Destined by Fate Starlife April teasers 2023

Starlife Destined by fate April teasers 2023

Monday 3rd April 2023
Krishna and his brothers, Chiranjeev and Nakul, arrive to the temple on the occasion of Holi to perform a puja, unaware of the danger ahead.

Tuesday 4th April 2023
Sayuri saves Saroj’s life from a massive disaster at the temple; an infuriated Saroj slaps her for crossing the line.

Wednesday 5th April 2023
Chiranjeev presents Krishna and Nakul with special gifts; Sayuri and Chiranjeev meet secretly at midnight and share a romantic moment.

Thursday 6th April 2023
The Choudhary brothers hold a competition early in the morning; Chiranjeev decides to confess his feelings about Sayuri to Saroj.

Friday 7th April 2023
Krishna and Nakul annoy Sayuri before departing to the college. Later, Nakul protects Rashmi from getting ragged by a group of boys.

Saturday 8th April 2023
Saroj arranges for the guest to arrive with the marriage proposal for Chiru; Krishna discovers Chiru and Sayuri’s love.

Sunday 9th April 2023
A heated argument erupts between Krishna and Sayuri over her relationship with Chiranjeev; Chiranjeev faces an uncomfortable situation.

Monday 10th April 2023
Saroj turns curious when she notices Krishna and Chiranjeev conversing secretly in the bedroom; Krishna torments Sayuri by breaking the windows of her house.

Tuesday 11th April 2023
When Krishna disapproves Sayuri and Chiranjeev’s affair, the latter justifies his fondness for her; Saroj accuses Sayuri and her family members.

Wednesday 12th April 2023
Saroj warns the Choudhary brothers not to take Sayuri’s name; Sayuri grows emotional as she recalls her quarrel with Krishna.

Thursday 13th April 2023
Saroj worries about the tension between her sons; Krishna promises to follow Sayuri around untill she finally returns Chiranjeev.

Friday 14th April 2023
During a brawl, Chiranjeev takes a stand for Sayuri and smacks Krishna; Saroj senses tension between the Choudhary brothers.

Saturday 15th April 2023
Krishna locks Sayuri in the temple, unaware of Chiranjeev’s presence inside; Sayuri’s family panics when she fails to return home before midnight.

Sunday 16th April 2023
Saroj feels stunned to find Chiranjeev and Sayuri together in the temple; Krishna feels guilty and apologizes to everyone for his deeds.

Monday 17th April 2023
While Saroj tortures herself, Chiranjeev attempts to convince her about his love for Sayuri; Sayuri’s family undergoes an emotional outburst.

Tuesday 18th April 2023
The Choudharys worry when Saroj prefers to remain quiet; the Sharmas sense a bad omen and expect Saroj to cause trouble.

Wednesday 19th April 2023
Saroj ignores Chiranjeev and Krishna at the temple; the Sharmas receive an invitation to the Choudhary mansion after many years.

Thursday 20th April 2023
The Sharmas pray to God after setting foot inside the Choudhary mansion; Saroj startles the families by doing the unbelievable.

Friday 21st April 2023
The Choudharys remember their past when Indrani relates Sayuri and Krishna’s quarrel; Balwant’s good deeds are defined.

Saturday 22nd April 2023
Saroj breaks all ties with Chiranjeev as he justifies his love for Sayuri; Krishna promises the Sharmas that he will rectify the situation.

Sunday 23rd April 2023
After Krishna wakes him up in the morning, a distraught Chiranjeev hugs him; Chiranjeev meets with a car accident while pondering Saroj’s conduct.

Monday 24th April 2023
Sayuri brings Chiranjeev back to the Choudhary mansion as Anjali and Krishna dance; the family worries about Chiranjeev.

Tuesday 25th April 2023
Bhanumati and Tej team up to support Krishna accomplish his objective; Sayuri and Chiranjeev reach the temple.


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