Aparajita zeeworld update Friday 11 August 2023

Aparajita 11 August 2023: The chef guy comes to Aparajita and is jumping around. He says I am itching a lot. Aparajita calls Disha and asks what did you do? she says I added a little bit of itching powder in his shirt. Aparajita scolds her.

Akshay comes there and asks who is this guy? Aparajita asks him to go with Disha and apply cold water. He goes with her. Akshay asks Aparajita who is thus guy and why is he staying here?

Chhavi tells Disha that she shouldn’t have done it with the chef guy. He tells Disha to do sit-ups as a sorry. Disha is about to fight with him but Chhavi asks them to stop fighting. I am worried about papa being angry with Aparajita.

Aparajita tells Akshay about the guy. He says you thought he has a good heart so you would allow him to stay here and you gave me this gujiya so I wouldn’t question anything? I wish I could do that but I have seen the world.. I know how people think.

He is a young guy so he can’t stay here. Aparajita says I am a mother but I am a human too.. he is a young kid so I couldn’t let him leave in the heavy rains. I know how it is to be on the road with no shed for a whole night. I still remember when I was thrown out of the house with my daughters in the middle of the night and that was more dangerous than allowing him to stay here. I waited for someone to help us but no one came. Akshay says you bring up that night everytime to show that I was wrong… I know I did a mistake.

I did a biggest mistake of my life 15 years when I left you for Mohini and now I.. he stops himself. She says now what? Akshay recalls Mohini threatening him and leaves from there. She thinks I am sure he is hiding something from me. I know something happened between him and Mohini.

The flashback shows how Veer had cut his wrist in the jail so he was transferred to the hospital. He thinks I will make their holi special.

Niya is in the holi function and is trying to call Arjun but he is not picking up. Akshay comes there and asks if she is calling her boyfriend? She says I like a guy but I don’t know if he likes me or not. He asks who is this guy? do I know him? Niya says once I find out if he likes me or not then I will let you know but I just know that he has come to India. She keeps calling him but he is not picking up.

Aparajita tells the chef guy that I am sorry because of Disha. She gives him a medicine and says there is a holi function but you might not be able to come. He says this Disha didn’t leave me in a good shape to go there. Disha glares at him. Aparajita leaves from there.

Aparajita and the girls arrive at the holi function. She meets Dadi and looks at Akshay. He smiles at her but Mohini comes there and hugs Akshay. She says I want to play all the games today. She smirks at Aparajita. Aparajita sees an electric spark about to fall on her but she moves away. Akshay rushes to save her and asks if she is okay? She nods.

Bappi tells everyone that they will play a game where they have to break the pot blindfolded. Asha goes for the game. Aparajita and Akshay try to help her. Mohini is angry seeing that. Chhavi tells Aparajita that I don’t want to play games as I won’t win. Aparajita says if you don’t participate then how will you win? Akshay asks Chhavi to go and play.. he wants to see her win and I know you will win. Chhavi smiles and goes to sleep with Disha. All clap for her.

Disha asks her to smile. They both start eating gol gappas. Akshay and Aparajita cheer for Chhavi. Chhavi is losing but Disha lets her win. Akshay tells Aparajita that this shows your upbringing. She says its better to lose when you are fighting with your own people. Mohini thinks I have to do something to make Akshay mine forever.

Mohini calls the doctor and asks what will happen if I give the dose to Akshay? He says its high-dose and temporarily he will be totally weak. Mohini tells Manish that I will make sure that he ends his relationship with Aparajita like he did 15 years ago.

Bappi tells everyone that we will play a rope tugging game. Aparajita says we will also play but Bappi says you always lose. Akshay says they will not lose this time, my daughters lost till now because their team was not complete but today they have a complete team and a complete family. Dadi smiles hearing that. Aparajita looks on. Akshay plays tug a rope with Aparajita and the kids. Mohini comes there with an injection. She sees Aparajita and Akshay close. Mohini comes behind Akshay and says I have to support the family too right? Akshay is busy playing the game and Mohini is about to inject him but she gets pushed and the injection falls down. They win the game and all clap.

The holi ceremony starts. Aparajita and Akshay takes pheras around the holika. He says to Aparajita that I think its time to forget our grudges and move on together for our daughters future. She says you are right, we shouldn’t let your past taint your kids’ future. Akshay says yes, we should teach them to live a happy life and support them in achieving their goals. Aparajita says we will make them strong so they won’t need anyone in their lives. They both promise each other. Dadi tells Mohini that it seems like they are taking pheras again. I am sure they will reunite roon. Mohini is angry hearing that. Akshay promises to always protect their kids. Aparajita promises to always make them happy.

Chhavi hears some guests gossiping about her broken marriage.

Mohini comes to Aparajita’s laundry and thinks to teach a lesson to Aparajita. She says this is Aparajita’s self-respect right? she is running her house because of this shop so I will burn this down today. She goes to the electric board and cuts a wire but hears someone coming so she hides. Disha and Asha come there so Mohini thinks to come back later on. She leaves. Disha sees the chef guy sleeping and says he is so useless. Asha says he is a nice guy.

Scene 2
In the morning, Akshay tells Niya that he has a surprise for her. He shows her many gifts and says your Bua Kalpana sent these, I miss her as she was my best friend and not just a sister. Niya says I know you are miffed with mom but you shouldn’t ignore her like this.. she gets sad when you are with Aparajita aunty.. she is your wife. Please think of her once. He nods so Niya leaves. Dadi comes there so Akshay says Kalpana sent these gifts from Dubai.

She sent a saree for you. Dadi says she remembers me now because you are here? she didn’t care about us for 15 years. Aparajita took care of her but when she needed her then Kalpana left and went on Mohini’s side. She angrily leaves.

Mohini calls Manish and says I couldn’t give the injection to Akshay. I am just worried because Akshay is going close to Aparajita and he has stopped talking to me. I just want to burn down her laundry to break her. I will do anything to make this plan successful.

The chef guy comes to Aparajita so she asks how is he now? he says thank you for taking care of me, I will leave now. Aparajita says you have to play holi with us and you can leave in the evening. He says okay.

Aparajita comes to Chhavi and says happy holi. She asks her to go and bring colors for holi. Chhavi says I couldn’t bear people gossiping about me.. I am sorry I am not brave like you want me to. Aparajita tells her a story and asks her if she cares about people or her family? Chhavi smiles and says I will go.

Chhavi comes to the market to buy colors. Veer is there and covers his face with colors. He says this holi will be worse for Aparajita, she can’t save her daughter now.

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