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Hello telemundo fans, have you been searching for where to binge watch on your favorite telemundo series online like The boss (La Patrona)? Or where to catch up on episodes you missed on a telenovalla because the show time on TV coincided with other pressing personal matter? Then we have the answer right here.

I recently discovered a site that has a database of different telemundo series, both past and present (mostly past shows though) that offer this amazing service.

Before you continue reading,  update your knowledge on all the casts and synopsis of La Patrona (The boss)

It’s good for people who can’t stand so much telemundo suspense or who just like to enjoy their time binge watching on their favourite series or catching up with an old series they didn’t get to watch.

The series are ad-free, spoken in Spanish but with English subtitles that are perfectly synced. There are also options for download if you don’t want to stream online. They are different server to choose from but I suggest you try each out to know the one that works best for you.

You can watch telenovallas such as: The boss (La patrona), woman of steel, Lord of the skies, iron rose, dangerous affairs, passion for revenge and lots more.

Follow this link to get to the amazing site.

You can come back to say thank you, but of course we are happy to help. ●_●


Click to read more about the Montiel and the Castaneda families from blood and wine



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10 Responses

  1. D Gen says:

    thank you

  2. Dare says:

    How can I download Mexican movies? For instance, Labour of Love

    • Admin says:

      Mexican movies are quite rare to get online. But you can try

      They have a large database of different movies, including Bollywood.

  3. hilja says:

    how can i watch telemundo online like fearless heart i had been trying but i cannot find it

  4. Mehmood says:

    Reina de corazones telenola where i can watch this series online

  5. phana says:

    Want to download more Telemundo series ,,,, cn u help …liking your site

    • Admin says:

      Thanks for the compliment. But I don’t know where else apart from the one stated on the post. You can subscribe to their YouTube but channel but of course its all limited. You cant download or watch in full…

  6. phanankosi says:

    How do I watch nd download telemundo series

  7. Marc says:

    They are not very well organised, often starting to upload episodes of a series then failing to finish it. For example, they have only put up 64 episides of La patrona and we have been waitin at least a year for the remainder. One series is in its sixth season and they have only put up 14 episodes of season 1.

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