Love by chance update Wednesday 28 September 2022


Love by chance 28 September 2022: The Episode starts with Anu saying Charu took this decision from his heart. Charu asks not from mind. Anu says I have seen that girl’s anger and misbehavior. Charu says that’s her innocence, she speaks her heart, I have seen the world, we just get sweet lies, not the truth, its in this girl, she is innocent, she bonded so well with the family. Anu says maybe Riddhesh has two daughters, that girl isn’t the one you met. Golu says you are refusing to Charu. Anu says sorry, I can’t accept this. Charu says its okay, I have to say sorry, I can’t decide for your life. Anu says we can take decisions for us. Charu gets upset. He says now you aren’t among us. Everyone scolds Anu. Anu says I m sorry, what shall I do, shall I ruin my life to become a good son, shall I marry a girl who is wrong for me, I love my family, shall I lie to you. Sargam says we asked you to trust us, you don’t like any girl, then you should marry the girl we chose for you. Anu says that girl is not worth it. Charu says forgive me, I m sorry. Anu says so sorry, you felt bad. Charu says let it be, you go now. Anu says don’t misunderstand me.

Chandru says Charu loves you the most, Sargam was ill when you were born, I used to be with her, Charu and Sunanda raised you. Everyone cries. Charu says I taught you to talk, you started talking and broke my illusion. Anu cries. He says I can’t say yes to you for something that my soul is denying. Charu says forget it, no one will talk about this. He goes. Everyone goes leaving Anu alone. Anu cries.Charu locks himself in the room. Everyone asks Charu to open the door. Anu comes and looks on. Yug says he isn’t coming out, he didn’t take food and medicines, its because of you. Anu says I hate Gungun, don’t make me feel guilty, I didn’t do any mistake, I can’t do melodrama. Yug asks do you find this a drama. Anu says I m also hurt. Sargam scolds him. Anu asks shall we break the door. Golu says we will go that, don’t waste time here. Chandru asks Anu to go and do his work. Anu says fine, let me talk to him, you can continue taunts later. He asks Charu to open the door. Charu opens the door. He asks why are you all so worried, I was going to come out. Neeti goes to get food for him. Charu says you all have food, who is with me now. Chandru says our family is one. Charu says someone broke my illusion. Sunanda gives him food and medicines. Charu says someone taught me to be practical, not emotional. He gets sad and goes. Anu stops him. Charu says I m upset that I couldn’t understand the changing time, go now. Anu says why is he so disappointed with me, just because of that girl, why is my family treating me like this, like I did some sin, I didn’t do anything. He cries.

Riddhesh asking Gungun to come to talk to him, its imp. Gungun asks what’s imp than my exam results. She says I m so stressed. Riddhesh and Garima joke. Garima says you will pass, because of my fasts and prayers. He asks Gungun to take life seriously. Gungun says don’t worry, I will pass. He says there is a bigger exam of life. Gungun says I don’t want all this jazz now. He asks did you think of your future. Gungun says I planned the evening outing. He says kids prepare their career blueprint these days, you didn’t plan anything, so I decided for you, you will get married. She laughs and asks isn’t this a joke. He says I m serious. She says I have seen two marriages, you and Bua stay alone even now, I will stay single.

He says I know our marriages were wrong, but we all want an anchor in life, your husband will be the anchor, your life will complete. She says I saw two failed marriages. He says fine, I have seen a family where no marriage failed, the guy is good. Gungun asks did you see the guy for me, who is he. He says Anubhav. She asks where does he stay. He says I spoke to Charu. Gungun asks what, Anubhav, what the hell. He says don’t react like this. She says no way, you both are joking. He says I spoke to them, they will say yes soon. She says I will go and stay in hostel but not get married to him, we are opposites. Garima says opposites attract. He says you deserve a good family, you will learn to live life well there. Gungun says I will stay there as a paying guest. She argues and says I will refuse, I can’t marry him, never. He says he is perfect. Garima says his family loves you. Gungun says I will not marry him. They try to explain Gungun.

She says Anu would have complained to you about my friends. She says I will leave this house if you force me for marriage. Garima says don’t talk to your dad like this. Gungun says you talk progressive things, but you are regressive, that guy needs a psychiatrist, not a wife. He says you need Anu, just he can make your life better, this marriage will happen, that is final. She refuses and goes. Garima says stop her, she will lock herself again. Gungun goes to the room. The door latch breaks. She pulls a high chair there and sits crying. He says she has to understand this.

Golu is sad and talks of Charu’s sadness. They discuss about Anu. Golu says Anu is selfish, he didn’t listen to family. Yug says dad is too hurt now, Anu has hurt him. They all get emotional. Yug says Anu is his fav and today he broke his heart. Anu comes. They get rude towards him. Golu taunts him.Neeti says sorry and goes. Golu says life and cricket is a team game, always remember this. Chavi says Bade Papa has called everyone. Anu asks did he call me also. She says yes, you can come. Anu comes to meet everyone. Charu says I have called you all to return your deposit. He says you all are sensible and don’t need me, I want to return your money. Anu cries

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