I do update Monday 14 March 2022

I do 14 March 2022: Meanwhile, Razia takes humaira and shirin to ayan’s room, and not finding him there, they hear noises from the bathroom, and see inside and they are shocked at what they see. they see that zoya has hugged ayan, under the shower. Humaira is distraught.

After they leave, shirin reprimands razia to look into a married couple’s private affiar. Shirin gives advise to razia that they shouldnt interfere like this, and she feels that zoya and ayan have started liking each other. razia says that it isnt like that. shirin asks about what they just witnessed. Razia is frustrated. she says tht both ayan and zoya had a past, but now it looks that they are getting closer, despite the way the mrriage happened, and that now there’s love between them. she is happy thinking that everything would be fine, and her doubts were baseless. Razia is frustrated. humaira hears them from a distance and is broken completely.

In her room, humaira is distraught thinking about her past with ayan, and his present with zoya and their moments together. She wonders if its a doubt, or the turth, or whether they have actually started liking each other. she shuns away her doubts and says that now it wont hapen, and she wont let it happen too. She finds that her locket with their pic is broken, and remembers how ayan had gifted it to her.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s office
Asad is shocked to hear tanveer, and says that only a low level woman like her can talk like this. tanveer says that she’s saying the truth. Asad warns her that she shouldnt get his family involved. She says that its too late now. he tries to throw her out, but tanveer tells him that she’s pregnant with a child, and asks him if he doesnt want to know the father of the child. As asad looks on, tanveer says that its imran’s child.

Asad is shocked but doesnt believe it, saying that she has lost her sanity to detect between the truth and false. He again wants to throw her out. Tanveer protests and says that this is true, and that he can confirm this from imran. She says that she only loves him. She also sarcastically gives poetry to her romance. She says that she isnt just a lover but a mother too, and hence even if she wants she cant wait for him. she says that she has got another card made like this, and shows him that it says Asad’s name instead of imran’s as the groom.

Asad is tensed. Tanveer gives asad a time frame of 24 hours to decide, whether her palanquin would come to his house, as his wife, or to his sister’s house, as her Sautan. Asad is distraught. She says that the descision is his, and tries to get him to have sweets but he denies. She says that he has time til tomorrow, and if he doesnt, then she would confirm her marriage with imran. She leaves, while asad is worried, looking at her as she leaves. Asad remembers tanveer’s words.

Scene 3:
Location: Haseena’s residence
haseena excitedly calls his children and akss them to guess whats in her hand, and then reveals that its the tickets for their honeymoon. Nikhat remembers farhan’s words, and says that they wont go. haseena asks why. Farahn gives the same reason, and says that nikhat can go if she wants to. She thinks that its good for her only, if nikhat went alone. Nikhat protests that she cant go without him. He thinks that it wont serve his purpose then. He agrees to go too. Haseena gives the booking tickets, and says that they would have to leave tomorrow. Nazma asks when’ss the flight. haseena says that they dont need flight, and can go via car.

They are confused. But haseena clears that she went to panchmarhi and thats where they are going too. They are all confused. imran says that they thought that they would go to london. Haseena asks them to dream on, and shows that its actually Hotel London, biggest hotel in Panchmarhi, and it has the same kind of environment, that London has. They are all shocked at her thievery. haseena smirks. Nazma is terribly disappointed.

Farhan finds nikhat tensed about the ghungroo. He tries to clarify, but she says that even though she doesnt understand things, but doesnt need clarifications, as she trusts him, and hopes that there would be a time when he would come clean in front of her, and she’s just waiting for that time. He says that it means a lot that she has said this. When she leaves, he thinks that its good that she doesnt ask questions as she wont be able to bear the answers, about his life.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan is taken care by zoya, who still thinks that he should consult the doctor. He says that he would if need be. Zoya reprimands him for being so foolish to have actually taken the juice. He says that it was needed, as he knew about razia’s plan, and if he hadnt taken it, and she would have. She is all the more shocked, when she knows that he knew it was poison laced. He says that he couldnt let her take the blame for anything. She says that it doesnt matter, as she’s leaving the house. He says that she hasnt left yet, and that her repsect is his onus, and he owes this to her and asad atleast. She says that this is why he likes her, and would praise galore to humaira for him. They hug friendly. Humaira sees thisd and storms inside. Zoya says that they were just talking about her.

Humaira says that she saw what was happening. Ayan says that she got the wrong notion. Humaira says that love may be blind, but not people who are in love, as she had eyes, and they shouldnt lie. zoya again tries to clarify, but hum aira reprimands her to keep shut.

Nazma and tanveer are equally shocked at Asad’s revelation. He says that he came to tell the truth so that the truth about tanveer can surface. He goes on to tell how tanveer misused their trust on her and his family’s love and faith, and tells every plan of hers including today’s. Imran and nazma look on tensed. The priests are shocked.

He goes to nazma and says that he knows what she was going through having known this, but imran isnt to be blamed for this, and its just that he made a mistake, before meeting nazma the second time, and he also took full responsibility of this. He tells about imran paying tanveer’s medical bills, and how she didnt stop at that, and tried to maipulate asad into marrying him.

He apologioses to nazmna for this. she is tensed. imran comes up and confesses that the truth is that he made a mistake, and the child is his, but there’s another fact, that he wanted to marry, but tanveer refused as she wanted someone rich. he tels about tanveer’s blackmails, and demands of 2 crores, and that it would have continued, had asad not stepped in and revealed her true face. He thanks asad for this. Asad says that he always respected women, especially those who are expecting, by his mother’s teachings, but they dont apply to a girl like tanveer, who doesnt change for the better, even if being given a chance, and that she stooped real low.

He tels tanveer that she doesnt have anything left now. Tanveer is shocked. asad is asked by them if he has any proof to prove this. tanveer is happy and smiles evilly that he wont have anything now. But she is tensed when asad says yes. Asad says that he recorded the conversation with tanveer on her last call, and makes everyone listen.

The priests reprimand tanveer, for being such a low level woman, who can stoop so low. they hurl accusations at her from all directions, and she is cornered and is distraught to hear accusations from all sides. she looks venomously at asad, who giving her a cursory glance leaves with imran and nazma.

Outside, asad apologises to nazma, infront of Imran, saying that the truth should come out at the right time and place, but this wasnt so, but still he had the guts to tell this, so that they could expose tanveer. nazma says that he did right, and that there’s no apology for something right. Asad says that nothing is right if it brings tears in her eyes. He says that he knows what she must be going through after knwoing the truth. But he sides with imran, and blames tanveer for this act. Nazma stuns them by saying that she knew this.

She tells asad, how imran had confessed, when he couldnt take it anymore, and that her immense faith in him, prompted imran to say so. Asad is confused. nazma says that imran had told her everything, in the morning only, and that he had no helplessness but still he confessed. Imran tells how zoya had advised him to do this, and he couldnt carry the guilt anymore. asad says that he did the right thing, and asks if zoya knew this. zoya says that she didnt want anyone to be hurt, hence she hid this, but had also advised him that no relation should be based on lies.

Asad is overwhelmed and hugging them both, he sends them off. Nazma sees that he’s tensed, and comes back to him, asking if he misses her real badly. Asad says that he does, and maybe she doesnt. nazma asks why is she saying that. Asad says that because she doesnt want to coem back, and always has excuses. Nazma asks him not to be angry on her, as he had sent her there.

He asks why isnt she coming now. Nazma says that she is a god persona nd wants to come back, but not at the cost of hurting that family. Nazma asks him to calm down, and wait for another two days, when she returns back. He says that he cant wait for a second more to be with her. Nazma looks on while asad is determined.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya bids humaira godbye, saying that she knows that she caused her trouble, and if possible, asks for forgiveness. She takes her hand and comforts her. ayan comes and asks zoya to get along, as her stuff is already in the car. zoya agrees, and asking humaira to take care of herself, she progresses to leave. After she leaves, humaira tries to stop ayan, but he says that he doesnt want to talk to her, as she completely disappointed him, by doing what she did today. Humaira tries to clarify but he says that today she proved that she is razia’s daughter. Humaira is sad. as ayan turns around, he along with others are surprised to see the filmmakers and the reporters.

Ayan asks why did they come right now, as he was going to call them in the evening. But the girls say that they wanted to capture a daily routine, and have a general interview of theirs. Shirin comes and says that this is a good thing, as zoya would be an example for others too. The priest announces that mamujaan is back too. razia is shocked while others look on. He is tensed to see the girls and the priest. The priest tells them everything about their plan with ayan and zoya.

Mamu asks whats the need. raziz too voices this, and says that she had told not to create a drama of this. the priest says that he thought that mamujaan wouldnt have a problem, as this would increase their respect in the society and that its his duty to spread a noble cause and sentiment like this, to marry simple and plain. The men leave inside, to check the venue. ayan is about to go and tell them, but zoya stops him by hand. Humaira sees this with them holding hands, and is disturbed.

the interview begins, while they start filming. ayan and zoya argue, but zoya convinces that she was to go after two days only, and that wont be a problem. she says that she was going for humaira, but now has to stay for the family, as if she leaves midway, then they would be the butt of jokes in the society, and she cant face that. Ayan says that they can say the he isnt well. she says that it would only prolong the matter, as they would come later, and insult the family on knowing the truth. She says that she cant be responsible for this, and hence asks him to stay put.

Asad comes to ayan’s residence, much to ayan, zoya’s and the family’s bewilderment, and razia’s happiness, and announces that he has come to take zoya away with him. The priest and others are shocked. Asad comes and faces them. The priest asks what does he mean, as she is Ayan’s wife. Asad says that zoya is only his, and belongs to noone else. he asks zoya to come along. (MITWA) Zoya is tensed.

Location: Ayan’s house
The entire family is shocked at asad’s declaration, while the reporters are shooting the entire thing. As ayan looks on happily, while the entire family and the priest is shocked, and the reporters are covering the event, intentionally expecting a huge drama. Asad asks zoya to come along. zoya looks hesitatingly at ayan, and when he smiles back, she moves ahead towards asad.

razia thinks that finally what she wanted is hapening, and she wont have to do anything, as asad is doing it for her, by taking away zoya. Humaira too is happy. zoya tries to clarify, but asad says that he isnt interested to know whats happening here, but knows that his patience has reached its limit. The priest asks mamujaan to interfere from whats happening.

Mamu asks him not to do personal drama infront of everyone. Badi bi says to asad that a person cant fight destiny, and that he would have to forget zoya as she is ayan’s wife, and he cant marry her. Asad says that zoya didnt agree to the marriage. The priest says that she had given her consent. asad denies that. Shirin asks whats this now, as he had helped them when nikhat needed him. Asad says that nikhat wont be affected. Rashid says that what he is saying and doing is right, but the way of doing it is wrong. He asks him to sit and resolve it out. Asad says that this isnt one of them, and that all of them have waietd long enough, and they wont anymore. Mamujaan asks that he should be ashamed of what he is doing, and that he is a shameless man, to be doing this, as he doesnt value relations.

asad asks what about his sacrifice, and that he should be happy that he’s giving humaira back her rightful place in ayan’s life. He says that he wont be able to understand all this. Badi bi stops him again, saying that he had got zoya to sign the certificate, and still he’s talking about the girl’s choice. she says that she wants to confirm zoya’s choice, and whatever she decides, they would accept. Asad says that zoya also wants this. badi bi says that she wants to hear it from zoya herself. Asad and razia are tensed.

All confront zoya and ask what does she want, go with asad, or dutifully be in this marriage. All wait for her answer, while she is torn and distraught. Shirin asks whats she doing, as she’s asking a lover if she wants to go with the love of her life. Badi bi says that she isnt trivialising marriage, but wont keep zoya against her wish, and that if she wants to go, then they wont stop her. all ask her insistently. zoya tearfully says, that she didnt grow up with parents, and she has no strong memories of them, and goes on to tell her entire life story about her father leaving her mother, and not fulfilling any promise that he made to her, which made her realise that she wont do this. she says that for her, marriage is a step taken forever, and she too wanted this, but life teaches new lessons everyday, and she also learnt a new lesson, that of love. she looks at asad.

(MITWA) She says that nopw she kn ows, that the relation of love is above all rituals and customs, even above destiny. She says that she wants to go with the person, who she loves. Asad smiles, while razia and humaira are relieved, and others are shocked, as she contin ues that if she doesnt do thios, then she would insult love, which is the biggest force in the world, and she cant do this, as she loves asad very much. They smile at each other. The priest reprimands mamujaan for tolerating all this. Shirin is shocked when badi bi gives them permission to go wqith asad. asad takes zoya by the hand, ayan tells himk to take whats truly belongs to him and takes her out of the house. shirin is berserk and asks everyone to stop them, as whats happening is wrong, and would insult them badly in the society.

Rashid asks shirin to let them go, as whats happening should have happened long ago. humaira comes by ayan’s side. Zoya glances back at them. They finally leave, while humaira and ayan look on happily.

The priest comes abd reprimands them that they would have to bear the brunt of what happened today. They leave. The reproters are about to leave, but zAyan asks the tape of the recording that their cameraman had taken stealthily. The girls pretend innocence, but he extracts the tape. The he goes on to his poetry:

He bores them with his poetry and thye flee from there. humaira comes upto him smilingly. Ayan faces her and says that he knows that everything is over, and he had tried top make her realise but she didnt believe him. He says that he’s getting late, and hence leaves, leaving huamira sad.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Dilshad promises someone on the phone that she would definitely come for the diwali celebration in their house. She says that she would just wish that in this festivel, some light glows that would light their lives. After cancelling the phone, She thinks that the light of their house, is lighting someone else’s house. She thinks that without zoya, nothing seems fine. As dilshad is disheartedly lighting diyas, the sound of the door opening, makes her look and she finds zoya standing in the doorway, with asad behind her with her suitcase. She goes to her and hugs her, emotionally with tears in her eyes. She thanks the lord, and says that finally Diwali feels like and happy and merry. She kisses zoya on the forehead.


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