Unspoken Bond update Thursday 7 July 2022


Unspoken Bond 7 July 2022: Episode starts with Rajvi says I would like to become a mum who trusts the girl. Nandini nods. Rajvi says groom and his family aren’t superior to the girl in any way, groom takes the baraat to get the girl, girl goes to her sasural alone, the girl is courageous, right. She says Nandini you aren’t alone here, I m with you always, not like a Saas, like a mum. Darsh smiles.Rajvi says the guy who tried to force you, he has to face me now. She asks Nandini to come to the mandap. Dada ji stops Rajvi. He goes on the stage. He says we get bahus as the respect of the house, but my family forgot to respect Nandini, being the eldest member, I apologize to Nandini. Nandini says no, don’t. Dada ji says I m proud of Darsh’s choice today. She thanks him. She says its my turn to prove that one doesn’t need to worry for Darsh when I m here. Namrata says try harder, you will need much time. Rajvi says ignore her, sit.

Darsh and Nandini sit and talk via their sound gestures. They recall their moments and smile. Gunjan sees them smiling. She sees Shobit upset. She holds his hand. Naveen and Bansuri do Nandini and Gunjan’s kanyadaan. Both the couples exchange garlands. Shobit is confused. Gunjan asks are you fine. He smiles. Rajvi ties the gathbandhan and asks the couples to take rounds. Shobit walks ahead alone. The gathbandhan breaks. Rajvi stops him. Darsh asks what happened. Rajvi says Shobit wants to marry quickly. Shobit says sorry its first time. Gunjan holds his hand. The couples take the rounds. Darsh says we will always have respect before love, people get blind in love, but respect is precious like eyesight. He makes promises. He says you will always find me supporting you whenever you stumble. Rajvi cries and thinks I have waited for this day a lot, thanks for answering my prayer, I have always loved Shobit equally, whatever he did for Darsh, I respect him more, bless him as well. Gunjan thinks if I don’t stay happy after marriage, then I won’t let Nandini stay happy.

Darsh says I will always keep your wishes ahead of me, you will always be ahead of me in our relation, we will be called Nandini Darsh like Radha Krishna. Nandini smiles.Rajvi saying my bahus will be part of my heart as well, we will face good and bad days together. The couples complete the wedding rounds. Darsh fills sindoor in Nandini’s maang. Nandini holds his hand. Gunjan says Shobit, we are also getting married. He fills sindoor in her maang. He recalls Charmy’s words. He drops the sindoor. Parul goes to Gunjan and says if sindoor gets on the nose, husband loves the wife a lot. Gunjan smiles. Darsh makes Nandini wear the mangalsutra. Shobit puts the mangalsutra in Gunjan’s neck and cries. Rakla thinks Gunjan was trying to become the owner. Gunjan thinks I will change your happiness into sorrow. Rajvi asks Bansuri to prepare for bidaai rasam. Bansuri cries and says I will go. Darsh says I will go to room and come. Chetan says there is much time for suhaagraat. Darsh says sad joke, I got a gift for Nandini, she doesn’t get sad during her bidaai.

Chetan says you both will be a good couple. Darsh goes. Rakla says its time to get Charmy out of the room. Charmy knocks the door. Rakla opens the door. She recalls Rakla telling her about Vanlata’s condition, its Nandini’s wish that Shobit marries Gunjan. He lies to her. Charmy gets shocked. She says Shobit is forced to marry Gunjan. Rakla says maybe Charmy tells someone, then it will be a problem. Charmy says Nandini can play such a big game. He leaves. FB ends. Charmy rushes out. Rakla looks on. He says Vanlata gave me a good idea. Charmy sees Darsh and says I need to talk something imp, tell me, did Shobit’s marriage happen, along with yours. He says yes, why are you asking this. Bansuri asks Nandini if she will forget her. Nandini cries and hugs her.Naveen hugs Gunjan and says don’t make your Sasural complain, I m always there with you. He goes to Nandini. He says I was so irritated seeing you and asked Bansuri why did you come home, if you and Gunjan go, the house will look lonely, I will wish for Darsh and your happiness, don’t worry for Bansuri, I m there with her. Nandini cries. He asks Rajvi to forgive them if they make any mistake. Rajvi asks him not to worry, they are her daughters now. She takes Nandini and Gunjan with her.

She takes them for grahpravesh rituals. She explains the rituals to the bahus. Shobit says we are not entering the house now. Rajvi says so what, we will complete the rituals, think you have become a part of the Rawal family, where is Darsh. Darsh comes. Nandini asks are you fine. Rajvi stops Gunjan and says Nandini is the elder bahu, first she will go. Darsh kicks the kalash in anger. He says I was going ahead, did I hit the kalash. Rajvi says its okay, Parul get another kalash. Darsh says its fine, Nandini does the rasam or I do, its same. He asks Gunjan to touch the kalash, then they will go inside. Gunjan smiles. Rajvi says rasams didn’t complete yet, marriage happens once in life. She asks them to put the hand prints of their wives. Darsh does the rasam angrily. Rajvi asks him to be careful, Nandini will get hurt. Everyone worries. Nandini thinks what happened to him, maybe he fought with Namrata. Rajvi says fine, its also good.She makes Shobit do the rasam. Rajvi says now our family is extended, we got two daughters, welcome to the family.

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