Barrister Bahu Tuesday 27 September 2022


Barrister Bahu 27 September 2022: Episode starts with Ramayya asking can we watch a movie, as Bondita told us. Anirudh thinks they can learn Ramayan after watching the movie. He says fine, you can watch it. The boy says Anirudh took the girls home. Saudamini asks what, how did Trilochan agree to keep the girls home. The boy says Bondita was happy. She gets angry. Greenwood stops her and says you can’t get angry now, you are my wife now, we will divide them and rule, find the weakest link in their team and break it with love. She nods and smiles.Bondita shows the projection screen. She says we used to see the pics before, we will watch the movie on this curtain, it will be fun. Badal says its impossible to see pictures on the curtain. Bondita says I also didn’t believe it before, we will see it in some time, then everyone will believe us. Elaichi says Bondita is showing off once again.

Bondita hugs Ramayya. Trilochan asks Koyli to go and stop them, will the girls become part of family. Koyli says Anirudh won’t like it. Trilochan says yes, he may get worried, but I can’t let the girls sit with us, is Anirudh going to come. Trilochan says fine, let them see with the family.Bondita and everyone come to watch the movie. Bondita looks for her friends. Trilochan says I made arrangements for them to sit that side, don’t worry for them, sit. Bondita looks at the girls. She feels bored. She says I want to go there and sit. Trilochan asks her to sit with him and watch the movie. He says you always spend time with the girls. She agrees and thinks to go to her friends later. Saudamini looks at them by binoculars. Elaichi says Bondita said she will sit with us, but she is sitting there like a queen. They see Ramayan movie. Bondita claps happily. The girls don’t get to see the proper picture. Elaichi says I don’t want to see this, its a partiality with us.

Saudamini smiles and says I found the weak link, Trilochan did all the work. She sees Elaichi complaining about Bondita. Surayya says Anirudh and Bondita don’t have any biasing. Saudamini says Elaichi is affected by the biasing. Badal scolds Elaichi for being jealous with Bondita. Saudamini says Elaichi is the one. Bondita goes to see the girls. She doesn’t see them. She says the picture isn’t coming well this side. Elaichi goes away and gets angry. Saudamini comes to meet her. She say I agree with you, you are right. Elaichi says you are our enemy, Betty Greenwood. Saudamini says I m Saudamini, I was Anirudh’s neighbor and childhood friend, Anirudh and Bondita did wrong with me, he has used me, he will throw you out as well, he is just acting, he just wants to educate Bondita. Bondita comes to Anirudh and asks why is the picture not seen well to the girls’ side, it was coming well on our side, what’s the science behind it. Anirudh says its not science, Trilochan didn’t give equal rights to those girls, its his biasing.

Anirudh goes to see. Bondita says I will apologize to my friends. Saudamini says if you join hands with me, I will make Anirudh and Bondita bend in front of you. Elaichi asks can I wear clothes and jewellery like Bondita. Saudamini says yes, you can get everything, don’t you want a luxurious life or slavery to Bondita, think. She gifts her a broach and says its first gift, you will get many gifts. Elaichi shakes hands with her. Saudamini asks her to take number and call her if there is any news. Bondita comes there and looks on.Anirudh stopping the movie. He asks Trilochan why did you do biasing between Bondita and those girls, why, tell me. Bondita comes to Elaichi. Saudamini hides. Bondita says forgive me, I didn’t know that movie was coming incomplete that side. Elaichi hugs her and says we are friends now. Saudamini thinks I will divide and rule. She goes. Binoy says if you fight like this, then it will be profit for Saudamini and Greenwood, britishers divide and rule, I will tell you one thing, Saudamini will not sit quiet, she will keep playing some game.

Anirudh says yes, you are right, we are fighting so that girls get education, I can’t let biasing happen, Bondita and I will have food in the leaves like those girls, everyone will know we are same, if they can’t be like us, then we will be like them, the difference ends.Bondita comes to the girls and says I will be with you all now. The girls smile. Bondita asks Koyli to give almond milk to everyone. They drink the milk. Elaichi thinks I have to go to my Sasural. She sees Saudamini’s given broach. Anirudh thinks I m ending the biasing, when will I make girls discipline so that they study hard. Anirudh says we will take a test again. He asks the questions. The girls answer. Someone throws a paper ball to distract them. Anirudh goes to see. Bondita gets shocked seeing Anirudh’s effigy. Se cries. He shouts on the girls to come back to the class. Sumayya laughs. Anirudh asks her to laugh more. Sumayya says I can’t stop my laughter. Anirudh says yes, its not in your control, I will teach you control, I will punish you. He punishes her and says you will learn to control yourself now, go. She makes a face and goes. He asks does anyone else want to go with Surayya, we will take class later. Bondita keeps the book. Anirudh sees the paper and worries.

Bondita comes there. She says these days you don’t wear your white clothes and go to play, it will relieve your stress. He says I m happy. She says I can see tension on your face. She makes him smile. He says if you want to see me happy, then go and study, Saudamini has sent the note, just 3 days are left for the test, try to understand the need of the hour, I will be happy if you all study. Anirudh goes to class and asks did you have food. They say yes. He asks Surayya did she fulfill punishment work. She says yes, you can go and see. Bondita looks for the book. She says its not here, I had kept it here. He shouts, find out the book, its imp. Bondita says I had put the book here. She checks the black marks on the papers. Anirudh asks Surayya to get the book. Surayya says you think I have taken it, how can you blame me. Anirudh says your hands have got black by coal, look at this papers, the papers have got black colour, how, get the book. She says I didn’t take the book.

Anirudh asks Ramayya to check Surayya’s belongings and get the book. Surayya says go and check, I didn’t take the book. Anirudh says we don’t have time, don’t waste time. Elaichi smiles and thinks she took the book. Surayya says the book isn’t in her belongings. Anirudh asks where is it. Badal says I got the book there but… come and see. They go and see the torn papersin Bondita’s room. Surayya asks who can come to your room, Bondita should get punished now. Elaichi smiles. Bondita says I don’t know how did this come here. Surayya says I told the same, Anirudh made me a thief, who will believe you. Anirudh says I will believe her, because I know she won’t do this. Elaichi recalls tearing the book. Surayya argues with him. She says biasing doesn’t end by words, you have to end biasing and show. Elaichi says right, Bondita took the book. Badal says yes, she is right. Surayya says you believe her, because Bondita is your wife, we are from hira mandi. Anirudh says stop saying nonsense, I have never did biasing between you all, you all are equal students for me. Surayya says fine, prove it.Bondita should be punished. Bondita says I didn’t tear the book, I m ready to take the punishment. He says no way Bondita, she didn’t do any mistake. Elaichi thinks Bondita and Anirudh will be in trouble now.

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