Broken Bonds April 2023 teasers

Zee world: Broken Bonds April Teasers 2023

Saturday 1st April 2023
Harsh, Rishi, Roli and Shubhra have a gala time. Soon, Harsh saves Shubhra from drowning. Harsh tells Shubhra that he has fallen in love. Kuldeep tells Samaira that he doesn’t want anything from her and she threatens him. The police arrive to arrest Kuldeep.

Sunday 2nd April 2023
Sadashiv, Chandrani and Madhura execute their plan to bring Shubhra and Harsh closer by sending them together for a meeting. A few goons harass Shubhra and Harsh teaches them a lesson. Later, he pours his heart out to Shubhra.

Monday 3rd April 2023
Samaira forces Kuldeep to sign the divorce papers. Meanwhile, Harsh sends roses for Shubhra. Shubhra is shocked when Harsh proposes marriage to her. Madhura, Sadashiv and Chandrani try to convince Shubhra to marry him.

Tuesday 4th April 2023
However, she firmly refuses. Later, Shubhra is shocked to learn about the letter from Harsh. Rishi and Roli prepare gifts for Harsh and Shubhra. They later try to cheer up Shubhra on finding her sad.

Wednesday 5th April 2023
Shubhra returns Harsh’s gift to him. Samaira and Kuldeep arrive at the resort, but everyone ignores them. Samaira tells Shubhra that she is pregnant and the latter signs the divorce papers. Later, Shubhra takes off her ‘mangalsutra’.

Thursday 6th April 2023
Samaira asks Kuldeep to forget Rishi and Roli and allows him three days to spend with them. Kuldeep sends something for Shubhra, which brings back some old memories. Later, Kuldeep apologises to Harsh.

Friday 7th April 2023
Kuldeep asks Harsh to take care of Shubhra and the kids. Shubhra learns that Samaira is not pregnant and she informs Kuldeep. Samaira asks Kuldeep to move to Mumbai and forces him to marry her.

Saturday 8th April 2023
Kuldeep tries to end his life, but Shubhra and Harsh save him. He tells Shubhra the reason behind his actions. Shubhra tells Madhura and Sadashiv that she will support Kuldeep. Harsh visits Shubhra with a lawyer. Shubhra visits Samaira to tell her that she and Harsh are getting married on her wedding day.

Sunday 9th April 2023
Samaira agrees to get married in Pune. Shubhra tells Chandrani that Samaira will have to pay for her sins. Kuldeep later gives Samaira a surprise. She, along with him, visits Shubhra’s house. Shubhra tells Harsh that Samaira is up to something big. Samaira makes a plan to unearth the truth. She later executes her plan.

Monday 10th April 2023
Kuldeep and Samaira enter a new house. Harsh tells Shubhra of a plan which will convince Shubhra about their engagement. Later, Shubhra accompanies Harsh to Samaira’s house and shows her the pictures of her and Harsh’s engagement.

Tuesday 11th April 2023
Samaira insists on meeting the kids and visits Sadashiv with Kuldeep. However, Sadashiv and Madhura disallow her from meeting the kids. Samaira asks Rishi whether he likes Harsh as a father or not.

Wednesday 12th April 2023
Rishi-Roli tell Shubhra that they want their father back. Kuldeep warns Samaira and gets a shock the next day. Kuldeep, through a video, tells Shubhra about the preparations for Samaira’s overnight wedding. Shubhra and Harsh use a disguise to attend the wedding.

Thursday 13th April 2023
After the wedding rituals, Samaira calls the registrar. However, Shubhra tells him that she and Kuldeep are not divorced yet. Shubhra’s victory delights her kids. Kuldeep convinces Samaira to return to Mumbai. Shubhra threatens to file a case against Samaira if she goes back.

Friday 14th April 2023
At Samaira’s request, everyone visits her. Rishi, Roli and Vedika stay with Kuldeep and Anant at Samaira’s house. Phirki tells Samaira that Kuldeep is cheating on her. Kuldeep confesses to Anant that he has made a big mistake.

Saturday 15th April 2023
Shubhra asks Samaira to fulfil a mother’s responsibilities. Sadashiv transfers his property to Shubhra, Rishi and Roli’s names. The kids request Shubhra to forgive Kuldeep. Kuldeep apologises to Shubhra for his mistakes. Samaira plans to make Anant and Vedika drink the spiked lemonade.

Sunday 16th April 2023
Samaira is shocked to see Harsh and Shubhra’s picture in the newspaper and visits Shubhra’s house with Kuldeep. Samaira threatens to take Shubhra to court to take custody of the latter’s kids. Shubhra gets worried and apprises Sanjana of it.

Monday 17th April 2023
Shubhra visits Samaira’s house and tells Kuldeep the next plan against Samaira. Phirki tells Samaira to beware of Kuldeep. Samaira suffers from stomach ache due to Kuldeep’s plan. Rajyadaksh offers Kuldeep a job. Later, Kuldeep visits Shubhra’s house and spends quality time with his family. Meanwhile, Samaira plots to trap Kuldeep.

Tuesday 18th April 2023
Kuldeep’s words anger Samaira. She asks a sage to give her a trick to control her husband. Shubhra prepares for Kuldeep’s arrival. Samaira threatens Kuldeep to stop him from visiting Shubhra. Samaira asks her lawyer to proceed with the fraud case against Kuldeep. Shubhra suggests a plan to Kuldeep to save him.

Wednesday 19th April 2023
Shubhra tells Kuldeep the next plan against Samaira. Later, Shubhra visits Samaira’s house with lawyers and executes her plan. Chandrani and Shubhra believe that something is wrong with Kuldeep. Shubhra meets Kuldeep and asks him to go home. Suddenly, Samaira arrives there.

Thursday 20th April 2023
Kuldeep’s health suddenly deteriorates as soon as he eats food. He cries out in agony, and Samaira makes a revelation to him. Shubhra, along with the kids, arrives to meet Kuldeep and is shocked to see him in a wheelchair. While everyone has breakfast, Kuldeep panics.

Friday 21st April 2023
Kuldeep apologises to Samaira and requests her to stay away from his family. Samaira visits Shubhra’s house. Harsh’s plan to get Kuldeep out of Samaira’s house succeeds. Harsh asks Kuldeep not to tell anything to anyone. Later, Shubhra visits Harsh.

Saturday 22nd April 2023
Rishi and Roli think of ways to take revenge on Samaira. Shubhra gives household chores to Samaira. Harsh conveys Shubhra’s message to Kuldeep which renders him happy. Samaira talks to someone on the phone.

Sunday 23rd April 2023
Samaira suspects that Shubhra knows Kuldeep’s whereabouts. Kuldeep asks Harsh to give his letter to Shubhra. Harsh gives Kuldeep’s letter to Shubhra and asks her to give Kuldeep a chance. Samaira gets infuriated when Rishi and Roli lock her in a room.

Monday 24th April 2023
A competition begins between Shubhra and Samaira. Shubhra grants Samaira a day off in exchange for some papers. Shubhra gets some important papers. Kuldeep returns home but Samaira takes him along with her. The change in Kuldeep shocks Samaira.

Tuesday 25th April 2023
Shubhra rushes Chandrani to a hospital. Later, Kuldeep’s revelation frightens Shubhra. Samaira makes a revelation about the papers to Kuldeep and forbids him from meeting Chandrani.

Wednesday 26th April 2023
Kuldeep returns to his family. Later, Kuldeep and Shubhra spend love-filled moments together. Samaira arrives to see Harsh and asks about his feelings. Later, Harsh talks to Kuldeep and Shubhra about Samaira.

Thursday 27th April 2023
Samaira tells Harsh what love is to her and says that Kuldeep will come back to her. Harsh shares his doubts about Samaira with Shubhra. Rishi and Roli tell Madhura and Sadashiv about their plans for Sadashiv’s birthday. A disguised Samaira attempts to execute her plan.

Friday 28th April 2023
Samaira kills Sadashiv. Along with Rishi and Roli, Shubhra and Kuldeep visit Sadashiv’s house for his birthday and find him dead. Shubhra brings Madhura home and Chandrani consoles her. Kuldeep visits Samaira and tells her that he is going to get a new house.

Saturday 29th April 2023
Samaira threatens Kuldeep that she will implicate him in Sadashiv’s murder case. Later, Kuldeep arrives home and meets his kids. Samaira sends Kuldeep a message. Later, Harsh introduces Kuldeep and Shubhra to Inspector Lokhande for help.

Sunday 30th April 2023
Samaira executes her next ploy. Madhura blames Kuldeep for Sadashiv’s death and decides to return to her home. Madhura breaks all ties with Chandrani and Kuldeep. Later, everyone gets suspicious of Madhura’s house help.


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