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Barrister Bahu 24 June 2022: Episode starts with Saurabh saying its nothing like that, it was with love. Sampoorna says Saurabh held my hand. Mami says it was with love. Bondita says she can get hurt even by love. Saurabh says I just held Sampoorna’s hand with love and she went away. Anirudh says its love or a secret, forgive me, come, hug me. He comes to everyone and says sorry, I misunderstood Saurabh, he didn’t hurt Sampoorna, sorry. Saurabh says don’t apologize. Anirudh says just call me Anirudh. Bondita says Maa says that one who supports wrong is also wrong. Anirudh says he isn’t wrong. Mami raises hand on her. Anirudh stops her and asks why are you beating her, will she understand if you beat her, her questioning and curiosity is her strength, you are elder, there is much curiosity in this age, if we don’t answer her, then it will be our mistake, we can’t stop her thinking, we are wrong. He asks Bondita to come, he will show her something.

Bondita says you didn’t scold Saurabh. He asks her to solve the riddle. She says butterfly, its easy to guess.He says tell me, when we go to catch the butterfly, what happens. She says it flies away, butterfly doesn’t like to get touched, don’t you know. He asks does the calf hit you when you go to him. She says no, I touch him with love and he also comes to me, we love each other. He says it means where there is love, you can express it, you can touch and cuddle. Bondita says yes. Anirudh says if you touch anyone against wish, then touch is… She says bad. He says if calf doesn’t hit you and comes to you, then the touch is… Bondita says good.Anirudh says when the person’s touch makes you feel love, then its nice, when the person’s touch makes you feel uncomfortable, then its bad. Maa comes and looks on. Anirudh asks Bondita to say, if Sampoorna was happy or angry when Saurabh held her hand. Mami signs Mama. Mama asks Anirudh to stop these cheap lecture, keep them away from this sin. Anirudh says girls should know it, what’s there to get ashamed, do you want her to misunderstand and ask this again, don’t interfere and let me do my work. He asks Bondita to say what was Sampoorna’s expression. Bondit says she was smiling, it means she loves Saurabh, so she didn’t complain, because his touch was right. Anirudh says you got it right. Maa says I m not worried now, Bondita got the person to answer her questions, he will not raise hand on her questions and explain her.

Bondita and Sampoorna play. Saurabh looks on. Anirudh reads books. Bondita asks him to come and play. He says no, I like to read the book. He gets troubled by mosquitoes. Mama says sorry, how can we make arrangements for your stay. Anirudh says its fine, we have to leave in the morning. Saudamini comes to Anirudh’s room. She thinks of Anirudh’s room. She says you can’t love anyone. She tells his words. Binoy comes and says I didn’t know, you will say Anirudh’s language, I thought you are practical. She asks what do you mean to say. He says I will explain if you want to understand.Maa asks Bondita what is she doing. Bondita says I m making Raj mahal for you, I m packing your bags, we will leave in the morning. Maa says what if I say that I won’t come. Bondita says you forgot your promise, Anirudh also said that he will take you. Maa recalls Trilochan’s words.

Binoy says Bondita is a little girl now, but soon she will be of your age, will their relation be of responsibility. Saudamini says but Anirudh loves me. Binoy says yes, but she will be called his wife, can society or your dad understand your love, do whatever you want, will you get Anirudh if you make a sacrifice. She says why shall I sacrifice, I know how to get him, you will see new Saudamini, you knows how to snatch love.Anirudh fights with the mosquitoes. Maa comes to help him. She keeps a plant and says mosquitoes won’t come now. He asks how do you know about it. She says studies aren’t needed, if we observe things, we learn a lot. He thanks her for the plant. He says before you leave, I want to know something, you respect me a lot, will everyone give me same respect, won’t they have a problem that a widow is staying with her daughter in her Sasural. He thinks of Binoy and Trilochan’s words. She says I will lose my respect, why shall I let Bondita hear taunts, will it give me happiness, I m dependant on my brother, but I have no problem here, I don’t want to get insulted and live there, Bondita loves me a lot, she tells me about the good things there, I can’t live without esteem, Raj bhog will be like poison, Bondita needed me, but now you are with her to protect her, I m not worried, she needs your support, not her mum, so that she moves on in life, you give her courage so that she doesn’t need any support, can’t you do this for Bondita, its just in your hands. She goes.


Anirudh worries. Its morning, Mami shows Sampoorna about the gifts. She says this bigger bag is yours. Saurabh stays upset. She asks him to taste the fruits. He goes. She gets thinking. Bondita gets Maa’s bag. Mami asks where is Anirudh. Mama comes and says Anirudh left in the morning, he didn’t tell anything, why. Mami asks did he run away, did he come to leave Bondita. She starts the drama. Maa looks on and thinks where did he go, did he get upset. Bondita thinks how can he do this way.Bondita saying I believe Anirudh, he will come back. Anirudh comes back. He says I will tell you where I went. He gets a lawyer. He says I just bought a big land, Trilochan calls me a landlord, Binoy calls me a bad businessman, so I thought to do mangoes business, I want someone to take care of my business. Mami asks Mama to take this responsibility. She says he will do this work, he is sincere. Anirudh says I knew I will get someone from this house to take care of this responsibility, I believe that Bondita’s Maa will take care of the mango farms. Bondita smiles.

Anirudh asks Maa to complete the formalities. He asks Saurabh to open Maa’s bank account. He tells her terms for the work. He says your salary would be 50 rs. Mami says its too much, we would have managed Sampoorna’s dowry. Maa asks would I do this. Anirudh says yes, I want someone to do this work with love for farms, you manage the plants as your children, you have to listen to me. Maa nods and says you did a lot for Bondita, I will do this. Anirudh makes Maa complete the formality. Anirudh says I want to return what’s yours. He gives her the idol. Maa cries.Maa cries and recalls his words. Bondita asks how did you get the idol back. Maa says Lord gave it to me, I asked him to take care of Bondita. Bondita asks shall I keep this in your bag. Maa says you tie the mango farms in the bag, okay. Bondita laughs and asks how can it come. Maa explains her that she will manage the mango farms, she will get mangoes and come to her soon. Bondita says I love you a lot, you will come with me. Maa says its fine, what if Anirudh’s trust breaks.

Bondita says I will stay without you, I won’t let you get insulted.Maa says I will be glad, its a matter of few days, once mangoes get ripened, I won’t delay, you take care and stay happy, he will always take care of you, you don’t hurt him. Bondita says I will be glad that you have the farms responsibility. She goes. Maa cries.Anirudh gets Bondita home. She sees the decorations. Saudamini comes to welcome them. Anirudh looks on shocked. Bondita asks Anirudh to chant Ram’s name, its Ram Navami festive. Anirudh thinks why is Mini so happy. Bondita goes in. Saudamini asks her to stop. She goes and says you can’t enter the house without welcome. She does aarti and welcomes Anirudh and Bondita. Anirudh asks Bondita to go in, he will get the luggage. Mini says you should have told me if you wanted to play holi with me. He asks what’s all this. Saudamini asks Bondita to stop, there is big function today, I will make you decked up.Saurabh’s mum argues with Biraj Kaki. She says its my house, my dad have the house to me, go and tell truth to your son and bahu, ask them to leave my house. Biraj gets shocked and apologizes to her.Saurabh’s mum asks did you feel bad, you should remember that your Maayka isn’t rich like mine, explain Sampoorna to get the five goats, else she won’t be staying here. Biraj goes.Saurabh’s mum says I will always rule on this house. Anirudh says Somnath, I want to talk to Mini. Somnath says not now. Saumini collides with Anirudh. He stops her and asks what are you trying to show.She says I had handled the festive last time, why are you questioning this time. She goes. He thinks to talk to her, why is she doing this.

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