Anupamaa Starlife update Saturday 23 September 2023

Anupamaa 23 September 2023: Bhavesh shows his concern for Anupama seeing her condition and offers her khichdi prepared by him. Anupama refuses to have it. Bhavesh says she faced problems even before, her heart broke many times before, she didn’t lose her hope then, then why now; she is his and Kanta’s strength and shouldn’t weaken; he and Kanta also didn’t have anything since last evening as she is hungry. Anupama refuses to have it. Bhavesh asks her to feed him at least like she used to feed him in childhood. Anupama feeds him khichdi. Bhavesh says its his turn now and requests to have it. Kanta returns and even requests to have it. Anupama breaks down. Kanta comforts her and feeds her khichdi. Bhavesh braids her hair and makes her lie on Kanta’s lap and says he doesn’t know till when their Anu has to bear all this. Kanta says their Anu will not suffer again, she will help her start afresh and fly again.

Anuj wakes up hearing Anupama asking him to wake up as its morning and wishes him good morning. She says today is navratri’s first morning. Anuj wishes her happy navratri and then realizes it was her imagination. He thinks what is he doing, he doesn’t even know if he left Anupama home or brought her along in his mind. Little Anu wishes him happy navrati and asks if he is feeling better. He nods yes. She asks if he came here after fighting with mummy/Anupama. He asks why is she asking this. She says they would have come together if they had not fought. He recalls his fight with Anupama. She requests not to fight with mummy as she is too good and asks him to call mummy here as they can celebrate navrati and enjoy on a beach. Maaya asks her not to trouble papa much as he is unwell. Little Anu asks why didn’t mummy come. Maaya says her mummy is busy with navratri celebration. Little Anu says her mummy leaves all the work for her and asks Anuj to call mummy right now. Maaya asks her not to get adamant as mummy is really busy.

Kanta asks Anupama to wake up as sun has already arrived. Anupama says her sun hasan’t come at all. Kanta says she should wake up and start rising to new levels again. Anupama asks why she fails always. Kanta says she never fails, its not her mistake. Anupama says when a mistake happens repeatedly, its not a mistake of fate but her mistake. Kanta asks if she loses hope, how will she handle her children. She forcefully gets her up and asks her to face her problems. Anupama searches for her mobile. Kanta asks if she is searching for her mobile.

Anupama says Anuj may call her. Kanta asks her not to pick his call and thinks she has to act tough for her daughter’s sake.

Barkha asks Ankush to handle business meetings today with Adhik as she needs to finish paper work. Adhik joins them for breakfast. Barkha says she prepared it. Ankush says if he is wise, he will have lunch directly. Barkha asks him not to joke. Ankush says he is not and asks Adhik if Pakhi agreed. Barkha says Pakhi gets angry easily, she will handle her. Ankush says he doesn’t know where Anuj is. Barkha says Anupama is at her mother’s house, even Anuj would be somewhere in resort or some ashram, it doesn’t matter; its their duty to handle Anuj’s business. Ankush says his relationship is with his brother and not business, his brother is important to him and not business, he wants to know where his brother is at least. Adhik says he is right. Barkha gets a message and says Anuj is at Maaya’s house.

Anuj tries to leave Maaya’s house. Maaya asks where is he going. Anuj thanks her for letting him meet his daughter. Maaya asks him not to say sorry and asks if everything is alright between him and Anupama. Anuj ignores her question and says he will stay at his friend’s house in Mumbai, can he meet Little Anu daily. Maaya says of course, her house doors are always open for him, in fact he can stay with Little Anu for Little Anu’s sake.

Anuj says he will stay at his friend’s house and stumbles. Maaya insists him to stay back, but he walks towards door with wobbly gait and collapses. Maaya thinks even she is having a navratri fast, so devi is happy on her and is not letting Anuj go from her house. Anupama performs pooja silently. Kanta asks her to think well and write her thoughts on a paper as words written are more stronger than words spoken, nobody will know what is in her mind and she will be able to express her thoughts, etc.

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