Anyone currently watching Telemundo’s Fearless Heart?


Incase you didn’t know, Fearless Heart is currently running on Telemundo. It is one of the supplement telenovelas shown by the network besides highly publicised series like Lord of the Skies, Prisoners of love and Blood and wine; and because of this the run time is not so clear( repeat broadcast is however shown at 11pm Monday to Friday ).

Turns out the series premiered sometimes in 2014 on Telemundo, so you could rightly call it a re-run. And also wonderful for those who didn’t catch it when it first aired.

Ximena Duque as Samantha

Remarkably, the series stars all time Telemundo favorites like Adriana Fonseca, José Luis Reséndez, Aylín Mujica, Ximena Duque and Fabián Ríos.

The plot of the series reads:

This is a story of friendship between two girls in a remote Mexican city called Valle de Bravo.

Ángela Valdez (played by Sofía Sanabria), is humble and sweet and was the daughter of Miguel Valdéz (Played by Jorge Luis Pila), a bodyguard to the powerful and wealthy Sandoval Navarro family.

And on the other hand, Samantha Sandoval Navarro is the rich girl guarded by Miguel Valdéz. Both Angela and Samantha were best friends and play mate during this time but their lives are forever changed when Samantha is kidnapped, resulting in Miguel Valdéz sacrificing his life to save her. After the incident, the girls become separated.

Adriana Fosenca as Angela

Eighteen years later,  Ángela and Samantha meet again. Ángela (Played by Adriana Fonseca) is married to Luis Martínez (Played by Gabriel Valenzuela); Has a daughter, Violeta (Nicole Arci), and works as a baker. On the other part, Samantha (Played by Ximena Duque) works as a bodyguard.

One day Samantha comes up with the idea of inviting Ángela to work with her; Ángela accepts and she assigns her the mission to protect Génesis Arroyo, daughter of a multimillionaire lawyer named Juan Marcos Arroyo (Jose Luis Reséndez) who is unfortunately married to Isabel Uriarte (Sonya Smith), a proud and evil woman who is unfaithful, even with her own bodyguard.

Jose Luis as Juan Arroyo

Meanwhile, Samantha is ordered to protect Willy del Castillo (Fabián Ríos), who coincidetally is her first love, but has now become a whimsical playboy and womanizer. He doesn’t recognize her at first and Samantha decides not to reveal anything of her past, but soon he ends up discovering who she is and love arises between them.

After many twists and turns, and piles of corpses in this case between the psycho-killers and the drug wars, with various romances and the usual confusion over who’s really related to whom, Fearless Heart  had a slew of happy endings and several surprises at the end.

Fearless Heart Summary:

Samantha and Angela are the two childhood friends who later turn out to be actual sisters and both become bodyguards like their father.

Confronting the heroes of the novela are two mega-villians, Bernardo del Castillo played by the very talented Mexican actor Manuel Landeta and his daughter Fernanda (Aylín Mújica)

There are, of course, multiple entanglements among these characters. Fernanda is obsessively in love with Juan Marcos. He got her pregnant in a one-night stand when they were teenagers. But she lost the baby after her father Bernardo arranged for her to be pushed down the stairs.

This turned her into a psychopathic serial killer, whose goal is to kill everyone Juan Marcos loves, then marry him and kill him, too. Lots of bodies drop around Fernanda.

Bernardo, her father is no sweetheart either. He becomes partners with Juan Marcos’ father in profitable business, but he is also a secret narco-trifficker. Also highly manipulative and sadistic. Lots of bodies drop around him, too.

He was also the lover of Juan Marcos’ mother. He develops an obsession for his son Willy’s girlfriend Samantha, who had a child of Willy’s fifteen years ago, unknown to Willy. Their search for the child is a major theme in the story, and Bernardo exploits it to try to get into Samantha’s pants.

Other characters introduced are:

1. Fabiola (Brenda Asnicar) and Miguel (Gabriel Porras)

2. Clara (Daniela Navarro) and Camilo (Gabriel Valenzuela):

Clara is the surrogate mother of another baby of Samantha and Willy, but Bernardo tricks her into marrying him as part of his never-ending scheme to get Samantha.

Camilo on the other hand is the good twin brother of Angela’s evil ex-husband Luis. Luis became a hitman and lover to Fernanda, but got killed by Fernanda as he was about to murder Juan Marcos, a job that Fernanda eventually wanted to do herself.

Camilo then went undercover as Luis to help the cops bust the narcotics business of Bernardo and his partner, El Verdugo.

Speaking of which, a couple of more big villains came along later in the series, both narco-traffickers, Javier “Verdugo” Falcón (Gregorio Pernía)

and Jesús “El Mesiás” Matamoras (Miguel Varoni):

One of the later character additions was “Lady,” played by Johanna Cure…

Thus, Ángela and Samantha will have to fight with all the obstacles that their enemies will put them through in order to be happy with the people they love, all the while having a brave heart.

Fabian Rios as Willy Del Castillo

Fearless heart translated Corazon Valiente is not like your normal Bodyguard story. For one the table is reversed with fearless women taking on the bodyguard role; and secondly who wouldn’t love to see how the love interests play up between male clients and their female bodyguards? Well I will! ✋

Sonya Smith as Isabel

There’s also the all star cast ensemble of Telemundo’s fines;  Fabian Rios would not be reprising his villain role in this series, I would love to see how he turns out deeply loving a woman without any selfish motive.

If you want to binge watch fearless heart, then follow this link to where you can watch telemundo series for free!


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