Broken Bonds update Saturday 11 February 2023

Broken Bonds 11 February 2023: Rishi says to Kuldeep I had to tell you something so important but you didn’t have time. Kuldeep says sorry. We will all go for a picnic. Rishi says I won’t go until you listen to me. Kuldeep says then let’s go right now so we can talk as well.

Rishi looks at Samaira. Rishi says no in front of Samaira aunty. Kuldeep says okay. He asks Samaira to leave. Rishi says will mama go? Kuldeep looks at Shubhra. Kuldeep says sure if she wants to go. Shubhra looks in another direction. Phirki says didi things are solving here. What will you do now? Shubhra says before making any promise to kids, I want to talk to you in person. Rishi leaves. Roli says what does mama want to talk about? Will there be another fight? Rishi says I don’t know. I promised Samaira, I can’t tell the storeroom thing to papa but aai would.

Samaira is angry. She tries to calm herself down. She says relax Samaira. Phirki says didi what happened? Samaira says what’s happening there? Phirki says Kuldeep and Shubhra are alone in the room.

Kuldeep says I am sorry for yesterday. What happened was wrong. I kicked Rajiv out of the office. Do you have any complaints now? Shubhra says I want to ask one thing. Rishi and Roli are playing. Roli says police these criminals are crossing the line. Rishi stops Samaira in police attire. Rishi says can’t you see the stop sign?

Shubhra says what happened last night, was I culprit in your eyes or not? He says let it go now. Shubhra says just answer with yes or no. He says yes. It felt like you.. If I heard from someone I won’t agree but I saw you with my own eyes. Anyone would think the same. Shubhra says I am talking about you not someone else. You loved me so much, you left the house for me. You have seen me with my 12 kids and happy family dream for 12 years.

How did you think that I would stoop so low? He says I said I am made a mistake. I apologized as well. what else should I do? Kill Rajiv? Go to jail. Samaira says what is this nonsense? Where is your papa? Rishi says why? Rishi says you need help with office work? Did you get scared, right? You wanna listen in right? Roli says haawww aunty papa doesn’t like this. He will file your challan. Samaira says you are very clever but I had to talk to him related to work. Phirki says what to do now?

Kuldeep says I said sorry already. what is your problem? Stop your emotional drama. What do you want me to do? Shubhra says emotional drama? Your wife wants to ask you why didn’t you trust her with an accident that happened to her and you call it an emotional drama. He says if you react like this way I will do it. You have done the drama of being a poor housewife all the time. That’s why you are saying all this. Shubhra says so she already knew how would I react? Do you even realize what that woman had done when you weren’t here. Kuldeep says now you are on her. What has she done? Shubhra says she locked Rishi in the storeroom. You know how scared he is of the dark. You have seen, have you ever seen me drunk? So I didn’t drink. Someone mixed something in my drink.

It was Samaira, who else would? Kuldeep says please stop it. I know you are jealous of Samaira. It was Rajiv who mixed something in the drink. Samaira was worried for you. You should be grateful for Samaira. You are in this house because of Samaira. She gave me a good job, she cares for kids. Why so many lies? Your hate has made you blind. Shubhra says but I can see the truth. Kuldeep says you are wrong. I am tolerating all this because of my kids. But the day your mentality is projected onto my kids I will take them away from you. You still have time, better get on the right track. He leaves.

Scene 2
Kids are playing. Roli says you did my train’s accident. Samaira says you.. Kuldeep comes out. Shubhra cries inside and says I only wanted to trust Kuldeep. You killed all my hope and said you would take my Rishi Roli away from me? You can never do that. But what if he does?

Samaira says are you okay? I am worried. He says I don’t want to talk right now. Rishi says how is mama? Kuldeep says she won’t come with us today. Let’s go for the picnic. Samaira says I.. I got fruits and sandwiches for the kids. I packed them. Kuldeep says that. Kids leave with Kuldeep. Samaira says to Rishi don’t tell papa anything. Your papa is here because of me. Phirki says your mom can die if you tell anything. Rishi is worried for Shubhra.

Scene 3
Shubhra calls Chandrani. Shubhra says it’s useless now Biji. I booked train tickets. Chandrani says cancel them. Don’t move from there. You have the ace card. Only you have to bring Kuldeep on the right path. Shubhra says Kuldeep chose the wrong path. The reason wasn’t Samaira, it was his ego. Foreign trips, money, Samaira gave him everything. What can I give? love, he doesn’t bother it. Promise to be there for life, that he doesn’t want. Madhura says Shubhra money and everything doesn’t matter when love isn’t there. Your house can be reconstructed with your love. Shubhra says this can’t change the truth.

Truth is that I can’t give my kids their papa back. Chandrani says don’t say that. Kuldeep will see Samaira’s lies. He will know she is such a big liar. I have proofs. Shubhra says that won’t happen. Chandrani says don’t act like a loser. Chandrani says taking one right train can change your life. Anand takes the phone and hangs up. He says I am telling you I won’t go. DOn’t give her false hopes. Madhura says what will happen now? Chandrani says idea..

Scene 1
Shubhra recalls everything that happened. She recalls Kuldeep saying he thought she was wrong. She packs her bag. Phirki says oh she is going to leave. You won didi. Or is this another drama? Shubhra packs kids’ bags. Samaira comes in. Samaira says I think Kuldeep didn’t believe you again. Shubhra says I think this tension has given you some wrinkles.

What we spoke about. The relationship based on lies and fraud, you must be worried about its future. Samaira says why are you packing bags then? You lost. You were out at 0. Poor Shubhra. She throws a toy in her bag. Samaira says I am glad you gave up and retired. It’s a good decision. Shubhra says our meanings of loss are different. Even if I lose for someone I love, it would be a win for me. You will

be alone. Samaira says even if I am alone I am financially stable. But and your kids can’t live without Kuldeep’s donation. And if he is at this stage, it’s because of me. This means I pay for your life. You all are alive on my donation. Now you better accept that you are defeated. Take care. See you again, never.

Scene 2
Anand sits down. Chandrani and Madhura massage his head to convince him. They keep doing his arti. He leaves for work.. They do his work forcefully. They keep giving him food. Madhura comes with a photo of Kuldeep and Shubhra’s family. Anand looks at the kids. He says sorry I can’t help you. Chandrani says but why? Anand says because Vedika thinks her mom isn’t in this world. That she is dead. I couldn’t tell her the truth. I can’t face my pain again. I can’t bring disbelief in my daughter’s eyes. I am sorry. He leaves.

Scene 3
Shubhra looks at the clock. Kids come back. She wipes her tears. Rishi comes to shubhra and says are you okay? Did Samaira annoy you? She says no I am fine. He says I prayed for you. Roli says mama we had so much fun. We ate so much. All kisd were looking at my ice-cream. Today was my best day. Papa when will we go again? He says sorry. Rishi says it was like we used to in Pune. Roli says it would be more fun if you come as well. Shubhra says to Kuldeep, I need to talk. He says I am tired and leaves.

Roli says mama why have you packed things? Rishi is saying we are going back to Pune;. Shubhra says yes. we have to go back home. Dadi, Aaji, Aju baa, everyone is missing us. Roli says I don’t want to go. Rishi says we will go back to school and meet our friends. Roli says I want to go in a school here. I like it here. Can we stay here please? We had so much fun. Shubhra says we can’t stay here forever. Roli says I won’t go with you. I will stay with papa. Rishi says Roli you are in team Sita. Let’s go. Roli says I don’t wanna go. Rishi drags her. Roli falls down. Roli says you are so bad mama. She leaves. Rishi says she will come running to us don’t worry. SHubhra says taxi would be here in 1 hour. We will go at any cost.

Shubhra says Kuldeep I need to talk. Shubhra says I.. Chandrani calls. Chandrani says you win and then only come from there. My ace card is reaching Mumbai to expose her. He must be there any moment. The bell would ring.. The bell rings. Phirki says let me see. She opens the door. Chandrani says call and tell me what happens?

Phirki asks Anand yes? He steps in. Samaira is shocked to see him. Vedika is with him as well. He says hello everyone. Kuldeep says Samaira who is he? Do you know him? Samaira is shocked. Anand says would you tell or should I? Let me introduce myself. I am more than friend and less than husband. Right Meera? Samaira says you.. Anand. Kuldeep says who? Shubhra says so Biji sent him. But what would he do? Who is he? Anand says years passed but you didn’t change at all Meera. He hugs her. Kuldeep says stop it. Leave her. Anand says who are you? Anand says you are her husband right? Kuldeep is silent. Anand says but Meera I knew doesn’t believe in marriage. Am I right Meera?

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