Barrister Bahu update Wednesday 22 June 2022


Barrister Bahu 22 June 2022: Episode starts with Anirudh asking the kids to get away from the car, else they will get hurt. Bondita says they are my friends. She talks to her friends and calls them home. Mama and Mami welcome them. Mami gets angry to see Bondita wearing costly clothes and jewellery. Bondita gives sweets to her friends. Maa looks on. Sampoorna and Bondita ask Mami how did she get so lean and weak, why didn’t she get fat, is she worried for them. Bondita says I have to meet Maa. Mami says meet her after rasam completed. Anirudh recalls the marriage. Saurabh says Anirudh doesn’t differentiate between master and slave, but we can’t forget it, Anirudh will do rituals first.

Sampoorna says Bondita is my younger sister, our right is…. He says Bondita is Anirudh’s wife now. Anirudh and Bondita come for rituals. Bondita says I will go to meet Maa. Maa says you can’t meet me before rituals complete. Bondita says I don’t want to do more rituals, I want to meet you, I want to hug you. Maa asks her to do all rituals and come, doesn’t she love her mum. Bondita cries. Maa asks her not to cry. They get emotional.Bondita asks her not to cry. They wipe tears and smile. Bondita goes to Anirudh and says we will do rasam fast, then we will meet Maa. Anirudh sits. He stops Mama from washing his feet. He says I won’t do this rasam. Mama asks did we do any mistake. Anirudh says no. Mami says we are indebted to you for giving a place to our daughters in your house. Anirudh says we are indebted to you for this, you have given your daughter, who is elder then, ritual should be that Jamai washes his in-laws’ feet. He asks Saurabh to let someone else sit there. He asks Bondita to call her mum. He asks Mama and Mami to sit. He says Saurabh and I will wash your feet. Saurabh nods. Mama says we won’t do this sin. Anirudh says you want us to do this sin, better call off this ritual. Mama asks him to accept a small gift. Maa thinks Anirudh also questions like Bondita. Bondita asks can I meet Maa now. She asks Anirudh to come and meet Maa. She says I have to make Maa eat fruits. Anirudh says come, we will get the fruits from the car. They get the fruits. Bondita asks him to come, she will give one fruit to him.

He asks won’t Maa feel bad. She says she is very nice, she asks me to share things. He says you meet your mum, I will meet her later.She asks why, are you scared to meet her. He asks why. She says she is a widow, everyone is scared of her shadow. He says I m not scared. She asks will you meet her. He says yes, will you take me. She says you take some fruits and say you got it, she will be glad to get the gift, she never gets gifts. They go. Anirudh sees the room and thinks its would be tough for her to stay here without any necessities. Bondita asks him to meet Maa. He says she doesn’t want to meet me. Maa talks to him. He asks Maa for blessings. She says you are a blessing for Bondita, what blessing shall I give you. Bondita says you bless him, he is a landlord, he will give you a gift if you bless. Maa blesses him. She cleans up the place. Maa gifts Anirudh. Bondita shows the fruits. He sees the gift. He smiles seeing them. Bondita asks Maa to have food. Maa refuses. Anirudh says then prepare to come with us, we have come to take you. Maa recalls Trilochan’s words. She asks Bondita to tell about her Sasural, does she respect her husband. Bondita asks Anirudh to tell everything to Maa. She says I have come to take you.

She says there is everything, you found a good husband for me, but you aren’t there, I don’t like anything without you, I was hungry and made the flour fall down, Anirudh gave me much food, he is very nice, he gave me a big bed to sleep. Maa asks do you serve your husband, what did I teach you. Bondita says its wife’s work. Anirudh says there are servants at home to work, Bondita is younger, my responsibility, I will come later. Bondita says Batuk is naughty, you scold him. Maa asks her to tolerate things. Anirudh asks is it good to teach Bondita to tolerate wrong. Bondita says he also supports me. She asks about Ganesh gold idol, how is she doing the puja without idol. Maa worries.Bondita asking Maa how can she lose the idol, did Mami take it. Sampoorna asks Mami to give dowry to her inlaws. Mami says that old man was giving us five goats, now he is dead. Sampoorna asks how can you sell Bondita. Mami says you have to impress your Saas now, so that she forgets the dowry. Bondita says Mami used to take your stuff. Maa asks her to forget it, go and play with her friends. Bondita asks Anirudh will he come. Maa asks her to go. Bondita goes. Maa asks can I talk to you. He asks her to say. She says I can’t come with you, I couldn’t say this in front of Bondita. He says Bondita isn’t wrong, she is 8 years old and needs her mum, you have to come with me for her sake at any cost. Bondita has no one to play with. She looks for Sampoorna. Saurabh and Sampoorna have a talk. They romance. She gets shy and says anyone can see, you won’t be shy. She says let me go, I m scared of you. Bondita gets an earring and picks it. She sees Saurabh with Sampoorna.


She misunderstands their romance and goes to complain to Mama and Mami. Binoy asks Bhaumik to sign the business deal. Bhaumik recalls Saudamini and refuses to sign the deal. He says the loss isn’t just of money, don’t get upset, we will meet soon. Bondita runs to Mami and says I have seen… Mami says I have much work. She runs to Mama. He says this sweets is for jamai babu. Bondita asks whom shall I say now, Maa listens to me always. Mami says your mum went to fill water. Bondita sits worried. Anirudh asks what happened. She says no one has time to listen to me, I m so worried, will anyone listen to me, my life is spoiled.Anirudh smiles and asks her to tell him the problem, he is ready to listen. She says yes, you can help me. He asks her to praise him later. She asks him to save Sampoorna from Saurabh, he is much bad, she didn’t get a good husband, what will happen now. He asks what did Saurabh go. She says he has beaten her, he has twisted her hand. He says I can’t believe this. She asks am I lying, is the husband who beats wife good, you can see Sampoorna’s hand, Mami has always beaten me, but not Sampoorna, why did Saurabh hurt her. Anirudh says stop crying, he will get punished and never punish Sampoorna. Anirudh sees Saurabh and thinks I can’t believe this, when shall I talk to him. Bondita asks him to scold Saurabh.

Anirudh sees Sampoorna’s wound on her hand. Saurabh asks Anirudh to have food first. Anirudh gets angry. He asks Sampoorna how did she get hurt. She gets silent. Anirudh gets up and scolds Saurabh. He asks do you deserve this food, love and respect, I didn’t think you will get shameless, will you protect your wife or hurt her, they gave your daughter. Saurabh asks what did I do. Bondita says you have done wrong with Sampoorna, she was scared of you, you didn’t listen to her, get punished now. Saurabh asks what did I do. Sampoorna says he didn’t do anything.Bondita says I m with you, I told everything to Anirudh, he will punish bad Jamai babu. Mami says you are wicked to talk in this manner. Saurabh says forgive me, what’s my mistake. Mami asks Sampoorna why didn’t she keep quiet if her husband has beaten her.Anirudh says why shall a husband beat his wife. He asks Saurabh to beat him now. Saurabh says I didn’t do anything wrong.

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  1. This is so interesting story is good to believe in yourself and believe in others too this is very nice I love this novel


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