Aparajita Zeeworld update Monday 3 July 2023

Aparajita 3 July 2023: Akshay approaches Aparajita, she is scared and says what is wrong with you? Did you eat something wrong? why are you doing this? Akshay says I will throw you in the river. Aparajita sees a bear trap on her foot and screams in pain. Akshay grabs it and starts dragging her. Asha and Disha rush there, they are shocked to see it. Disha asks how did this happen? she tries to push him away but he throws her, Asha asks him to stop it.

Aparajita 2 July 2023

Aparajita says what are you doing? Mohini is calling Niya but her phone is off. Akshay is trying to drag Aparajita but Disha and Asha tie him to a tree. Disha says I knew he would do this, we shouldn’t have trusted him. Aparajita says no, he is not in his sense, maybe we have to make him angry. Aparajita says maybe Disha is right, he can’t be trusted, they are not his kids, they are mine only. Akshay comes back to his senses and asks what happened?

Disha says you were trying to throw Maa in the river. He says what? I don’t remember anything. Asha frees him. Akshay rushes to Aparajita and asks what happened? Aparajita says you tried to throw me in the river, you were not listening to me. Akshay says I am sorry, I can’t remember anything. Akshay says we have to free her from the bear trap. He asks Asha to help him. Asha and Disha become hypnotized, they both faint. Aparajita cries and says what is happening? Akshay rushes to them and see them unconscious.

Chhavi is going to the car when Veer comes there. He says you are mine only, he hugs her and says I love you. Chhavi becomes hypnotized. Veer asks where is everyone else? I know your mother wanted to marry you off but I am here, we will get married today only, lets go. Chhavi goes with him. Aparajita is crying in pain, Akshay says you are strong, we have to save the kids. Aparajita says you have to break it. Akshay breaks it using the stone. Aparajita says where is Chhavi and Niya? Akshay says I don’t know.

Niya calls Mohini and says everything is okay here, I will make you talk to Akshay. She sees Veer taking Chhavi from there. She says what is going on? She goes to Veer and says where are you taking her? Veer says she is going with me, Aparajita wanted her to get married to someone else, she is mine only. Niya is confused and says you can’t take her. Veer says we love each other, don’t try to stop me, he leaves with her. Mohini tells Niya that don’t interfere in their matter,

just go and find Akshay. Aparajita says we have to get water. Disha wakes up and asks what happened? Akshay says we will take Asha to the hospital. Asha wakes up and asks what is going on? Aparajita says what is happening? Disha recalls Asha saying what if joker does magic on them? Disha leaves from there. Veer makes Chhavi sit in his car and drives away with her. Niya comes to Akshay, he asks where is Chhavi? Disha comes there and says that joker ran away with our stuff and left his stuff.

Akshay finds a newspaper article in his stuff which says this joker loots people by hypnotizing them. Akshay says he must have hypnotized us all. Asha says why would he leave his stuff? Disha says he must have wanted to brag. Akshay says I shouldn’t have brought them here. Disha says you are always wrong. Aparajita says no, its not his fault. I felt bad about that joker initially. Asha says me too Maa. Aparajita becomes hypnotized again. Disha says Maa?

Aparajita comes back to her senses. Akshay says he using a word to hypnotize us. Aparajita asks where is Chhavi? Niya says Veer came and took Chhavi away. I tried to stop him but he didn’t listen as Chhavi went with him. Aparajita says what? Niya says oh God, she might have been hypnotized. Aparajita says where would they go? Akshay says I know. Veer brings Chhavi to the mandir in her hypnotized state. Veer says you are my life, we will become one now. Today is our wedding.

Aparajita is injured but says we have to go. Akshay stops her and says you don’t need to be brave all the time, your foot is bleeding and you think we don’t care if you are hurt.. I mean your kids are worried about you. All look on. Akshay bandages her wound and holds her foot. Aparajita looks away. She says how will we find Chhavi? Akshay recalls how he had put a tracker in Chhavi’s bag. Disha gives his phone and says you dropped it so I picked it up. He says I had put trackers in everyone’s bags just to keep them safe.

Aparajita says you were keeping an eye on us? Akshay says no I worry about the kids. He checks her location and says they are in the mandir. Niya calls Mohini and says they are going to save Chhavi.Mohini comes to Sunil and says do you know where is your son? He went to get married to Chhavi. Sunil says I will never let that happen.Veer is getting married with Chhavi while she is hypnotized. Akshay arrives there with the family but they can’t find them. Aparajita calls out to Chhavi. Veer hears her and thinks how did she come here? He takes sindoor and is about to apply to Chhavi but Aparajita takes a stick and throws at Veer,

he falls down. Aparajita tries to take Chhavi but Veer says she came here on her own. He asks Chhavi to say I love you.. Chhavi comes back to her senses and is shocked. Aparajita says you were forcing her to get married? Veer grabs her and shouts that Chhavi is mine, get lost. Akshay gets angry and shouts how dare you touch her? He starts beating him and says I was wrong to trust you. She was hypnotized and you tried to take her advantage?

He stries to kill Veer, Chhavi says please don’t hurt him, she thinks to stop him and says I came here on my own to marry him. All are shocked. Aparajita says don’t lie. Chhavi says I am not lying, I was not hypnotized. Disha says we were all hypnotized. Niya says maybe she was not hypnotized. Chhavi says I was in my senses when I came here. Akshay shouts you came with him? I always supported you against your mother so why did you do this?

Veer says because of Aparajita, she always had an issue with us. She wanted to force Chhavi into getting married with someone else. Aparajita asks if he has gone crazy? Disha says you are blaming us but did you tell Chhavi about your past? She tells Chhavi that he had an ex-girlfriend. Veer gets scared and says so what? Everyone has a past. Disha says but.. Chhavi says enough, I don’t want to know about his past. Aparajita thinks Chhavi won’t hear anything without any proof. She tells Chhavi that you know we came here for vacation, lets go from here.

Chhavi recalls how Aparajita asked her to turn off her phone. She stops and tells Aparajita that you kept lying to me, you never wanted me to unite with Veer. You asked me to not contact Veer when we are here. Aparajita says we will talk later. Chhavi says why? it would have been good if we got married, you don’t care how much I love Chhavi. You never cared for my happiness, I know him and I love him.

Aparajita says you know him but you don’t know everything about him. You are lured by him, you don’t love him. You are lying that you came here on your own. Chhavi asks Akshay to take her side, support her. Mohini comes there and says ofcourse he will support you. All look on.

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