Barrister Bahu update Thursday 6 October 2022


Barrister Bahu 6 October 2022: Episode starts with Bondita saying your mum used to sing this lullaby for you. Binoy asks what nonsense, who has sent you here, you are making fun of my late wife here, you have come to ruin our puja, you want money, fine. He gives money and asks her to get lost. The girl puts the money in charity box. She says you are still speaking about money, I didn’t never gave importance to money than relations, you know I don’t want a single rupee from family. She asks Bondita to believe her. Anirudh says I know what you are trying to do, you are making fun of our emotions, we are feeling hurt. The girl says I can’t go back until I complete my work.

Bondita asks what is it. Trilochan says there is nothing such, maybe she got to know about Shubhra and came here. He scolds the girl. He asks everyone to come. She says you know the last day when I kept a fast for children, I made kheer for them, I left you all, my fast was incomplete, I have come back to complete my fast, will you not let me complete the fast to save my children’s lives. Anirudh says don’t come in her words, everyone knows about mum, come with me. Munshi says go to haveli, I will see this girl. They all leave. The girl smiles. Everyone comes home. Bondita asks is this true about rebirth, is that really my Saas. The girl is tied up by Munshi. She says I went to temple and did what you said. He says I m not happy, you couldn’t convince them, so I m much upset with you. He recalls Saurabh.Anirudh says stop it, rebirth and all don’t happen, she is not my mum. Trilochan says rebirth happens, you should read Shastra. Anirudh says we got cheated by Brijvasi before, belief is good, not blind belief.

Bondita says Maa ji’s face has the same mole like that girl, she had sung the same lullaby and also remembers your nicknames. Munshi says I m thinking what to punish you.The girl asks him to give a chance, she will try. He says I want results, target Bondita, she will come in your words. The girl says I will do what you want, why did you blindfold me. He says that family shouldn’t know who is their real enemy. He gets revengeful against Anirudh. Anirudh says many people have such mole, many mothers sing that lullaby.Trilochan asks what’s that’s girl’s motive, she didn’t take money. Anirudh says Munshi said he will find out, no need to think about her, Bondita, think about school. Sampoorna looks on. Trilochan sees Binoy leaving at night. He asks where are you going. Binoy says I m going for factory work, I came in your room, you were sleeping, I kept a letter for you, can I go now. Trilochan asks him not to go, Anirudh got Sampoorna home, Bondita was saved from death, something bad will happen. Binoy asks how will we do business then, I will come soon. The girl thinks to meet Bondita and enter the house.Munshi says I will snatch Anirudh from them, their bad time starts now. Bondita goes to school while playing on the way. The girl comes to talk to her.

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