Every Girl’s Dream update Friday 10 February 2023


Every Girl’s Dream 10 February 2023: Krisha brings breakfast to Devraj and jumps from the window. Devraj says you can enter through the door right? Krisha says yes but Maya can’t be roaming around with the breakfast tray so I had to bring it like James Bond. Devraj smiles and asks why did you bring it? Krisha says I made your favorite items. She tries to enter but slips and her saree pallu falls down. She gets shy. Devraj helps her put it back. They both smile at each other. Krisha serves food to him, he asks if she ate? She says I will eat later on. He says no, let’s eat together. They both sit down to eat together. Jaya comes there and asks Devraj to come with her. Devraj tells Krisha that I will come to the kitchen from tomorrow so you won’t have to jump the windows. Krisha smiles.

Roma talks to Daksh and asks if he is busy? Daksh says Maya asked me to plan for a picnic. Roma says it’s good that Maya is fine, she is the same as before right? Daksh says no, she has forgotten some things. She is Maya but she can forget some things. Roma says you think she is not Maya and someone else? Daksh says I am not thinking that. Roma says you saw her accident and it’s impossible to be saved from that kind of an accident. Is there a way to find out that she is Maya only? Daksh looks on.

Devraj and Jaya meet Kach. Jaya says you can’t give this state to him. Devraj says Kach is part of our family so it’s okay. Jaya says why are you giving cars and bank balances away? Devraj says I don’t care about all this, I just want to take care of my brother. Krisha hides and watches all that. Kach says Devraj is a simple man, he doesn’t need all this. Menakshi says Krisha doesn’t have a right on these things so who will spend all this money? Just sign it. Devraj signs over the state to Kach. Jaya says I hope this is your last demand and you people won’t ask for anything else. Kach says we will see. Devraj starts leaving but Ugra stops him and says there is one thing more. She asks Devraj to take the case back on against Raghav.

Devraj says never. Ugra says he is your brother, do you hate him? He says I don’t. Ugra says are you scared that he can come back and take over this estate? Jaya says Devraj is a lion so no one can take over his place. Ugra says then why is Devraj not taking the case back? If Devraj is so competent then why does he take Raghav as his enemy? Devraj says Raghav was never my enemy but I can’t forgive him for what he did. He says Raghav shot Krisha and tried to bury her alive. I can’t forgive him. Ugra shouts that Krisha is still alive, I can’t believe that cheap woman got this life and you are holding a grudge against your brother. Devraj says enough, I gave you what you wanted but I can’t give you this. He leaves from there. Jaya goes from there too. Krisha hides and looks on.

Scene 2
Roma gives instructions to Daksh and says I just want you to be sure that this is real Maya only. If you do this then you won’t ever have to doubt her again. He says you are right.Kach tells Ugra that you shouldn’t have asked for Raghav’s forgiveness. Ugra says he is my son and I will bring him out of the jail. Naina says Devraj has given us what we wanted, he is easy to manipulate. Krisha hides and hears all that. Menakshi says we kind of blackmailed him. Kach says we got more than we did before, we had to use Daksh’s illness but we got what we wanted. Krisha hides and says Devraj’s family is against him. This is done, I won’t let it happen now.

Daksh calls Maya, she comes to him and asks if they are ready for a picnic? Roma hides and gives thumbs to him. Daksh tells Maya that I want to see your tattoo. All come there and are stunned. Maya gets scared and says my tattoo? Daksh says I am scared, I want to see that tattoo. Maya asks if he is doubting her? Daksh says yes. You should have a tattoo on your hand. Maya says I can’t believe you are doubting me. Daksh says I am scared, just show me the tattoo and I won’t ask for anything else. Devraj asks Daksh to stop it. Krisha takes a vase and stealthily cuts her hand to cover up for the tattoo. Devraj tries to take Daksh away but Daksh runs to Maya and looks at her hand. He sees her hand bleeding.

Maya says I got hurt that’s why I was not showing you the tattoo. Daksh panics looking at blood. Maya asks him to calm down. Daksh says I am really sorry. Maya says it’s okay, I am sorry. Jaya takes Daksh from there. Devraj covers Krisha’s wound. Roma hides and thinks his love is increasing day by day for Krisha. Krisha says I am fine. Devraj says enough, he lifts her in his arms and takes her from there.Devraj cleans Krisha’s wound. She says I didn’t know what to do. Devraj says so you tried to harm yourself? What if something had happened to you? What would I.. he stops himself.


Krisha says what did you say? Devraj says if you do this again then I will send you back home. Krisha says what? She tries to stop him and slips. Devraj holds her in his arms. They both share an eyelock. Krisha pushes him away and says I won’t go anywhere, I won’t leave you, just get it. She asks him to not glare at her with his beautiful eye, I am not scared of you. I can take my decisions and I will not leave on anyone’s orders. Devraj smiles at her. She asks if he wants to say something? He shakes his head and leaves. Krisha laughs.

Ugra tells Naina that I will prepare to bring Raghav back. I will get Rati back first. Naina says let her die in her parents’ house only. Ugra says we will get Raghav married to a rich girl for which we will need to take Rati’s life.Daksh is sadly sitting in his room. Devraj comes there and asks if he is fine? Daksh says I am feeling bad for Maya, she was hurt and didn’t want to tell me but I was doubting her. I am bad. Devraj says you did a mistake which you can rectify. Daksh says I will never doubt her, she is my Maya but I am ashamed as a friend. Devraj says she will forgive you. Daksh says I never fought with Maya. Devraj says she is just miffed with you, you can pacify her. Daksh says if she forgives me this time then I will keep her happy always. He hugs Devraj and says you brought Maya into my life, she is very nice and I can’t lose her. I will keep her close to me. Devraj gets jealous hearing that and looks on.

Scene 2
Devraj is going to Mumbai. Krisha says you are leaving me here? Devraj says I will be back soon. Krisha hugs him from back and says please come back soon, I wish your work gets done fast. I will wait for you. Devraj smiles and says I hope you won’t do any other mistake. She nods. Dev gives her some sweets and leaves. Krisha smiles.Daksh is worried. Roma comes there and asks what happened? Daksh says I want to talk to Maya but I am scared. Roma says I have an idea. She takes him from there.

A servant comes to Krisha and says Daksh is coming with the first-aid box. Krisha says if become to change my bandage then he will find out that I don’t have a tattoo. She changes into Maya’s get up and says I have to do something. She takes the tattoo gun and takes off her bandage. She starts tattooing on her arm but Rati comes there and stops her. Krisha says what are you doing here? Aarav comes there and says what are you doing? Krisha says I have to do this, I don’t have a choice. She starts tattooing her arm and asks Rati to help her. Rati is scared but starts making a tattoo on her arm. Aarav goes and tries to stall Daksh’s arrival. Rati is tattooing Krisha’s arm who is in pain.

Daksh enters her room and says Maya? Krisha is scared and hides the tattoo gun. Daksh says I have brought the first-aid box. Krisha says I am fine, you don’t have to worry. Daksh gets sad and says okay.. I just wanted to say sorry. He starts leaving but Krisha stops him and says I am not scared, I am better now. She shows her arm which has Maya’s tattoo on it and says I am totally fine and see I have this tattoo too. Daksh says I am sorry for doubting you, please forgive me. Krisha says if you plan for a picnic then I will forgive you. He gets happy and leaves.

Daksh is dancing around and says Maya is not angry with me.Rati asks Krisha if she is in pain? Krisha says I am fine. Aarav says this is not right, we are making Daksh dependent on Maya again. Till when you will do this? We should tell the truth to Daksh. Krisha looks on.

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