Aparajita Zeeworld update Tuesday 4 July 2023

Aparajita 4 July 2023: Chhavi cries and asks Akshay to support her like he always did. Mohini comes there and says he will support you for sure. Akshay says you here? Mohini says I had to come for Niya. Sunil comes there and says me too. Sunil says Mohini told me what was going on here, if anyone finds out what my son was doing then I will lose everything, I think if they want this then we should allow them to get married, we will protect our honor and they will be happy too. The flashback shows how Sunil said he will stop the marriage but then Mohini told him how she knew about Veer’s ex going missing because of him.

Aparajita 3 July 2023

The flashback ends. Sunil tells Akshay that we should think about our kids’ happiness. Akshay says you are right but.. Aparajita says he won’t say anything. Mohini says why not? He is her father too. Aparajita says Akshay and I will decide what to do about our daughter, outsiders should remain silent. Akshay takes Aparajita aside and says we can’t stop them, they like each other, think about her life. Aparajita says I am thinking about her life only, we can’t do this forceful marriage.

Akshay says I am angry at what Veer did but they did this because they are scared of you saying no. We can’t allow them to do another mistake. Aparajita says its about right and wrong, if she wants to hurts herself then you would do it even if she gets hurt? Akshay says you think you can’t be wrong? Aparajita says no, I can be wrong, I gave freedom to my kids but I just want to be careful. Its about my upbringing now. Chhavi says I am ready. All look on.

Chhavi says I will prove that Veer is honest and our love is honest, I can’t be away from Veer anymore, I want to marry him. Aparajita is hurt hearing that. Chhavi says this is my decision. Veer tells Chhavi that no one has any problem so we should get married today only before someone tries to pull some game. He tries to take her away but Aparajita stops him. She says Chhavi won’t go anywhere with you, she will come with me back home and don’t try to meet her ever again. Mohini says you are so heartless, can’t you see her love for him?

what’s the issue with Veer? He is a good guy. Aparajita says she is my daughter, I know what’s right and wrong for her. Aparajita tells Chhavi that your happiness is my everything, I am just asking for some time, just don’t take a wrong step and don’t listen to anyone. Please give me some time. Mohini tells Akshay that she is emotionally blackmailing her and you are silent? this is sad. Disha says how dare you talk in our family matters? Niya says please don’t insult her like this. Chhavi leaves Aparajita’s hand. Disha tells Niya to control her parents. Akshay says enough….

He tells Chhavi that Aparajita is right, we can hurry about these things, you should give some time to yourself and your mother. He asks Veer to leave. Veer angrily leaves. Akshay tells Chhavi that Aparajita won’t think wrong about you, go with her. Aparajita nods at Akshay and takes her daughters from there.Chhavi is crying, Aparajita thinks I know you are hurting but soon I will end all this. Akshay comes to Aparajita and says I want to talk to you.

She goes with him. Akshay says I know you need some time but I don’t mind this marriage at all because its about her happiness, I know your intentions are good but I will do what I think is right for my daughter. Aparajita says I will do what brings happiness to Chhavi. Akshay asks Niya to come with him, she goes with him. Aparajita takes her daughters from there.

Sunil shouts at Mohini that you brought me here to get insulted from that Aparajita? you couldn’t even convince your husband. Mohini says you will be able to take your revenge, Chhavi will get married to your house one day but I was insulted too. She says you will get a chance to destroy Aparajita, don’t worry about Akshay. Akshay comes there and asks what’s going on? Mohini says Aparajita is manipulating you. Akshay says enough, don’t bad-mouth her. We should think and then talk. Lets go for now. Sunil and others leave from there.

Mohini thinks Akshay can’t know I was behind all this. I just want Chhavi and Veer to get married as that will separate Akshay and Aparajita forever.Chhavi is sitting alone in her room, she is sad. Aparajita comes there and thinks I have to save her from Veer. She goes to Chhavi.Chhavi is sitting alone, Aparajita comes to her and starts gently combing her hair. Chhavi recalls how she rebelled against Aparajita. Aparajita says its not your fault, I would have done the same at your age, girls choose the wrong boys because they say things which girls want to hear.

Sometimes we ignore their shortcomings because they blind us with lovethatly words. You might think that you won’t find a better partner. Do you really think I was taking you there to get you married to someone else? Veer can make you against me but I know you will never think wrong of me. Chhavi cries and says I am sorry for going against you, I am bad. Aparajita says you are not bad, Veer is bad for you. Chhavi says I am not wrong about Veer, he is not wrong and I will never accept that, I know my Veer, he can never be wrong. Aparajita is hurt, she hugs her and leaves from there.

Disha comes to Aparajita and hugs her, she says you are the best mother, Chhavi misbehaved with you so much but you still forgave her. Aparajita smiles and says she is my daughter so I can’t be angry with her, the kids just don’t understand why mothers care so much. Disha says Chhavi is still blinded by Veer, Aparajita says we have to find Kitika. Disha says we have to find that joker also. Aparajita gets a call from Dadi and goes from there.

Mohini comes to Akshay and says Aparajita cares more about her ego than her daughter. Akshay says its not like that, she believes that Veer is not a good person for Chhavi. Mohini says you know Aparajita well? Akshay says the last few days have showed me that she cares about her daughters more than anything. Mohini says you think I will get insecure? you know we both love each other and we are together. What if Chhavi runs away with Veer again? Akshay says Aparajita is intelligent, if she thinks Veer is not a right person for Chhavi then it makes me question Veer too.

Maybe I am wrong about Veer, I never checked his history, I wouldn’t do anything in haste for my daughter. He goes from there. Mohini is angry, she looks in the mandir and says Lord keeps bringing Akshay and Aparajita closer, I have to separate them forever.Aparajita tells Dadi that its about Chhavi’s future. Dadi says you earned respect after years, if Chhavi takes another wrong step then you will lose all that respect. Aparajita says I can’t destroy my daughter’s life just because of some gossip. Asha comes there and says I don’t like seeing Chhavi sad.

Aparajita says sometime we can’t help but we can be with the family. Asha says will Chhavi be able to forget Veer? Aparajita looks on.Disha is working in the laundry, a buyer comes there and asks if Chhavi ran away with Veer? Disha says you should focus on your mentality, just get lost. The woman leaves. Aparajita comes there and says Mohini is behind all this gossip, I just don’t understand why Mohini is stressing on Chhavi and Veer getting married.

She was so adament in the mandir like she wanted them to get married that day, it feels like she knew they were getting married there and it was her plan. Disha says maybe the joker was hired by her too. Aparajita says that’s enough, I will expose Mohini now.Aparajita is cooking in the kitchen, she asks Disha to go and bring the stuff they need, we have to expose Mohini. disha is eating so Aparajita asks her to eat calmly. Aparajita sees Chhavi coming there, she asks her to eat some pakoras. Chhavi sadly looks away. Aparajita says I will feed you, she offers it to her and Chhavi eats. Aparajita asks her to finish the plate. Chhavi hugs her tightly.

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