lighter to Shiv and orders him to burn himself.


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