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Anupama 6 October 2022: Anupama reaches Rakhi’s house in a panicked state. Rakhi offers her water and asks what happened that she came here at midnight, if Kinjal is fine and if there is any problem between Kinjal and Toshu. Anu says no. Rakhi asks what happened then. Anu says this zero needs her credit card with multiple zeroes. Rakhi remembers Anu rejecting her credit cards. Anu reminds her that she will bend in front of her if needed for her children’s sake and extending her pallu begs for her help. Rakhi smirks and asks if she came at midnight to beg for money. Anu says 20 lakhs. Rakhi says Toshu told she got a loan. Anu she was connned. Rakhi taunts that her money is a bigger traitor than her husband and went to someone else so soon. Anu pleads for help again. Rakhi remembers Anu saying their family’s pride is bigger than anything, Vanraj asking Rakhi to get out of his house, and Toshu apologizing his parents for his mistake.

Vanraj doesn’t sleep. Kavya says problem will not solve if he keeps himself awake as the one who created this problem must be sound asleep, so even he should sleep and let her also sleep. Vanraj hopes Anu doesn’t make any more mistake in desperation. Back to Rakhi’s house, Rakhi humiliates Anu saying many beggars came on this door, but nobody asked 20 lakhs. Anu says she needs loan and not charity. Rakhi says rope is burnt, but not strength. Anu says she will repay each penny with her hard work. Rakhi says she can shut karkhana/factory and start online classes, they should watch out for profit and loss in business. Anu says even she is a businesswoman and she cannot destroy her family’s peace and her Baa Bapuji’s dignity. Kavya thinks V handled Baa somehow, but she fears more trouble is waited; she can’t believe Anu is sleeping peacefully after doing such a big mistake, Anu and her puppet son must be doing something for sure and she should go and check.

Rakhi says Anu supported Kinjal and fought with Dholika for her, so she will help Anu; she is a mother and a businesswoman, but doesn’t do a loss making deal; she will give her 40 lakhs instead, but what will she get in return. Anu says what can a mother give whose son is already taken away by Toshu, she came here to save karkhana/factory. Rakhi says something must have left. Anu says only her self-respect is left, she is ready to mortgage even that and promise that until she repays her loan, she will not lift her head in front of Rakhi. Rakhi says middle class people value self-respect, she needs something else and asks her to send Baa to her house as a servant. Anu reacts. Rakhi says she is not that wicked to snatch a mother from her, she needs her daughter Kinjal back and Anu will convince her.

Kavya knocks Anu’s door and thinks she must be in washroom. Kinjal with Samar walks to her and says mummy is in washroom itself and warns her not to disturb mummy. Kavya says she just came to check. Anu says Kinjal cannot be happy if she leaves the house forcefully, she came here for loan. Rakhi says not loan, but begging. Anu says as she says, but she cannot do a business of her children. Rakhi asks to give from one hand and take from another. Anu asks to tell what she wants from her. Rakhi sits on sofa thinking and says she will make online payment. Anu stops her and asks to tell the bet in return before making a deal. Rakhi says bet is Anu’s pride and tells something in a muted voice. Anu looks more tensed. Rakhi says Anu’s problems will be solved with just one click and online payment, she has to give whatever she asked in return. Anu remembers Bapuji, Baa, and her children’s sorrows. Rakhi extends hand and asks if the deal is on or not.

Vanraj goes out to take water when he sees Samar weeping sitting aside. He consoles Samar and asks why is he crying for Anu’s mistake. Samar says many scandals happened in this country, but nobody blames a news reporter or journalist and said its common people’s mistake that they opened account in that bank as common people cannot understand a sophisticated fraud, even Vanraj would have been trapped in a fraud as it doesn’t differentiate between rich, poor, working women, housewife, businessman, or anyone else. Anu accepts Rakhi’s deal and says nobody should know about their deal. Rakhi rudely pulls her hand and she did a favor to Anu before Rakhi festival. Anu says favor is after taking it. Rakhi asks driver to drop Anu to home and asks Anu if she will not thank her before leaving. Anu with folded hands thanks her. Rakhi walks away saying they don’t thank dear ones. Anu thinks if she made a mistake to correct another.

Next morning, Samar wakes up hearing bhajan followed by other family members and they walk to temple and watch Anu performing aarti. Rakhi on the other side wakes up smiling and thinks its a beautiful morning and she got a peaceful sleep after many months. She remembers Anu pleading for help and thinks today is really Rakhi’s day. She dances on Jawan Janeman song in the background and stops seeing a servant. She thinks her life in Kinjal, Kinjal’s life in Anu, and Anu’s life in her palms; now there will be only entertainment. Anu wishes happy raksha bandhan to family. Kavya tells V that Anu has gone mad and they should call a doctor. Vanraj asks what is this drama. Kavya says she has completely lost it and reminds they need to pay property tax. Anu says they will pay tax and should celebrate festival. Baa says its a tax and not fever to lower down, who will pay it. Anu says she made a mistake and fixed it and asks them to get ready for festival as Dolly and Bhavesh must be coming. Kavya says Anu has gone mad overnight. Toshu asks how did she arrange 20 lakhs overnight.

Vanraj asks Samar to check if Anu made another mistake. Samar walks to Anu. Anu asks if he wants to ask something. He says he wants to say that he is with her. She asks if its regarding family. He says he will support her without any question. Vanraj thinks its waste to send mother’s puppet, he needs to find out what Anu did.After some, family gets ready for celebration. Kavya thinks Anu must have done some blunder for sure. Mamaji asks Dolly and Sanjay when are they planning a baby. Dolly reminds him about their daughter Meenu. Mamaji asks where is Meenu. Sanjay says she has gone to Mumbai to her grandparent’s house. Baa says Bapuji and Sweety also have gone out. Mamaji jokes he needs to have their laddu share. Baa says without Sweety and Meenu, who will tie rakhi to Samar and Toshu. Nandini says she will. Samar says not him. Kinjal says she will tie him rakhi. Bhavesh notices tension and asks if something is wrong. Samar says they are sad with Bapuji and Sweety’s absence. Kavya noticing Anu tension-free tells V that she must have taken loan from her BFF Devika.

V says maybe. Kavya says who else will help Anu. Vanraj says Anu knows only Devika and Rakhi who can lend her money.Anupama tells family let us start rakshabandhan ritual. Bapuji enters and asks if they will not welcome him. Anu emotionally runs and touches his feet. Baa asks Kavya to tie rakhi to Kanhaji/god as Anu will tie rakhi to Bhavesh and Sanjay, Kinjal to Samar, Nandini to Toshu, and Dolly to Vanraj. Kavya ties rakhi to Kanhaji and gets emotional. Others perform rakhi rituals next. Baa says let us have lunch now. Kinjal says not yet and says this is raksha ka bandhan/bonding of protection and hence she will tie rakhi to mummy. She tells Anu that she protected her from Baa’s taunts, mom’s adamancy, Toshu’s childish behavior, Dholakia’s evil eyes, and thought her to run the house and fight against the world, hence she wants to tie rakhi to her. Anu stands emotionally while Kinjal ties rakhi to her and performs aarti and Bapuji clicks pics. Baa says Kinjal is right that like Kanhaji she is this family’s protector, everyone makes mistakes but she corrected it on time, she doesn’t know how she did it but must have done with much thought. She then ties rakhi to Anu and asks to keep protecting their family. Bapuji says this is real raksha bandhan. Samar clicks selfie. Anu hopes the family should be happy always like this and nobody shouldn’t know what she paid in exchange of their happiness.

Rakhi enters and frightens Anu from behind. Anu gets afraid and asks what is she doing here. Rakhi greets everyone and asks why are they surprised seeing her, her visit is valid today as its rakhi day. Baa says her day is on nag panchami. Rakhi says its her house and she can come whenever she wants to, asks Anu if she is right. Anu stands nervous. Toshu says she can anytime she wants to. Rakhi says her SIL also approved her visit. Baa asks why did she come. Rakhi says she cracked her life’s biggest deal last night and came to celebrate with them. Kinjal hugs and welcome her. Rakhi says since Kinjal didn’t want to move out of this house, she made this house as hers and came here. Anu gets more tensed. Mamaji jokes. Samar gets Pakhi’s call and everyone walk to him. Anu asks what is she doing here and not to do anything unusual. Rakhi says relax and walks away. Vanraj notices Anu’s nervousness.

Pakhi video chats with her siblings and says they got rakhi tied by someone else, but she is sad here. Kinjal suggests to tie rakhi to her classmates. She says no. Toshu says they are missing her. Their chat continues. Vanraj stops Anu and says he knows she took money from Devika, he didn’t like her taking Devika’s help, but he understands her situation and its better than closing karkhana/factory, he is happy that she has a friend like Devika and will discuss about it after function. Anu thinks Mr Shah is having problem even with Devika, he will get angry if he hears she borrowed money from Rakhi. Kavya walks to rakhi and asks why she looks so happy today. Rakhi says its her day. Kavya says she is not ichadhari nagin but agenda nagin and what is her agenda today. Rakhi says she came to meet her daughter and anyways this is also her house. Kavya says she comes here always to create a drama. Rakhi says let us do a dhamaka today. Anu gets tensed seeing Rakhi with Kavya and hopes she doesn’t reveal their deal.

Rakhi thinks she should change wall color and Baa’s old fashioned swing. Baa hearing her warns to dare not think of it as its not her house. Rakhi says she can give a befitting reply to her. Baa says she saw how she replied Dholakia holding his collar. Bapuji notices Anu tensed and asks if she is fine. Anu says she is fine and walks away. Bapuji feels something is wrong. Dolly offers snacks to Baa. Baa hopes Rakhi doesn’t create drama again here and describes how Rakhi was planning to change their house color and swing, she cannot believe Kinjal is Rakhi’s daughter, etc. Dolly jokes and brushes off her concern. Vanraj connects his phone to charger. Rakhi walks in and says she needs to charge her phone as its battery is draining. He says even his. She says he is not going for any important work and fixes her phone. She then asks if he closed cafe today. He says after 12 noon as its rakhi day. She says her grandma used to sell pickles and papads and used to say a Gujrati does 26 hours of business in 24 hours, why is he too lazy. He says even she is a Gujrati and is lazing around, she should mind her own business. She says her business is different and she cannot fry samosas like him. Vanraj asks Dolly to bring laddus for Rakhi. Rakhi asks Dolly to bring juice for Vanraj.

Vanraj taunts Rakhi to have laddu and keep her mouth shut. Rakhi taunts her to gulp his ego with juice. Vanraj keeps his glass on table and juice falls on mobile. Rakhi shouts that he spoilt her mobile which had all her business details. Argument starts. Vanraj says he did it by mistake and she can throw coffee in his cafe’s cafe table tomorrow. Mamaji jokes. Rakhi insults him. Vanraj warns not to shout in his house. Rakhi says this is her house. Anu gets tensed hearing that. Baa asks if she has gone mad. Rakhi calls him a phatichar/broke and says he is speaking to her as he is her samdhi or else people like him can’t dare to stand in front of him. Their argument continues. Bapuji tries to stop Vanraj. Rakhi continues insulting with Vanraj. Toshu warns Vanraj not to misbehave with Rakhi. Vanraj asks if he can’t see this woman insulting his father and says Rakhi is a perfect example that they can buy anything from money but not class. Rakhi says he can’t even buy a grass and is talking about class.

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