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Can you see me 14 March 2022: Anandita calls Suchi. Pihu picks it and gets very happy hearing her voice and says it is her Pihu. Anandita says she cannot hear her, Suchi if she can hear. Inspector spots Anandita and informs his superior that Anandita is here itself. Jeep does not start.

Anandita notices inspector and runs. Pihu calls Gopal and asks her to give her power that her mamma can hear her. She imagines Anandita coming and hugging her and gets very emotional. She then realizes it is her imagination and asks Gopal when will she meet her mamma. Gopal thinks very soon.

Suchi asks Aarav why did he reject her resignation letter. He says as per company rules, she needs to serve 1 month notice and he hopes by that time, she will know more about him and drop her idea of resignation.

She thinks he is right, she cannot mix up personal and professional life, she will stay in his company and find out more promise against him. Pihu calls her and informs that mamma had called her and was looking very tensed, mamma may need her help. Suchi rushes home and redials last number and asks man if a woman called from this number. Man says yes and says she was looking very distressed and was waiting for someone, tells address. Suchi rushes in her scooter. Gopal smiles.

Anandita continues running. Inspector touches her shoulder from behind. She panics seeing him an asks why he is following him. He says he knows every detail of her daughter’s murder and who are involved. She asks what is connection between Subodh and Aarav. Inspector says Aarav has a deep connection with Pihu’s murder as Subodh had… Subodh hires a contract killer who shoots inspector. Inspector asks Anandita to run and falls down. She runs. Subodh praises killer and turns. Suchi reaches searching Anandita and sees a man in mirror. She finds injured inspector on floor who says Anandita was searching her and Aarav Randhawa…collapses. Suchi asks what Aarav Randhawa… He does not reply. Aarav reaches home and hugs his mom. Mom says inspector who was investigating case was murdered, it is good, else he was in trouble.

Suchi returns home. Pihu says tomorrow is children’s day and mamma used to celebrate it grandly for her. Anandita hears door bell and sees it unlocked. She opens it. Colony children greet her happy children’s day. Anandta thinks Subodh knew how much she likes children’s day, so she kept door open. Children say they need choc. She says she will and imagines Pihu in a girl asking choc. She hugs girl and then realizes it is not Pihu. Children ask for a party. Pihu does not eat food insisting for a party. Suchi acts as calling Anandita and inviting her for party, seeing Pihu hiding. Pihu gets happy hearing that.

Children stand outside Suchi’s gate and discuss it is a ghost house, whether to enter or not. Some say it is children’s day, nothing will happen to them. They walk in opening door. Suchi comes with Pihu and asks who will have chocolate. They all jump in happiness. She distributes them choc. They all dance at home on a children’s song. They play hide and seek. Pihu gets happy seeing her friends playing hide and seek hiding under tables. Suchi then brings cake and asks children if they want to see magic. They nod yes. Pihu cuts cake and eats. Children are surprised seeing knife cutting cake and cake piece in air. Party continues.

Pihu misses her mother and hopes she was with her now. Gopal smiles and does his leela. Anandita walks near home and seeing children partying gets happy thinking someone is celebrating children’s like she used to. She opens door and walks in. Pihu gets very happy seeing her mama and calls her. Childern playing hide and seek shout, so Anandita cannot hear her and she plays with children. Pihu cannot move at all continues calling mama. Anandita says children she will go now and leaves. Gopal gets tensed that Pihu will be angry as he did not let her mamma meet her, so he should hide for 2-3 days. Pihu comes and asks why he is tensed, she is so happy seeing mamma today. Gopal thinks she will meet mamma soon and that is why even being a bhoooth she is here, soon her mamma will find out her murderer.

Aarav sends Suchi’s paintings to her. Suchi calls him and asks why did he send her paintings. Aarav says he wants ehr to realize how much he loves her. She warns if he troubles her, she will file harassment case. She reminisces inspector informing that Anandita was searching and dying taking Aarav’s name. She thinks Aarav is a big lier and killed Pihu. Aarav thinks he will change Suchi’s mind and win her heart again. Drama continues.

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