Lost in love update Saturday 23 September 2023

Lost in love 23 September 2023: Virat proposes Sai to marry him again. He protects her from terrorists and apologizes her for letting her go away from him; he lost many chances to express his love for her from meeting her in Kankauli till now; he loves her more than his life and his life is incomplete without her; he feels restless when he is not around her and she is a peace of his life; he was stuck between his responsibility and love and now realized that his responsibility towards her is the biggest one; his life starts and ends with her and their children; a house becomes heaven when a husband respects his wife and he wants to give that heaven to his children if he agrees. Officer rushes to him and says terrorists can do anything to rescue Datta Konke. Virat messages on walkie talkie that they are attacked and need backup support. Sai asks him what about Vinu. Virat asks her not to worry as they both will explain Vinu, he will convince even Pakhi if Sai agrees. Sai stands silent. Virat says she has 24 hours to answer and should listen only to her heart. He asks her to stay here as has to go and fight with terrorists. Sai asks him to take care of himself. Virat says he will take care of himself like he will take care of her.

Pakhi shatters hearing Virat and Sai’s conversation over phone and walks out of her room senselessly. Tanhai Tanhai.. song plays in the background. Family celebrates Virat and Sai’s safety and ask her to join them. Pakhi prepares snacks recalling Viragtand Sai’s growing proximity. Ashwini stops her from putting hand in a hot oil. Sonali hands over her snacks plate. She recalls Virat and Sai’s growing proximity and collapses. Virat and his team celebrate their victory. Sai walks towards Virat. Satya stops her and says let them enjoy this moment, he agrees that her hero is a super hero who s inge handedly killed all terrorists. Sai says Virat is a hero, but not her hero. Satya says she is turning red in anger and picks phone to click her pic. Virat joins them and says he didn’t know Satya is also a photographer. Satya says he just knows to click x-rays. Virat holds Sai and asks him to click their pics. Satya clicks pic and leaves. Virat says this is their first pic after proposal. Sai says she didn’t say yes. Virat says he knows she is in a dilemma and should come up with a positive reply.

Sai while returning home with Satya looks at her and Virat’s pic and thinks Virat just dumped his wish on her without knowing what she wants. Amba calls her and says she wants to talk to her. Satya takes phone from her. Amba says she liked Satya and Sai’s chemistry when Sai visited their house and hence wants them to marry. Satya in a changed voice says she’s already married with 2 children and can’t marry Satya. Aaji realizes its Satya and calls him Sattu. Satya says its Satya and asks them not to think about it and disconnects call. Doctor treats unconscious Pakhi.

Karishma informs family that Pakhi is fasting since morning for Virat’s safety and collapsed due to weakness. Sai returns home returns home. Savi informs her about Pakhi’s condition. Sai questions doctor who informs that Pakhi collapsed due to stress. Savi asks Sai to treat Pakhi as she is Vinu’s family’s guardian angel.

Satya’s family takes her to meet a girl in lieu of checking a patient. Sai with Savi and Ashwini walks to Pakhi’s room and asks how is she. Pakhi nods she is fine. Ashwini says let her rest and walks out. Pakhi stops Sai and say she wants to talk to her and asks her to close the door. Sai cxlsoes door and says Virat is fine. Pakhi says Virat is not fine, the sparkle she saw in Virat’s eyes and smile on his face was never seen by them since years, he is very happy and she wants to know if Sai is also happy after snatching her rights.

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