Barrister Bahu update thursday 7 July 2022

Barrister Bahu 7 July 2022: Episode starts with tantric asking Bondita to stand on one feet. She gets scared seeing the smoky water. Anirudh says there is something wrong. Trilochan says its imp that your problem ends. He asks can she stand on both feet, else she may fall down. Tantric says she has to stand on one foot, else the evil spirit will be on her, do you want that, we have to make the evil spirit suffer, so that the spirit goes away, none will come here until this happens. Bondita feels scared. Trilochan asks how can I leave her alone, it will be good if Bihari or I stay here. Tantric says she has to do the tapasya alone. Bondita says I can’t do.

Trilochan says its a matter of two hours, you won’t know it, you have to end the problem, right. She nods. He asks will you do this jaltapasya, I will pray that you get strength. She thinks how will I stand on one foot. Bondita stands in the water tub. Bondita prays to Durga Maa. She thinks I m tired of their experiments, don’t know how will this problem end, Anirudh doesn’t know I m here, I feel alone, I m missing mum, she would have saved me, maybe there is something good behind this habit. Anirudh talks to Saudamini on call. She says I don’t like it, I used to take Bondita to bathroom and clean her clothes, it was to help you, but you are doing everything alone, it would trouble you, who’s your other friend, who can support you in the challenge.

Anirudh recalls Binoy’s challenge. He says I have to do something. She says I wish it happens, I know its not possible without me, I can’t come there, dad is stopping me, my room isn’t less than a jail, forgive me Anirudh, I can’t help you. He says its fine if you can’t come, you have encouraged me by the talk, its time to wake up Bondita and send her to washroom, I will talk later. He goes to Bondita’s room. Bondita starts shivering. He calls her out. He gets shocked seeing Bondita with the tantric. Tantric goes to beat her. Anirudh shouts stop, move the stick away, don’t dare to touch her, I m coming. Tantric asks who is he. Bondita says he is my husband, you came to make evil spirit away, he will beat you and make you run away, he doesn’t believe in evil spirits, if you want to get saved, then run away. Tantric runs away.

Anirudh runs after him. He comes to Bondita and asks her to come out of it, what is she doing. She says no, I can’t come out, I have to chant the mantras. He says you can’t understand if I say with love, shall I scold you. He shouts. She comes out. He sees her arm bleeding. He asks her to remove the taweez. She removes it. Rishta tera mera….plays…She feels cold. He runs and gets a blanket to cover her. He asks who was that man, who called him. She recalls Trilochan. He asks who tied this taweez to you. He asks her to say. She says no, I can’t tell you. He asks her to say it. He recalls Bihari’s words. He thinks Bihari was also involved in this. Sampoorna takes care of Biraj. Biraj asks her to be scared of Sumeri. Sampoorna asks can’t I do this for you if you got me freed from Sumeri. Sumeri looks on and thinks so Sampoorna got to know my truth. Anirudh asks Bondita to come with him, the person who had hurt her has to apologize to her. He recalls everything. He feels sad. She asks why don’t you send me to my mum, the problem will end. He goes and asks Bihari to wake up. He sprinkles some water. Bihari wakes up. Anirudh shows the taweez and asks why did you tie this. Bihari runs out. Anirudh follows.

Bihari calls out Trilochan. Anirudh asks him to wait. Trilochan and Binoy come. Bihari says Anirudh got to know everything about tantric and the taweez which you made Bondita wear. Trilochan worries.Anirudh saying you didn’t think that this tantra mantra will hurt Bondita physically and mentally. Trilochan and Binoy ask him to stop it. Binoy warns him. He says Anirudh raised you like your mum, his insult will not be less than my insult. Anirudh asks since when is this going on. Trilochan says I got the taweez the next day of knowing her problem, I wanted the tantric baba to help her. Anirudh asks what’s the use. Trilochan says I knew his remedy will work. Anirudh says we will make the baba a landlord. Binoy asks him to stop the matter. Anirudh says if this tantra worked, then why would anyone give life for freedom, you are sinking the nation by your blind belief. He says we shall teach the doctors to do some magic and save lives, Bondita is a little girl, she was shivering, she would get many questions, you scared her, she was scared to tell me. Bihari says Bondita told Trilochan, but he made her quiet.

Anirudh asks why can’t you understand. Binoy says she got the disease with her, forget it, what can be done. Anirudh says we can do, I will take her to doctor, medicine is the cure, not blind belief, I request you to leave her on her own. Trilochan thinks if Anirudh takes her to doctor, then we will lose respect. Binoy thinks if he takes her to doctor, then he will win the challenge and that girl will always be my bahu, I can’t let this happen. Bondita thinks of her mum. Anirudh says I can try to tie the bandage like your mum, have haldi milk. She smiles and thinks he is smiling, it means his anger got calm. He says I will tie the bandage well, forward your hand. She says you can’t do it, my mum used to sing, my focus was on her songs, can’t you sing. He says I know, I will sing on one condition, you have to close your eyes. She says fine, I have to hear it by ears. She closes eyes. He plays a song. She likes it. He gets scared to fix the bandage.

He thinks of her pain. He says I didn’t understand that you are in pain, your mum would have understood it. She says yes, nothing is hidden from mum, send me home. He says I can’t send it, your Sasural is your home, didn’t your mum teach this to you. She says yes, but why does a girl always leaves the house, why can’t you stay with me and my mum. He smiles and says I m also finding answers of many questions like you, until then you will stay here with me, you have to go to the doctor tomorrow, finish the milk, tell me, if it aches. Its morning, Anirudh comes out of the room. He gets the bad smell from the sheets.Binoy asks why are you covering your nose, your wife did this. Anirudh says you can see what a kid did, not what elders did. He calls Bihari. Binoy says none will come to help, we won’t touch this girl or her belongings, you will say its wrong, you asked us to do this, what do you want from us, we want your happiness, you and your wife stay happy, if you want to take your wife to doctor, then go. Trilochan says Binoy… Binoy says yes, but he will have to accept our small condition. Anirudh asks what would it be. Binoy says you worry for all the women, your house has the dirt, clean the dirty sheets before going to the doctor.

Mami taunts Maa and asks her to wait, Bondita would be coming. Maa cries. Mama asks Mami to worry for Sampoorna, maybe her in-laws will send her. Mami says you are right, how will we pay the dowry.Binoy says make sure that the floor is clean, last time you had puked, remember, do you agree to this condition, can you clean this dirt, if you can’t do this, then you can’t take your wife to the doctor, tell me, shall I call Bihari or will you do this. Anirudh runs to vomit. Binoy says I knew this move won’t go waste. Trilochan smiles. He says you played well.They laugh. Binoy says I kept this condition so that Anirudh doesn’t take his wife to the doctor. They see Anirudh coming with a bucket of water.

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