Aparajita zeeworld update Saturday 12 August 2023

Aparajita 12 August 2023: Veer comes to the market and says I will take revenge from Aparajita’s daughter today. I will carve her face like you wouldn’t want. His friends throw color at Chhavi. Veer is about to attack her with a knife but the chef guy Arjun arrives there and pushes them all away. He shouts at them to not apply color to her without her permission. He takes Chhavi from there. Veer thinks I will not leave before I disfigure her face.

Disha and Asha are running around the face. Disha tries to apply color to her but Asha says I don’t want to. Asha asks Aparajita why are you stressed? She says I feel something wrong is going to happen. Disha says don’t worry. Chhavi comes back home with Arjun and is covered in colors. Arjun says some boys forcefully applied colors

to her. Aparajita asks if they misbehaved with her? Chhavi says they all gathered around me but Arjun saved me. Aparajita asks her to go and get changed. She leaves. Aparajita thanks Arjun for helping Chhavi. Disha coldly thanks him. Arjun says you are thanking me so dryly. Disha says you have to leave soon so don’t be friendly. He says I am a guest till then. He leaves. Veer comes outside Aparajita’s house with his friends and plays dhol. His face is covered in color so Aparajita doesn’t recognize him when she looks outside.

Chhavi tells Asha that I don’t want to celebrate holi today. Disha says why not? you are worried about others? we can fight all the problems together. Disha says we will eat something delicious. Asha brings chocolates for them. They all enjoy it.

Scene 2
Mohini says I couldn’t do it yesterday but today I will burn Aparajita’s laundry.

Disha comes to the laundry room and finds Arjun there. He says you should knock before coming here. Disha says you will be leaving soon. I know guys like you are just fake. Arjun is ironing and burns his finger so Disha gets worried. He says I just wanted to see if you get concerned. Disha angrily leaves. Arjun says I should call Niya as she must be waiting for me but I lost her number. He finds Disha’s phone there and tries to call Niya but Disha comes back and says why are you holding my phone? don’t touch my phone again. She goes from there.

Niya calls her friend and tells them to let her know if they find anything about Arjun.

Akshay comes to Aparajita and says I need your help. Kalpana sent a saree for Amma but she threw it away. I thought if you could convince her to keep it. Aparajita smiles and asks how is Kalpana didi? this is a nice saree. Akshay says you are not angry at Kalpana as she.. Aparajita says lets forget what happened in the past. She is Kalpana so I can’t be angry with her.

Akshay smells something and says there is something burning. They go to electric switch and sees a spark. Akshay tries to check it but Aparajita says I will handle it. I have always taken care of things alone. Akshay checks the board and says how could this happen on its own? he asks where is the guy? Aparajita says he will leave after holi in the evening. Akshay tries to help her but she says I know what to do, I don’t need your help. Akshay says you are stubborn and leaves from there.

Disha tells Chhavi and Asha that Arjun was stalking her in her phone only. Arjun comes there and says you shouldn’t lie, I was checking my profile because I forgot my password. He says I will check-in hotel tonight and I will try to search for a friend. He finds a man with dhol (its Veer). He goes to him and asks if he is following the girls? I saw you trying to harrass Chhavi. Veer says I don’t know her, you must be mistaken. Veer thinks who is this guy?

Dadi calls the priest and says you talked about the storm. What is going to happen? The priest says they will have to give a big test. Aparajita comes there so Dadi ends the call. Akshay comes there too. Aparajita wishes holi to her. Dadi blesses her. Aparajita asks Akshay to bring the saree that Kalpana sent. Dadi says you couldn’t talk to me so you brought her to talk on your behalf? She asks Aparajita did you forget that she took Mohini’s side and never asked you all these years how you have been or the kids. Akshay looks on.

Aparajita smiles and says she is your daughter so you shouldn’t be angry at her after all these years. You are angry with her because you think she took Mohini’s side and helped her in snatching Akshay from me but she thinks that you supported me so you became distant with her. You shouldn’t be miffed with her after all these years. I don’t think Akshay was snatched from me because of Kalpana helping Mohini.

I think it was my fate and we can’t fight that. I have daughters and I know you must be suffering because you are not talking to your daughter so promise me that you will forget all the past and accept it? Dadi says I will accept it for you. Akshay smiles and gives the saree to her. Aparajita and Akshay goes with Dadi. Mohini sees all that and says once I get in her laundry and then I will burn it.

Chhavi and others are enjoying the holi function. Bappi is about to apply color to Aparajita but Dadi stops her and says Akshay will apply color to her first. Aparajita says I will go and look for the kids. Dadi says you don’t care about my happiness? Bappi offers them color. Akshay applies color to her and says happy holi. She applied color to him as well. Dadi smiles and recalls the priest saying that a storm is coming their way. Mohini comes there and applies color to Akshay using her cheek. Aparajita leaves from there as she is awkward. Akshay takes Dadi from there. Mohini finds Aparajita’s bag and tries to look for her laundry keys, she finds it and takes them.

Arjun brings thandai to Disha and thinks this will teach her a lesson. Akshay comes to him. He asks if he mixed bhaag in it? Arjun says no no.. I just mixed sweets in it. Akshay tries it and says this is good thandai. Aparajita comes there and says you wouldn’t know about a good thandai. She drinks it and says its good. Arjun is tensed as he had mixed bhaang in it.

Mohini comes to Aparajita’s house and recalls her moments with Akshay. She says I will take away her pride today so she can never take away my Akshay. I will show her status today by burning her laundry and then take away Akshay like I did 15 years ago. She cuts the electric wires and says the spark will burn this laundry now.

Akshay and Aparajita get drunk in the party because of bhaang. They start laughing around. Disha asks Arjun if he mixed bhaang it? Dadi says I will take care of you later on. Aparajita and Akshay start dancing. Dadi says they are looking nice together. Arjun says its because of me. Disha asks him to shut up. Aparajita laughs around and dances with Akshay. Dadi thinks its good that they got drunk.. at least they are enjoying together. Niya comes to the party and looks around.

Akshay drags Aparajita away from the party and laughs. He says nobody would know we ran away. They hide in a corner. Aparajita says why are we here? Akshay says we will talk alone. Aparajita laughs and says really? what talk? he says I want to talk about so many things with you. Aparajita says anyone can come here. Akshay says we can go home and then we can talk. She says I can’t leave my kids here. Akshay says we will come back. She says I am not coming with you. He says I am sorry, lets go with me. I am sorry Appu.. I won’t go anywhere. Aparajita says no.. I won’t accept your sorry. Akshay says your attitude is too big.. he mimics her and she laughs. They both sit down. Akshay says I feel happy to be with my family today.

Mohini calls Manish and says I have done my work. Aparajita will be busy saving her laundry and I will take Akshay away from here. Manish says I have prepared everything.

In the party, Veer takes out his knife and approaches Chhavi.


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