Anupama update Thursday 4 August 2022


Anupama 4 August 2022: Anu inebriated under bhang effect applies color to Vanraj and continues laughing. Vanraj asks what is this. Kavya stands in anger and shock noticing that and walks away from there. Anu continues her weird acts. Vanraj scolds her to behave herself and shuts her mouth. Anu says she lived for 25 years according to his wish and didn’t play holi because of him, he did whatever he wanted and forced her follow his wish. She laughs saying Jahapanah Tusi Great Ho and again drives her bike away.In holi celebration venue, Samar and Pakhi search for Anu. Baa asks them to go and search outside. Kavya angrily says Anu is inside Vanraj’s roomRakhi thinks why didn’t bhang effect on Kavya till now, what did she see inside Vanraj’s room. Family returns home and stand shocked seeing Anu’s weird acts. Anu asks why did they enter house and spoilt floor. Baa asks what happened to her. Anu asks what h happened to Baa Beta, did she have thandai/milk.

Rakhi realizes that she had bhang milk. Kinjal makes her sit on swinger. Anu says Baa sits on this swinger, looks at her via binocular and scolds her; she didn’t bless her once and vented out her Saas’ anger on her bahu; why can’t the world’s saas considers her bahu as daughter, if that happens, all fights in the end will end and there won’t any saas-bahu serials’ she always considered Baa as her maa, but baa never considered her as beti or bahu; Baa wanted to bring an educated and well cultured bahu for her son, but got a thepla making bahu; Baa took years to realize her value, she used to cry a lot and wet many pillows; however Baa is, she is her Baa. She reminds how Baa cried during Dolly’s bidai and says Baa will cry more when she will leave this house; Baa is swinging even standing. Baa asks her to stop. Anu says no bus or train and makes her swing on a swinger. Family feels sad for Anu.

Kavya returns to Nandini’s house and vents out anger remembering Anu touching Vanraj. Anu then walks to Bapuji and asks like he is supporting her now, why didn’t he support her earlier; she knows he wanted peace in the house, but tolerating wrong is not peace but silence; if he had not let Baa to stop her education, she wouldn’t have been like this. She reminds how Rakhi insulted her during Toshu and Kinjal’s alliance, and if she was educated, marriage would have easily happened and Rakhi wouldn’t have felt ashamed to call her sadhan. Bapuji apologizes her and says her saas and pati/husband didn’t want her to study, he didn’t fight with them and let her study and always insulted her as illiterate. Anu says if she was educated, she would have been smart and working in some big office like Kavya and blabbered English like Kinjal and Rakhi, etc.Nandini asks Kavya how does she know what Anu is in Vanraj’s room. Kavya shouts don’t irritate her now. Nandini asks if only she has copyright of creating issues. Kavya continues yelling and says she went to meet Vanraj. Nandini asks why she went there after creating so much drama the other day. Kavya says Pakhi did that drama and reminds Nandini and Samar’s mistake.

Nandini says they made a mistake and didn’t repeat her, but Kavya is so arrogant and adamant that she is repeating her mistakes. Kavya slaps her and reminds her that she is her aunt.Anu pampers Pakhi and says they all 3 are her life and she loves them a lot; children have right to get angry on mother, but mother doesn’t have that right and only can love children; everyone thinks Samar is her dearest, but she is Samar’s dearest and understands her, he obeys her always, but only didn’t on Shivratri day. Kavya fumes that whenever she goes to Vanraj’s room, Baa and Pakhi interfere and today Anu barged into her and Vanraj’s room; they are trying to separate her from V, but she will marry V after his divorce and will not bother even if someone dies.

Anupama holds Baa’s feet and apologizes her for her misbehavior uner bhang effect. Baa says her words spoken under bhang effect cannot be taken back. Pakhi says she took everyone’s class under bhang effect and shows her video. Anu feels embarrassed and says she was not in senses. Baa says she kept her vengeance for 25 years. Each family member acts as scolding her and laugh. Anu says sorry again. Bapuji says they are not angry but embarrassed. Baa says she is not as she is saas/MIL. Anu shyingly hugs Baa. Baa asks her to go and freshen up. Anu reminsices expressing her love for Vanraj.Kavya messages wedding lehanga pics to Vanraj. Vanraj calls her and says Anu consumed bhang, but she looks intoxicated. Kavya says after his divorce, they will marry immediately and excitedly describes what she would like to wear and he should wear, their wedding theme. He says when she has decided so much, if he should come on horse or chopper as groom. She says he should just come as groom, she is so excited, etc.

Anu serves breakfast to family and shies seeing Vanraj. Baa asks not to shy too much. Mamaji jokes. Baa asks Pakhi to execute their plan. Pakhi says they should go on a family vacation. Vanraj gets a courier. Pakhi says they should do travel booking. Baa says she is going for sure. Kinjal says she will convince mummy. Bapuji says they will Samar and Toshu as nagin/Rakhi has sent Toshu to Dubai on a business meeting and Samar for his job. Anu apologizes Vanraj for yesterday’s event. He says its okay and informs that lawyer’s notice has come and they need to visit court after 2 days to finalize divorce. Baa says they have already planned trekking trip. Pakhi says once Anu and Vanraj spend time together, they will forget all the differences. Family excited discusses what they will do in resort. Vanraj and Anu silently inform that their divorce will finalize in 3 days, but nobody listens to them.

Vanraj walks to his room looking at notice and reminisces giving his friend’s divorce papers to Anu and she crying pleading not to divorce her. He says its her friend’s divorce papers and why would he divorce her. She asks what if she divorces him. He says Baa will slap her and teach her a lesson and he will provoke Baa. She smiles. He gets new intern Kavya’s call. Out of flashback, he thinks he joked about divorce one day and didn’t think it would be true one day, what they don’t think in life happens. Anu returns to him. Zindagi ke zagar me guzarjate hain jo maqaam wo phir nahi aate.. song plays in the background. He tells her that he cannot believe divorce papers came. She says she wanted divorce and knew it would happen, but when its happening in real, she cannot understand if she is feeling good or bad and is just feeling weird as if something broke in her chest. He says its even hurting. She says their love vanishes, but habit of looking at each other doesn’t go. He says habit of looking chatting with each and tolerating each other will not go. He says after separating, he will even then call her to bring tea, old habits will trouble a lot. She says yes. He says he cannot go to in this condition, so she should tell family that he is not coming for picnic. She says let us go and enjoy the ending like the beginning. He says when heart is sad, how can he smile. She says their tear will hide being with family. He says it won’t be good without Toshu and Samar.

She says Samar didn’t want to go, but had to due to his job commitment; good they are not here or else she would have cried; let us go and spend these 2 days with family. He agrees. She reminds him of the wedding day when they took oath to be together for 7 lives, but cannot stay together for even 1 life; divorce was a myth earlier and she used to think how can one piece of paper decide about oath taken in front of fire, but now realized it can do a lot. He says relationship breaks with papers and their relationship was not bad. She says her heart broke, trust broke, she got angry, but it was a like a cloud which fell on her and left. He thanks her.She says she cannot carry backlog after divorce, else it would be difficult for her to live; they never used to speak so much when they are married, its good they are separating but will be with family.

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