Barrister Bahu update Monday 26 September 2022

Barrister Bahu 26 September 2022: Episode starts with Bondita saying I will go to study now, I can’t have food. Trilochan says I will talk to Anirudh, you just have food and go. She says I can’t get scolding from Anirudh. Two boys see Bondita and stop her on the way. She says I m getting late. They ask her to keep a ball over her head and walk, ball shouldn’t fall down. She worries. She keeps the ball on her head and walks slowly. She smiles and punctures the ball with her hair pin. The boys looks on. The girls come late for the class. Anirudh scolds them a lot. Bondita comes late. He says how can I scold you all when the class monitor comes late. Bondita apologizes. He says you have to work day and night, you can’t win now. He asks them are they filling sleepy. He throws the water from the drum. He asks the girls to fill the drum with water. Elaichi argues with him. He gives them 15mins. They go to the well and try to get the water out. Saurabh says the girls got tired.

Anirudh says I know what I m doing. Bondita says we won’t need to work hard if we fix this wheel. They use the wheel and fill water. Saurabh says so you were teaching them a lesson, not punishing them. Anirudh says yes. Bondita says using this wheel, the weight isn’t coming on our hands. Anirudh says I have to teach the discipline so that they win the challenge. He asks them to rush. Bholi goes to change her clothes. Saudamini comes to the house and pours kerosene. She says Anirudh got the villagers on his side, but no one will give a shelter to those girls, where will they go. They lights the house and goes. Bholi is trapped inside and cries. Bondita sees the fire and shouts. Anirudh and everyone get shocked. Anirudh asks them to get water.

Anirudh goes inside and saves Bholi. Everyone gets the water to put off the fire. Bholi gets dizzy. He asks how did this fire break out. Bholi signs about Saudamini. Bondita asks did Saudamini did this. Anirudh gets shocked. He asks Bholi did Mini did this. She nods. He shouts Saudamini.Saudamini says so we ignite fire this way, chapter complete. Anirudh and everyone come there. She taunts him. He scolds her for igniting the fire. Greenwood asks him not to accuse Saudamini and present the proof if he has any. Anirudh says I have a proof, Bholi has seen her igniting the fire. Greenwood says then let Bholi say it. Everyone asks Bholi to say it. Saudamini and Greenwood smile. Bondita asks them not to trouble Bholi. Saudamini thinks we knew that Bholi is mute, and can’t talk. Anirudh says Bholi can’t speak. Greenwood asks how can you say that Betty ignited the fire, you are wrong, you are a barister, don’t you know that you can’t blame anyone without a proof, don’t waste time, go home and prepare.

Saudamini asks him to go, there is no time, Bondita will go home, but where will the girls go, they lost the roof. Anirudh says don’t worry, you all will stay in a new house, come. Surayya says no, you will get a new house and new things for us, can you protect us, think. All the girls argue and say the same. Bondita says they are right, they want protection. Anirudh says there is one such place. He brings them home. He says our haveli, there can’t be any more secure place than this, there is no need to get scared. Bondita thinks Trilochan will not let my friends come, knowing they are hira mandi girls.

Trilochan asking the maid to purify Bondita when she comes home. Bondita says I will go and convince Trilochan. Anirudh smiles. Bondita comes home. Trilochan asks are you studying well, exams are after few days. She says no. She tells everything. He gets shocked. He says Saudamini has become a Daayan, our Anirudh is sensible. Bondita says the girls are here, Anirudh got them here. He asks did he lose his mind, I won’t let the girls come here, this can’t happen. She worries. Binoy throws a dog’s collar and says if you have to make those girls away, then make Anirudh wear this dog’s collar, make him Greenwood’s slave.

Bondita says I can’t let Anirudh become a slave. She goes out and says Trilochan has agreed. Anirudh says great. She jumps happily. He says now you all will stay here, its the most secure place, come. Saurabh says I will get them, have this book. Anirudh asks the girls to study well. Bondita takes the girls. She shows the entire house. The girls like the study. They have a talk. Anirudh says I got this secure house for them, Bondita you have made me think so. She says you have taught me to end the difference by arguments, Binoy helped me in convincing Trilochan. Anirudh asks dad? She says yes. Trilochan asks maid/Koyli to give the ground floor room to the girls and keep them away from the Durga maa temple, keep their utensils separate, don’t tell this to Anirudh.

Binoy says you know Anirudh will know it and… Anirudh comes and says I got to know everything. Trilochan says my beliefs… Anirudh hugs and says thanks for allowing those girls in our haveli. Trilochan thinks its good he didn’t hear about separate utensils. Anirudh recalls Binoy’s words. He says Bondita told me that you convinced Trilochan, I won’t say thanks, you are helping me a lot, I know you worry for me, you protect me by becoming a roof, ground, wall and silent support for me, you encourage me. He hugs Binoy. Binoy happily cries. Bondita gives clothes to the girls. She asks them not to thank, go to sleep and get ready to study in morning.

The girls come to study. Elaichi says Bondita, new saree again. Bondita says its old one, Trilochan got many sarees for me. Anirudh comes to teach them. He says I will take your test today. Bondita says you didn’t tell me before. He says problems don’t come in life by asking us, we should be ready for test always, I will ask you all and you have to answer the questions, who will come first. Surayya asks Bondita to go first.

Anirudh takes Bondita and asks the questions. Bondita answers. She thinks well and gets confused. He says your answer is right. Surayya says we will send Badal next. Bondita answers wrong. Anirudh gets upset. He says send the next student. Bondita goes. He questions all the students. He says I have results in my hand. He says Surayya has answered all the 5 questions wrong, she gets a zero, same for Elaichi, when I asked her who has built Taj Mahal, her answer was Anirudh. Everyone laughs.He scolds them. He asks them to study hard and understand the challenge. Bondita thinks if he gets so angry, everyone will get scared and not study.

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