Broken Bonds update Friday 10 February 2023

Broken Bonds 10 February 2023: Kuldeep comes in. Rajiv is on top of Shubhra. Shubhra shoves Rajiv and cries Kuldeep. This man.. kuldeep hits Rajiv and says how dare you touch my wife. Shubhra cries and says he tried to rape me.

Rajiv says Shubhra called me here. Kuldeep is shocked. Rajiv says she said I have needs too, Kuldeep goes to Samaira. Kuldeep shoves him. Shubhra says he’s lying. Rajiv says ask her why is she drunk? Shubhra says he’s lying. He says there are so many people outside. I couldn’t drag her here. She came here on her own. Shubhra cries and hugs Kuldeep. Rajiv says first you invited me now this drama. Look at her. Shubhra says don’t listen to him Kuldeep. He’s lying. I can never do that.

Samaira comes there. Rajiv says Shubhra came here on her own. Shubhra says Kuldeep won’t know. But out of respect you should have stayed away from here. Rajiv says his own wife doesn’t respect him. His wife is done with him and he’s being an angry young man. Samaira says enough. Get the hell out. This party is over.

Shubhra cries and says do you believe me? He says I can see everything. I can understand the difference between truth and lies. You can’t even stand. You are disgusting. He leaves. Shubhra says Kuldeep.. she cries.

Scene 2
Kuldeep drinks with Samaira. Samaira says every day I saw new face of Shubhra. She doesn’t want kids with me. She feels lonely. But I never imagined she would get this desperate. It wasn’t his fault. Kuldeep says I don’t wanna hear her name. Everyone must know now. Samaira says calm down. People are laughing on me. What was my mistake? He says I am sorry Sam. I don’t wanna see her face.

Phirki brings Shubhra and says where should I take her? Kuldeep says I will send her to Pune tomorrow. Let her be one sofa. Phirki shoves unconscious Shubhra on sofa. Samaira says this is called grand finale.

Rishi wakes up and comes out looking for Shubhra. He sees her on sofa and tries to wake her up. Rishi cries and says Aai has fever. She isn’t waking up. Kuldeep says how do I tell Rishi that she’s drunk. Kuldeep says she is fine. Rishi says she has fever. Call a doctor. Kuldeep says Phirki will call a doctor. You come with me. Rishi says nothing is okay since you went to Dubai. Samaira has made aai cry so much.

Scene 3
Anand is leaving. Chandrani says why are you leaving? He says I need to find a place. She says do you have a problem here? He thinks about Meera. Chandrani says what is it? You can tell me.

Anand recalls how he used to take care of Meera. And he found out though a report that she’s pregnant. He looked for her in the house. He called her but she didn’t pick. He read her letter I am not ready for marriage. I have to earn and be successful, I will abort this child. Anand ran to the hospital. He said if you loved me for a second don’t abort this child. We will go far away from your life. She said okay.

Anand walks out. Chandrnai runs after him. she runs out of breath. He says you are not a superman.

Rishi says when you went to Dubai. Phirki says doctor isn’t picking phone. Samaira says Kuldeep bring a doctor. No matter what she has done, we have to take care of her. Samaira says to Rishi were you gonna tell your dad I locked toy in storeroom? You thought your papa would believe?

So stupid. Your papa doesn’t care about your mom. He went to get the doctor when I asked. I can make your papa do anything. It you tell your dad, your aai won’t get a doctor or meds. She might die. Rishi says don’t do this. He says I won’t tell anyone. Samaira says I will send him away again if you try to do anything. Rishi says I won’t tell papa.

Roli cries and calls Chandrani. She says dadi mama has fainted. Doctor says she has fever. Will she be okay? Chandrani says nothing will happen. Don’t cry. You have to take care of mama and Rishu. You are strong like dadi. You have to take care of them. Don’t cry. Chandrani holds her hand. She says what do I do to that witch. I can’t even help my family. It’s my fault I gave birth to such a useless son. Because of him Samaira is ruining their lives. Anand says she is a witch, she doesn’t have a heart. She provoked your son. So much that he cannot see difference between. right and wrong. She did the same to me. Chandrani asks do you know her? She’s shocked.

Samaira tells Kuldeep that I have brought you to the office as you would remember last night if you saw Shubhra. You will forget everything while working. Kuldeep says you think I will forget everything? I would have trusted Shubhra if I didn’t see her with Rajiv. Samaira asks him to calm down. Kuldeep says this might not be the first time, maybe they were together before also? I was an idiot.

He says I need some time alone. Samaira says fine, I am here only, if you need anything then let me know. She leaves from there. Kuldeep recalls the incident and is angry. He recalls Rajiv telling him that Shubhra had some physical needs. Kuldeep says how can I leave my kids with that woman?

The kids are taking care of Shubhra. They rub her hands. Shubhra wakes up and is scared. She hugs the kids and says I am totally fine. She asks if they ate something? Rishi says you are ill but still worried about us. Rishi says papa gave us breakfast before going. Shubhra recalls how Kuldeep said she is disgusting.

Kuldeep thinks that I should be worried for the kids. He thinks to call Phirki. He sees Shubhra’s voice note and is stunned. Samaira looks on. Kuldeep starts leaving but Samaira stops him. Kuldeep says I know the truth now. He sees Rajiv going from there and shouts how dare you to eye my wife with filthy thoughts. He starts beating Rajiv. Rajiv says your wife came on to me. Kuldeep says you are a liar.

Samaira says we saw your wife with him. Kuldeep says shut up, this man has maligned my wife’s character. He shows the voice note to Samaira. In the note, Shubhra is crying for Kuldeep and pleads for help, Rajiv told her that she should be silent otherwise people will point fingers at her only. A receptionist says Rajiv shouldn’t misbehave with girls. Samaira says we won’t accept this, you are fired Rajiv. Rajiv says you will fire me? You provoked me to do all that and now you are firing me? Kuldeep is shocked.

Scene 2
Shubhra tells Rishi if he told Papa that he was locked in the storeroom? Rishi says I don’t like Samaira, if Ram doesn’t want to get saved then what can Sita do? Shubhra sees her reflection which tells her that you have to tell your kids that sometimes evil wins in this world. That man doubted your character so there is no need to fight for him, just take the kids and leave. There is no hope from Kuldeep’s side. Rishi says we should go back Aai, that woman will stress you more Shubhra says don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to my kids. She hugs him.

Kuldeep asks what did he say? Rajiv says yes, Samaira planned all this. He asks Samaira to speak up. Kuldeep slaps him and says you maligned Shubhra first and now Sam? He asks the security to take him away. Rajiv tells Samaira that you will pay for this. The guards take him away. Kuldeep says I should have been with Shubhra, how could I not see the truth? Samaira asks him to calm down. We can go out to make your mood fine. Kuldeep says no, I have to talk to Shubhra. He leaves. Samaira tries to control herself. She says fate was on Shubhra’s side but not for much.

Anand says Meera couldn’t stay in my life as it was not fulfilling her dream. She ran away from me and she was pregnant, I begged her to give the baby to me. I raised my baby alone. Chandrani says she didn’t try to meet her baby? Anand says love can be a poison too. Chandrani says my son is going on the wrong path too. Anand says Kuldeep has Shubhra so he will realize his mistake.

Kuldeep buys some gifts for the kids. Kuldeep tells Samaira that how will I regain trust from the kids? Samaira thinks I have to do something. She tells Kuldeep that she will forgive you.

Kuldeep comes home with Samaira. He gives the gifts to the kids. Rishi ignores him. Shubhra doesn’t look at him. Roli tells Kuldeep that I used to be scared when I had a bad reporting card, you are looking scared like that only. Did you get bad marks too? Kuldeep sits in front of Rishi and says I know you are miffed, I am sorry. Rishi says I wanted to tell you something but you didn’t have time. Samaira is tensed.

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