Anupama update Wednesday 3 August 2022


Anupama 3 August 2022: Vanraj locks himself in his room and enjoys snacks and his favorite shows on laptop. Anu knocks her and asks her to apply oil on his skin to avoid holi color stains on it. He says he already told that nobody will play holi with him. She asks what if Pakhi insists and comes to his room via balcony or what if Kavya insists. He says whoever may insist, he will not play holi. She says looks like not only her first holi, its even his first holi. He asks her to please go. She says she is leaving oil near door and walks away. Vanraj nervously thinks Anu’s intuitions are always true and if he should apply oil or not.

Samar meets Nandini and offers her oil. She asks if she is shani bhagwan to offer oil. He says his mummy sent it to ward off color chemical reaction, so she will not get pimples on the beautiful cheeks with dimples. She says he is so much worried for her. He says he is worried for himself as girls don’t come out of house when they get pimples, so this oil is for her Nandu. She says thank you Samu. He says who knows this may be their last holi as they may marry this year. She says he is just 22. He says so what even Mr. Shah was married by then. He then says he dreamt about her this morning. She says it must be her day dream and must be some other girl. He says she is the only girl who came in his dream and kissed his cheeks. She feels shy and says after playing holi with family, he should apply colors to her first. Samar’s enemies get jealous seeing their romance and decide to take revenge from Samar via Kavya, Nandini, and Pakhi.

Kavya thinks whatever Vanraj does, she will apply color to Vanraj today. Family performs pooja and walks outside house to play holi. Anu throws colors on them. Baa says its cheating and runs behind her. Anu clashes with Kavya. Kavya falls down. Anu apologizes and extends her helping hand. Kavya says no thanks. Anu says bura na mano holi hai. Kavya rudely walks away. Family.then dances on Oh Holi Ayi Dekho Holi Ayi and apply color to each other. Nandini walks in. Anu takes him to Samar and he applies color to her cheeks. Rakhi walks in next. Anu hugs her and applies color to her. Celebration continues. Ba sees Anu happily dancing and shows it to Bapuji. Bapuji prays for Anu’s happiness forever. Baa hopes Anu’s connection with their family never ends.Kavya thinks family is busy playing holi, so its a best chance to enter house and apply holi to V. Rakhi noticing her says insiders are busy playing holi outside and outsider is trying to enter house; whatever Kavya does, Vanraj will not play holi with her; Baa hates her, but invites her to each function. Kavya taunts why don’t she eat bhang, at least it will look like she is rubbishing in bhang effect, anyways she will be Kinjal’s MIL soon and she doesn’t have to explain her status to her, so she should keep her sympathy with herself. Rakhi takes out bhang packet and thinks she will use it now.

Pakhi knocks Vanraj’s room door and insists him to come out and play holi with her. He denies and locks even window. Kavya calls him and asks him to come out and play holi with her. He says he will not and denied even Pakhi, he will neither come out or not let anyone in, so she can enjoy. Kavya thinks how will she apply him holi when he doesn’t come out. Rakhi sends her bhang milk. Some clashes with Kavya and milk falls on her clothes. She keeps milk glass aside and cleans herself. Anu drinks it thinking it as cold milk. Vanraj enjoys bhujia and praises Anu’s culinary skills and thinks why didn’t she bring food yet. Rakhi sees Kavya normal and thinks why bhang is not affecting. Anu gets inebriated and prays god to take care of her family and thinks of Vanraj. She does weird drama running around.


Samar offers cold drinks to Nandini. Nadini kisses his cheek. He says till now it was holi and now it became happy holi. He says lol. She says lol too and walks away shying. Rakhi thinks where is Kavya and how will this holi special episode become dramatic without her. Anu continues her running around.Vanraj thinks why didn’t Anupama bring food for him yet as he feels hungry. He thinks she must be enjoying, but who will give him food. He thinks to go out and get the food, but if anyone sees him, then will attack him with colors and mess his face. Anupuma gets intoxicated and pulls the stairs. Rakhi talks to her friend and plans to meet on weekend. Mamaji comes to Rakhi. Rakhi asks him not to apply color to her face. He insists. She asks him not to color her face and calls him Mama ji, Bhai Saheb…He asks her not to call him by those names and calls her behenji mistakenly and regrets. Rakhi asks him to stop flirting with her as she is married and her daughter Kinjal is bahu of the house. Mama ji cries and hugs Babuji.

Anupama comes to Vanraj’s room using stairs through the window. Vanraj is shocked and asks what did she drink? She laughs. Toshu dances with the girls to tease Kinjal while celebrating the festival. Everyone dance on a song. Nandini finds her slipper broken and is about to go. Samar offers to go along with her. Nandini says don’t you dare and smiles.Vanraj makes Anupama sit and tries to make her drink water, but she refuses and goes. Nandini goes to her house. Samar’s enemies go behind her and get inside the house. Mama ji continues to flirt with Rakhi. Toshu asks about Anupama. Bapuji also asks. Kinjal says she will call her. Baa says let her do whatever she wants to. Kavya thinks if Anupama went to color Vanraj. She thinks she will only color him. Anupama brings colors. Vanraj gets tensed. Anupama laughs and says there is a tall man in the house who doesn’t apply color on his face. She wants to apply color to him, who resembles him.Nandini asks Samar’s enemies what are they doing in her house. They threaten to apply black color on her face. Nandini warns them and tries to hit them. Samar waits for Nandini and is about to go. Kinjal asks him to enjoy waiting.

Anupama tells Vanraj that they shall search him. Nandini says I will shout. Enemies ask her to call her boyfriends, when someone comes and stop them from applying black color to Nandini’s face. Kinjal asks Samar not to be impatient and says Nandini will come. Kavya hears them. Anupama tries to color Vanraj’s face, but he tries to resist. She says no English today.Toshu throws water on enemies’ faces and threatens them, asking how dare they are to think of applying black color to his sister. Enemies apologize and tell that they will not do this again. Toshu says teasing the girls and troubling them is not cool on the pretext of holi celebrations. Enemies run away. Nandini thanks Toshu and asks him not to tell anyone about it. He says he will tell later so that Pakhi and Kinjal will be alerted.

Anupama says she couldn’t celebrate holi since 25 years and while others celebrated, she was busy cooking food. She says bapuji asked her to take revenge of 25 years. He says no.Anupama starts dancing and stands on the bed surprising him. Hungama hogaya.. song plays. Vanraj holds her hand to stop her from coloring him. She continues to dance. Kavya enters home. Vanraj runs from Anupama. Anupama pretends to be asleep and then starts dancing again. He is left speechless.She falls on him and the colors from her cheek get applied to his cheek. Kavya gets shocked seeing this. Anupama colors his face and says happy holi Vannu.

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