Barrister Bahu update Wednesday 6 July 2022

Barrister Bahu 6 July 2022: Episode starts with Anirudh saying I was making her do yog. Trilochan recalls his words. He says he needs yog, let him go. Pandit says no, I will punish him also, its my work to show him the path. Anirudh shouts I also want to show the path, that has a broad mindset, why can’t girls do yog if boys can do. Pandit says they do cleaning and cooking, what’s the need of yog. Anirudh says you mean they should work for others and not pay attention on themselves. Bondita gets up. Pandit says its not wrong, girl’s character can’t get clean once it gets stained, that’s why she is kept covered from others’ bad sight, that’s why their clothes are such.

Anirudh says men’s sight is the problem, who needs the treatment, men or women, who should be under ghunghat, men or women, men should be shown the path, not the women. Anirudh asks why do we forget that they are also human, they also have problems, they have right to stay happy. Pandit says you called me here to get me insulted by son and bahu. Trilochan says no, will I get my family ruined by insulting you. He asks Anirudh to shut up if he respects him. He shouts apologize to pandit ji. He says else I will go for Sanyas right now, fine, if you have to do this, I will go, if you have no respect for me. Anirudh says stop Kaka. He sits down and folds hands, apologizing to pandit ji. He goes. Trilochan also apologizes on his behalf. He says you can punish me. Pandit says your son is your punishment, tell me, can the puja get complete when you have such a son and bahu.

Trilochan says no, I promise, I will organize it well, you will get respect. Pandit says fine, none can get saved from brahman’s curse, don’t forget. He goes. Bondita recalls picking the sack. Trilochan comes to her and says we got saved from brahman’s curse, don’t make this sacrifice go waste, don’t tell Anirudh about the punishment, not every mistake will be forgiven, you don’t have sense. Bondita says you asked me to follow husband. He asks her to use her brain. She says you asked me not to use my mind. He says just argue, didn’t your mum teach you not to do what you don’t find right. She asks will you remove the taweez, I find it wrong, it has hurt me. He asks is there argument’s limit, how shall I explain you. She says I …. He says I can’t explain anything. He goes.

Bondita says I thought you will help me but everything went wrong. Saudamini thinks Bondita can find the answers, she shouldn’t doubt on me. She says its Koyli’s mistake, she has put hot daal on Bondita’s hand and the truth came out. She scolds Koyli and sends her. Saudamini says Koyli is jealous of you.Sampoorna stops Biraj and says you are stealing things, Sumeri should know it. Biraj stops her and asks do you know this necklace. Sampoorna says its the same necklace which Munshi gave it to you. Biraj says then its mine, how is it a theft, how did it go to Sumeri, she has snatched it from me, the way she snatched my son, what will you do, you take this necklace and sell it. Sampoorna looks at her and says fine, you want me to be part of the theft. Biraj says its mine, just go and sell this necklace. Sampoorna asks why didn’t you tell them that Anirudh asked you to wear modern clothes. Bondita says he did it for me, how could I take his name. Saudamini says he is increasing your problems, he is troubling a lot. Biraj asks Sampoorna to get the goats and give it to Sumeri. Sampoorna says but you wanted it. Biraj says I want my son and bahu’s happiness, Sumeri made me do this.

She tells everything. Sampoorna cries. Biraj says she is plotting to keep you and Saurabh away, I can’t do anything, she made my son against me, he thinks I m a bad mum, like you think, take this necklace, sell it, maybe I can bring some happiness in your life. Sampoorna says I have cursed you a lot, I was so wrong, forgive me. They cry.Bondita says I feel Anirudh is a devil, I can’t stay away from mum and Rasgullas, even then he kept me away from both. Saudamini says kids are like Lord. She asks Bondita to have the plain rice. Bondita says its not sweet or salty. Saudamini says no. Bondita says you are so good. She eats. Saudamini thinks this has chilli, you will feel thirsty and drink much water, I m a bad Didi. Bondita shouts and asks for water. Saudamini looks for water. Bondita runs out of the room. Saudamini smiles and thinks first step is over, now I have to go to Anirudh. She goes to Anirudh and says you are doing a lot for Bondita, does she care for you, she didn’t think while drinking a jug of water, she didn’t listen.

Anirudh goes. He asks Bondita to keep the glass down. Bondita says I want to drink water. He says you have to understand that I m doing this for you. She says nothing is happening, I did what all you said.Anirudh saying I m doing this for you. Bondita says I didn’t eat sweets and had water just 8 times a day, even then I had piddled in the bed, you want me to do yog, what about the loss, Mahapandit was so angry and left. He asks did you start talking and walking after birth, no, right, every change needs time, you have to give time to your body to change, its not easy. She says we have no time. Trilochan says we have no time, I can’t let brahmans curse us due to Bondita’s problem, I have a sureshot solution. Bondita asks Anirudh to do some magic to end this problem, else she will be tagged as a problematic Bahu. She says I will not feel good if you are insulted, you get scolded by Trilochan, mum said fights shouldn’t happen at home. Anirudh asks her to give the solution. She says send me to my mum, this is the only solution. She goes. Saudamini brings a melon and asks him to give it to Bondita, it will make her thirst less. He says this won’t help.

She says I feel bad for you, I wish there was a magical wand, but its not possible. He says we have to do some magic, some sureshot way.Trilochan says that’s tantra vidya, call Kaal kapaal baba. Anirudh says we should get doctor’s help, he will have a solution. He calls Dr. Basu. Somnath hears him and goes. Anirudh asks did he go to Calcutta, will he come tomorrow, okay. Somnath says Anirudh isn’t fine. Binoy says we know that. Somnath says his health isn’t fine, I heard him talking to Dr. Basu. Trilochan says Bondita is giving him a headache. He asks Bihari to get juice for Anirudh. Binoy checks Anirudh and says there is no fever. Somnath says we will fix everything. Anirudh asks what happened. Trilochan says you are family, you are not well, we will worry. Binoy says we aren’t your enemy. Anirudh says I m fine, I have to meet the doctor for Bondita, not for myself, I feel doctor’s medicine will end her problem, she will be fine. Saudamini says he will take you to doctor, everyone will know it, think what will the doctor go, I m scared to meet the doctor, Anirudh should understand, your mum is the cure, not the medicine. Bondita says mum will cry a lot if she knows this, Mami will taunt her.

Trilochan asks Bihari to get his funeral items. Anirudh asks what happened. Trilochan says you want to get us insulted, you will take Bondita to doctor, entire Tulsipur will know, the people will laugh on us. He shouts and cries.He says son shows the stair to heaven, but you will send me to hell. Anirudh asks how did heaven and hell come in this. Trilochan says Mahapandit will snatch the puja chance from us, will this give me heaven or hell. Anirudh asks is it good to get treatment or hide at home. He argues. He says Bondita will go to the doctor, I don’t care. Bondita says but it matters to me. Somnath asks won’t you care if a man touches her, he will touch her to treat the problem. Anirudh asks is this your thinking, being educated, doctor can be male or female. Binoy says everyone’s thinking is same. Anirudh asks why is the change bad, change is the only constant, Bondita will go, I will take her, its my last decision. He goes. Trilochan says you maybe barister, but I m the head here, this sin won’t happen here. He asks Binoy to stop him. Bondita says Trilochan won’t let me go. Saudamini asks don’t you know Anirudh’s stubbornness, did you see him stepping back.

Its night, Bihari gets Bondita. Trilochan says I called you, go and sit there. Tantric chants mantras. She says black hair baba. Trilochan says Kaal kapaal baba. Bihari says let it be. Trilochan says your illness will be gone.She says Anirudh and you always try different things, how much shall I listen. She feels scared. Trilochan looks on. Bihari asks Anirudh to stop, Trilochan is in meditation. Anirudh asks what was the sound. Baba says there is a bad spirit on this girl. Bondita says mum said there is Lord in everyone, how can a bad spirit stay there. Baba says I will make the spirit away.Trilochan says she will do anything. She asks what do I have to do. Baba says you have to give this tough test to get rid of the bad spirit. She worries.

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