Every Girl’s Dream April teasers 2023

Zeeworld: Every Girl’s dream April 2023 teaser.

Saturday 1st April 2023
Raghav tries to hide the evidence and Vamika sees it. A scary incident takes place with Krisha. Jaya and Vamika’s plan against Krisha is revealed but Devraj expresses his trust in Krisha. Ugra shouts at Raghav.

Sunday 2nd April 2023
Krisha is scared to see someone in the mirror. A masked man enters Jaya’s room but Devraj catches him. Meanwhile, Krisha faints after seeing a shadow. Krisha’s sudden disappearance worries Devraj and he suspects Vamika.

Monday 3rd April 2023
Devraj looks for Krisha. The tantric performs black magic on Krisha. Jaya finds Vamika in Devraj’s room. Krisha is shocked to see Ugra. Ugra says that she’s innocent. Raghav is trapped when Vamika shows a video. It is revealed that Jaya wants to keep a secret and thus wants Devraj and Krisha out of the room.

Tuesday 4th April 2023
Devraj and Krisha visit the doctor who is Jaya’s ally. Jaya slaps Vamika for a mistake. A few people from the political party visit Devraj. Jaya meets Virendra, who is imprisoned in the palace. A nightmare scares Krisha, and Jaya and Vamika discuss their plan.

Wednesday 5th April 2023
Krisha gets to Virendra, who is locked in the cellar and unties him. The family is shocked to see Virendra alive. The doctor talks about Virendra’s mental state. Krisha and Devraj look after Virendra while Jaya executes a plan.

Thursday 6th April 2023
Devraj and Krisha play chess. Virendra defeats Devraj. Later, Virendra tries to say something to everyone, but Jaya interrupts him. Based on the evidence found in the basement, Devraj wonders if the culprit is Ugra or Meenakshi. He seeks Krisha’s help to find out the truth. Vamika locks Virendra in a dark room to scare him.

Friday 7th April 2023
Jaya gives Virendra a sword. At Vamika’s provocation, Virendra attacks Krisha with it but Devraj saves her. Krisha finds a letter in Virendra’s room and learns that he is leaving the palace. Later, he puts forth a condition for staying back. Krisha accepts his condition and decides to stay in the basement.

Saturday 8th April 2023
Krisha receives a call from the lab. She is shocked to learn the result of the DNA test. Virendra loses his cool hearing Krisha’s name and gets a promise from Devraj. Krisha disguises as Virendra’s caretaker and introduces herself as Gauri. Later, Krisha uses a spycam to find out Jaya’s truth.

Sunday 9th April 2023
Jaya takes Virendra’s signatures on a few papers. Krisha steals them, but even she loses them somewhere. Krisha catches Jaya red-handed. Jaya exposes Krisha’s plan of disguising as Gauri to stay in the palace.

Monday 10th April 2023
Virendra stops Krisha from leaving the palace. Krisha tells Devraj the result of the DNA test. Jaya reveals to the family that she had kept Virendra locked in the basement and fabricates a story. Later, Devraj decides to transfer the power of attorney to Jaya.

Tuesday 11th April 2023
Krisha executes a plan to stop the transfer of power of attorney to Jaya’s name. Consequently, Devraj changes his decision. Soon, everyone learns about the fake raid. Krisha foils Jaya’s plan and the treasure is brought back. Sudha comes to the palace. Devraj gives INR 20 lakh to Krisha. Vamika steals the money box. Jaya gives it to Sudha by lying, and Vamika makes Sudha’s video.

Wednesday 12th April 2023
Later, Jaya shows Krisha the video. Later, Jaya turns Ugra, Raghav and Naina against Krisha and asks for help. Virendra gets scared to see a woman. Krisha finds the picture of a woman, which she shows to Meenakshi.

Thursday 13th April 2023
Meenakshi asks Gajvardhan about the woman in the photo. Krisha lies to Devraj and goes to meet that woman. Jaya exposes Krisha’s lies, Devraj confronts Krisha and takes a decision. Basanti narrates the story of Jaya’s atrocities to Krisha and agrees to help and gives Krisha the video of her testimony against Jaya.

Friday 14th April 2023
Krisha tells everyone about Jaya’s cruel acts. Devraj gets angry and asks her to apologise to Jaya. Krisha decides to leave the palace. Virendra recalls everything and stops Krisha from leaving. Krisha learns that Vamika is Jaya’s daughter. Virendra comes forward to help Krisha and talks to Devraj.

Saturday 15th April 2023
Krisha is unable to prove that Vamika is Jaya’s daughter. Devraj asks Krisha to leave the palace but she refuses. Ugra, Raghav and Naina blackmail Jaya by showing Vamika’s and her pictures. Jaya convinces Devraj to divorce Krisha. Later, Devraj changes his decision after the doctor reveals that Krisha is pregnant.

Sunday 16th April 2023
Raghav and Ugra blackmail Jaya. Vamika serves Devraj liquor and adds something to it. The whole family learns that Devraj and Vamika were together the whole night. Ugra asks Devraj to marry Vamika. Soon, Krisha exposes Vamika.

Monday 17th April 2023
Vamika leaves the palace. Krisha asks Devraj to end the differences between them. Later, Krisha warns Jaya by showing her the DNA reports. Devraj’s father recalls the past. Ugra asks Jaya for money, but Jaya threatens to expose her. Vamika devises a plan to kill Krisha and assigns Naina a task.

Tuesday 18th April 2023
Series Finale
Jaya tries to stop Vamika from hurting Krisha. Gajvardhan saves Krisha but gets grievously injured in the process. Devraj’s life is in danger because of Jaya, who is soon exposed in front of him. Raghav tries to slap Jaya, but Devraj saves her. Jaya shoots Vamika to save Devraj and Krisha. 9 months later, Devraj and Krisha comes home with a baby which excites everyone.


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