Barrister Bahu update Friday 7 October 2022


Barrister Bahu 7 October 2022: Episode starts with the girl coming to meet Bondita. Bondita says call me Bondita, I m not your Bahurani, Anirudh has explained me. The girl says fine, I will go after completing my fast, I get dreams. Bondita says its okay, everyone gets dreams, I dreamt of rasgullas. The girl says I m talking of my past birth dreams, I feel scared, my Dadi showed me to many Hakims, then I realized that I get dreams of past birth, I was Bahu of that family like you. Munshi follows Anirudh and smiles. The girl says my Dadi passed away. Bondita says if you saw the haveli in dreams, you answer me. The girl says you shouldn’t question your Saas. Bondita says I m not your bahu. The girl says fine, ask me. Bondita says fine, tell me, how many stairs are there at the door. The girl says four. Bondita says I know you would have counted the stairs, tell me about the water tank…. The girl says no, its a water pool, Trilochan made it on my saying. Bondita asks about the kitchen door. The girl says two. Bondita says wrong, you are a liar. The girl says there are two doors. Bondita says you are a liar.

The girl says fine, don’t believe me, I m worried for Kopal, tie this Raksha kawach to him else…Anirudh gets hurt. Munshi pays the man. He gets revengeful again. Bondita worries seeing Anirudh’s wound. She asks how did you get hurt. Anirudh says its a little scratch. Trilochan and Bondita worry. Anirudh says I went to talk to music tutor and got hurt on the way. Trilochan says thank Lord that you got saved. Bondita says you would be hurt. Anirudh says yes, but I have less pain. She says I will cry if you get hurt. She gets haldi for his wound. She gets hot milk for him. Trilochan asks Anirudh to just wait.She does the aid to Anirudh. Trilochan smiles. Anirudh says I don’t want to have haldi milk now. She insists and asks him to drink it, he has to get fine. Anirudh drinks. She asks him to finish it. Sampoona looks at them. Trilochan sees her and goes to her. He asks do you want to cast bad sight on them, you became a widow in young age and want to cast bad shadow on them. She cries.

Bondita goes to Anirudh to tie the Raksha kawach. Trilochan says Anirudh isn’t listening, he got a widow home, he wants to teach her music, I know its because of Sampoorna. Bondita tries to tie the Raksha kawach. Trilochan and Bihari look on. Anirudh wakes up and says Bondita, do you want something. She signs no. He sees the Raksha kawach and removes it. He asks what’s this kawach. Trilochan asks which kawach is this, did Kaka give it. Bondita says that girl has given it, I was going to school, she came after me, she said anything can happen to you. Anirudh says you trusted her when I explained you, you believe me or that girl. Bondita says I don’t trust her, I called her a liar, she doesn’t know there is one door in the kitchen, but she said there are two doors in the kitchen. Trilochan gets shocked.

Trilochan says she wasn’t saying wrong, we had two doors in kitchen when Anirudh’s mum was alive, then we got one door shut, how does that girl know it. Anirudh says she knows nothing, don’t talk to her, don’t even look at her. He throws the kawach. Trilochan gets shocked seeing it. He recalls Shubra running to save Batuk. The chandelier falls over him. Trilochan sees her dying. He thinks Shubra was going to tie such raksha kawach to her sons, it means that girl is saying the truth, Shubra is reborn.

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