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Barrister Bahu 5 October 2022: Episode starts with Anirudh asking Bondita to take Sampoorna to the kitchen. Bondita takes her. Trilochan asks why didn’t you get widow customs done, she is unlucky for the family. Anirudh says wrong has happened with her, what’s her mistake. Trilochan says kitchen is the purest place in the house, why did you send her there. Bondita asks Sampoorna to manage the kitchen, she has to study. She gives the keys to Sampoorna. Sampoorna asks shall I see the things.Bondita says yes. She goes and thinks Sampoorna will be happy now. Anirudh says its just a start, Bondita and I will do many things for Sampoorna. Trilochan asks what will you do more, its decided, that problems will come in this house. Munshi comes. He asks can I come back on work. Anirudh asks what work do you want to do, to burn helpless widows, you were making Sampoorna Sati, you refused to keep her home.

He scolds Munshi. Munshi says I wasn’t in my senses, forgive me, my son is snatched, don’t snatch my job, how will I manage my family. Anirudh says you can break relations, we can’t, come for the work. Munshi says you have a big heart. He looks at the haveli.Bondita says Sampoorna got busy in kitchen. Anirudh says you also get busy now, you have to go to school and study. She says fine. Trilochan gets saree and jewellery for Bondita. He asks her to get ready for the shanti puja. He says pandit thinks there is a bad shadow on our family, so this puja is necessary. Anirudh says Bondita has to study. Trilochan says you took her to vrindavan for 7 days and now you can’t let her do puja for a day. She says I will do the puja. Trilochan says she is so sensible, teach the same to Anirudh. She nods. Trilochan goes to Sampoorna and says Anirudh and Bondita don’t understand the customs, you keep widow Dharm, never cross your limits, okay, Anirudh said that Saurabh has given life for him, Saurabh did his duty, servants give life for the owner, its nothing new, Anirudh did a favor by getting you here, remember this, be a good maid and pay for this favor. She nods and cries. He goes. She recalls Mami’s words.

Anirudh says I will keep this gramophone in Sampoorna’s room, she likes songs. Bondita smiles. She asks about the Pitra puja. He says its done for those family members who passed away, ancestors, my mum….. He recalls his mum. She asks how was his mum, does he miss her. He says yes. He says she used to work a lot, managing kids, elders’ responsibilities, kitchen, guests, everything. He recalls his mum’s love and care. He cries and says she used to do everything with a smile on her face, she used to get some time for herself, she used to write something, maybe, she liked paintings. A girl is seen writing, painting…. He says she had an amazing quality, she used to say a one liner after everything. Bondita asks what. He says Jano no…. everytime she used to talk. The girl says Jano no, I don’t leave any work incomplete. He says she used to sing very sweetly, she used to sing bhajans and lullabies, Chanda re…..

The girl sings the lullaby. Bondita recalls Sumati and cries. Somnath and Batuk come singing. Anirudh hugs them. Trilochan says you have a union without me. He also praises Anirudh’s mum. He says she loved kids a lot, she was like my younger sister, but scolded me like a mum, she kept a fast for me when I fell sick. Anirudh says mum had a strange habit to give nicknames to everyone. The girl says the same names. Bondita asks what did you call you. Anirudh says leave it. She asks him to say, she won’t laugh. He says I will tell you, she named me Gopal. The girl says Gopal, I m coming to you.Anirudh saying mum used to call me Kopal, which means a flower bud, since I was her first child. Bondita calls him Kopal babu and claps. Trilochan asks her not to take her husband’s nickname. He asks her to do the puja well. He says I feel restless that something wrong may happen. Its morning, Munshi gets some pics cleaned. Trilochan asks did the preparations get done. Munshi says yes, now Bondita has to do the puja. Trilochan asks Bihari to get the pics to temple. Sampoorna looks on. Anirudh and Bondita come to the temple and wash their feet. She says I do many things seeing you, you see me and do things. He says sure. She rings the bell. He also rings the bell. Rishta tera mera….plays….

Bondita says you need smartness to copy also, ladies fill kumkum in maang, not men, we have to do puja, you get garlands for the pics, and also red roses. She teases him. He goes to get the things. Bihari says these are the ancestors of our haveli. Bondita greets everyone. She says I want to see Anirudh’s mum. Bihari shows everyone and introduces. He sees an empty frame and asks where did the pic go. She asks where did the pic go. A girl comes to the temple and washes her feet. He says I lost the bag there, maybe I lost the pic, I will find it and come. Bondita says get it fast before Trilochan comes, else puja won’t be done right. She goes to look for the pic. She sees a pic fallen inside the temple. She goes to check it.Anirudh gets the garlands. Bondita runs and collides with him. The flowers fall down. Anirudh and Bondita sit to pick. Bondita sees a pic. A girl comes there. Bondita sees her. She thinks this girl looks like Maa ji. The girl picks a flower bud and says Kopal. Bondita gets shocked. She asks Anirudh to just come and see. Anirudh says there is no one. He asks where were you. She says she was here. He asks who. Trilochan asks them to come soon for puja. He goes. A girl looks on while they do the puja for ancestors. Bondita thinks where did that girl go, Anirudh would have thought of her also. Bondita does the rituals. Binoy gets up. Trilochan stops him to be part of puja. The girl comes and says you can’t sit like that for long time, right, Trilochan knows it.

They get shocked seeing her. She asks Binoy to sit on the stool. Bondita says I wanted to show her to you. Anirudh asks do you know her. Bondita says no. Binoy asks who are you, what did you say. The girl greets him and says Shubra Roy Choudhary. They get shocked.Bondita says she looks like your mum. Anirudh says you know mum died many years ago. Trilochan says you stop this bad joke, you know who we are, we are Roy Choudhary, we don’t like such jokes, whose daughter is this, take her away. The girl says I belong to your family. She asks Anirudh didn’t he identify her, I m your mum. She asks Binoy to believe her rebirth, she was Shupra in the last birth. Trilochan asks what.Anirudh asks what’s this nonsense, someone has sent you. Munshi looks on. Anirudh asks who sent you. Trilochan says I will handle her. He scolds her. He asks everyone to come. The girl sings Chanda re…. They stop and look at her.

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